Does Cities: Skylines 2 have Cheats and Console Commands? – Answered

You wouldn't cheat in a single-player game, would you?

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It has essentially become a standard for a single-player game to have cheats and/or console commands to make your life easier and allow you to have fun in-game to the fullest extent. Let’s find out if Cities: Skylines 2 has cheats and/or console commands.

Cheat Codes and Console Commands for Cities: Skylines 2

Unfortunately, cheat codes and console commands do not yet exist in Cities: Skylines 2. I admit, I am guilty of wanting to wreak havoc on an imaginary city in-game and cause all sorts of shenanigans. However, such an option has not yet been implemented.

There are in-game cheats you can enable, however. When you start a new game, two map options will be presented to you before you jump into your new city, right under the City Name, Theme, Left-hand Traffic, and Natural Disasters:

  • Unlock All
  • Unlimited Money

The first option unlocks everything that you would usually need to take time to unlock throughout your gameplay, and the latter removes the price tag from everything in the game. These two “cheats” are probably what most players would have wanted to bend the Cities: Skylines 2 rules and have fun, so I guess it’s okay that we do not have cheat codes and console commands. For now, at least.

Will There Be Cheat Codes and Console Commands for Cities: Skylines 2 in the Future?

By the looks of it, it seems that we won’t be seeing cheat codes and console commands in Cities: Skylines 2. However, I hope that the modding community will find ways to invent a “mod menu” of some sort or something even more complex. Who knows? We know it only takes time for the mod makers to unleash their full creative potential, so have patience.

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