Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail Web Event Code: ACTION

Code: ACTION Web Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Lights, Camera…

Enter stage left with Honkai: Star Rail’s new Web Event, Code: ACTION, where Trailblazers help Kafka and the other Stellaron Hunters to recreate special script scenes from the past. You get some insight into the mysterious background of the Stellaron Hunters, and Trailblazers will also receive rewards for completing all of the tasks. 

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Code: ACTION Web Event Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

The event is simple and undemanding, merely requiring you to help Kafka pick and choose directions to tailor the scene she’s recreating from Elio’s Script. Like previous events, you will need the energy to complete tasks so first, you want to head to the Director’s Clapperboard. There, you’ll have a list of missions you need to perform, often just visiting some of Honkai: Star Rail’s Official Online Handles so it’s a nice way to make sure you do your Daily Check-Ins.

Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail Web Event Code: ACTION
  1. Obtain Energy in Director’s Clapperboard
  2. Pick and Choose Kafka’s Scene Recreation
  3. Obtain Special Ending
  4. Head Back to Kafka to Recreate Another Scene

You can also share the Event Link by clicking the Share button in the Upper Right-hand corner for more opportunities to earn Stellar Jades. 

Code: ACTION Web Event Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 100 Stellar Jades
  • 8 Traveler’s Guides
  • 6 Refined Aether
  • 60,000 Credits

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All Code: ACTION Script Scenes and How to Get Them in Honkai: Star Rail

Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail Web Event Code: ACTION

“Yesterday’s Dream”

  • Select Has Yet to be Finished
  • Select Sea of Stars

“Stellaron Hunters”

  • Select Has Yet to be Finished
  • Select Needs Rain

“Out of Prison”

  • Select Already Finalized
  • Select Needs Rain
  • Select Forgot to bring an Umbrella

“I Am What I Am”

  • Select Arleady Finalized
  • Select Needs Rain
  • Select a Hounding Pursuit

“First Game”

  • Select Already Finalized
  • Select Sea of Stars

You can access this Web Event in one of two ways, by either checking out this link that will lead you straight to it or by logging in to Honkai: Star Rail and heading to Special Events at the bottom of your Menu. For more news and guides on the game, be sure to check out the Honkai: Star Rail tag just below.

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