Can You Start as Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen? – Answered

Your crusade might start later than you expected

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The poster boy class in Lords of the Fallen is the Dark Crusader. From promotional art to the initial in-game cutscenes, you can see that guy everywhere. So there’s nothing more fitting than just playing the game with its “canonical” class, ain’t I right? And it is quite powerful too, so that’s another reason. So, where can I sign up to begin my journey as one?

Can You Pick Dark Crusader as a Starting Class in Lords of the Fallen?

You can use Dark Crusader right from the start if you bought the Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition. If you only have the base game, you cannot select it during character customization and can only use it after unlocking it at a later point in the game. It takes you quite some time to get to this point, so you’ll need to open your wallet before opening the game to play with it.

The Dark Crusader, true to its name, plays much like a classical heavy Knight archetype in games, but has a higher emphasis on Greatswords (contrary to shorter swords used by the Hallowed Knight) and it’s basically unstoppable while in melee. It has little to no Ranged options to make up for that, but your enemies won’t have time to run if you get close your distance.

With Strength, Endurance, and Stamina as its main status, it’s also fairly easy to build and play, and you can bring down most of your opponents with relative ease with it. Even if you don’t (or couldn’t) pick it up at first, it’s worth trying it out later since it’s still the game’s main face and all.

So yeah, even if it’s not immediately usable, the Dark Crusader is still worth picking up whenever you can, especially if you’re struggling with certain boss fights. He can take some extra punches and save you the trouble of looking for more players to help you in your journey.

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