Can You Take Your Mask Off in Payday 3? – Answered

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Can You Take Your Mask Off in Payday 3
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There are two ways to attempt a heist in Payday 3: Loudly and stealthily. While some may prefer quietly sneaking around, looking for keycards, and unlocking the doors to riches, others are perfectly content with running right into a building with their mask on and using brute force to get through security. Can we combine these, though? Can you initially run in and take out your enemies, only to remove your mask and blend into the crowd without anyone batting an eye? Continue reading to discover whether you can take your mask off in Payday 3.

Can You Remove Your Mask in Payday 3?

No, you can’t take off your mask in Payday 3. Once you equip it, you cannot take it off to reverse the effects of your actions. You’re now on everyone’s radar; the only way out is to complete or restart the heist.

While there are clear downsides to putting your mask on, there are also several benefits. Jumping and climbing around your environment is much easier, and you can engage in combat freely. While you should still avoid civilians, you’ll have no shortage of security coming in to defend the lot.

The main downside is your loss of stealth. If anyone sees you with your mask on, you instantly become a target of suspicion and fear, making it much more challenging to make it out of the heist without making things loud. You’ll have to be very careful with where you go and who sees you or avoid wearing your mask as long as possible if you don’t want anyone to notice you.

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