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Can You Skip the Campaign in Marvel’s Avengers?

by Lucas White

In a previous guide, we covered how to “unlock” multiplayer in Marvel’s Avengers. That’s the path you need to take if you play the campaign, which starts you on a chain of events towards unlocking the initial six heroes throughout the story. In that case, multiplayer trickles out until it’s all the way open. But is it possible to bypass all of that, and play multiplayer right out of the box?

How to Skip the Marvel’s Avengers Campaign

If you’re the type of player that has no interest in single-player story modes and just want to go squad up online with your friends, you can absolutely do that. To skip the Campaign, instead of choosing that option in the starting menu, you’ll want to choose the “Avengers Initiative” option. If you place your cursor over it, the button will display a note stating it’s for after the Campaign. However, you can choose that option anyway, even if you haven’t beaten the Campaign story.

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As a warning, there will be some spoilers involved in this choice. If you do eventually think you’ll give the Campaign a whirl, starting with the Avengers Initiative does come with a spoiler warning. We mean that literally; Marvel’s Avengers itself warns you that if you pick that option you’ll encounter story spoilers, and you have to okay it as if it was another Terms of Service agreement. If you go ahead and decide to go through with it, you’ll have access to the various multiplayer missions from the get-go, along with all the characters that come with the base game unlocked. There’s still a tutorial you have to go through, but that’s the only other hoop you’re required to jump through.

Overall, we don’t recommend skipping the Campaign in Marvel’s Avengers. The folks who made the game really want you to play the story, and frankly most of the game’s positive word of mouth has come from that experience. Multiplayer will still be there when you’re done, and if you really want to fast-track it, all you need to do is unlock the War Table to have access to two-player. Then as you advance through the story, you’ll eventually get up to the four-player option. Good things come to those who wait.

Did you think about skipping the Campaign in Marvel’s Avengers before you heard good things about the story? Or are you like the hypothetical gamer I mentioned above, and just can’t care less about the narrative? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!