Can You Restore Old Survivor & Killer Portraits In Dead by Daylight? – Answered

I can't be the only one who likes these.... right?

With the release of the 7.1.0 patch in Dead by Daylight, new Survivors weren’t the only thing added. Players jumping into the Fog once again may have noticed that all of the Survivor and Killer portraits have changed, showcasing a better look at each of these fearsome foes and friendly allies. But, change is never an easy thing to deal with, especially when we’ve grown so comfortable with the old portraits. Is there any way that we can change them back to their original look?

Is There A Way To Revert Portraits To The Original In Dead by Daylight?

To be upfront, there is no current option to toggle between the new portraits and the original options that we’ve grown to know and love. Thankfully, the changes aren’t all bad. The vast majority of these new portraits showcase the personality of the Killers and Survivors and look quite nicer overall. Sure, it may look like the Doctor is about to whip up something devious, but it suits him perfectly.

If you’re playing on PC and absolutely need to bring back the original portraits, you could always try and modify the particular game files to showcase custom artwork, but we don’t recommend trying that. There is a chance that your account could be banned from modifying game files, and that’s a risk we wouldn’t recommend taking just to see the original portraits once more.

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Console players, no matter what, are going to be stuck with the new portraits. Unless Behaviour adds an option to toggle between these different styles, which seems highly unlikely since they have bigger issues to deal with, the new portraits are here to stay.

While it may seem controversial to admit it, I really enjoy these new Portraits, even if a few of them are a little funky yet. I do hope they may address the fact that it looks like Michael Myers is giving you a thumbs up, but beyond that, they look rather nice and pop off the screen with more detail. Speaking of popping out of a screen, have you seen the recent Sadako buffs that make her one of the best killers in the game? Find out more about Dead by Daylight by checking out our section below.

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