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Star Rail Warp Tracker Featured

Have you ever wondered how unlucky you actually are with gacha rolls? Well, wonder no longer as the Warp Tracker for Honkai: Star Rails gives you this exact information complete with various other statistics, as well as counting your average pity if you can’t do it for any reason! This is another third-party tool that becomes quite useful in the longer run, and it’s very simple to use too! Check out how to use the Honkai: Star Rail Warp Tracker below.

Warp Tracker for Honkai: Star Rail Explained

While being an external tool, the Warp Tracker by Star Rail Station is fully safe to use as it only draws data for the mini browser the game generates when viewing News or opening the Warp screen in it. No personal information is required or collected at any moment, so use it as you like.

Star Rail Warp Tracker Site
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Warp Tracker tracks all of the submitted results for the current (and previous) banners in Star Rail by using the players’ “View Details” information displayed on the Warp menu. This makes up for some nice statistics of the most popular banners and characters in general. It goes all the way from how many people have won their 50/50s and which 4-stars were the most popular.

This means that the numbers aren’t absolute, as it’s based on how many people have actually used the tool and submitted their own personal info. Most players won’t bother doing it, so this is far from an official source for sale numbers and banner popularity. However, it’s still one of the most accurate measures for such info. 

How to Use the Warp Tracker for Honkai: Star Rail

First, you need to boot up Star Rail and open the Records screen in the Warp menu (where it shows all of your recent rolls). Then go to the Warp Tracker and hit the green Import button. Now following the instructions, your next step is to open Windows Power Shell (search for it in the Windows search bar) and paste the following prompt:

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Invoke-Expression (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(“”)

You should get a big URL-like text you can now paste to the site. If everything was done right, you’ll get all of your rolls imported and displayed on its main page. Have fun comparing how lucky (or unlucky) you actually are!

Screenshot by Prima Games

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The main page shows your exact statistics and how lucky you were compared to others. I was quite lucky with my 50/50s (hence why I’m at the top 18.7%), but they always come at a late moment (bottom 28.9%), so it kinda balances itself out. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find graphics for the specific banner you chose. 

It also features some very interesting info. Regardless of the banner, the featured 5-star does come more often than not, so the 50/50 chances are not a scam at all! Most of them actually appear over 60% of the time, so the chances could very well be rigged (for the best!). The other 5-stars all have similar rates too, so getting the same one is just your bad luck manifesting.

And again, this is simply an extra tool you can use to control your average pity and know when to expect a new 5-star (usually around 70+ rolls). So use it as you would use the Relic Scorer, as it’s more of an extra than anything.

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