Can You Respec Skills in Spider-Man 2? – Answered

Be careful with those points

Respec in Spider-Man 2
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Just like the previous game, Spider-Man 2 has plenty of skills for players to choose from out of three entire trees tied to Peter and Miles. With so many options it can be hard to choose which ones you want first, so before you go ahead it’s important to know if the option to respec exists.

Can You Reset Skills in Spider-Man 2?

The short answer is no, you cannot respec your skills in Spider-Man 2. Any skill points that you spend are permanently gone. Once you get a skill, the only way forward is to keep completing missions and earning skill points through XP gains. You may be a bit behind on one of your Spider-Men characters, but that’s ultimately fine.

Skills in Spider-Man 2
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There is no real way to create your own build in Spider-Man 2. In a game like this, the goal is to eventually have every single skill unlocked for both Peter and Miles. So it might be annoying falling short of a skill point on an ability you really wanted, but you can rest easy knowing another point is right around the corner.

To save yourself some grief I recommend looking at all three trees and planning a bit for which skills you want first. I went with the Shared tree first and upgraded my parrying abilities. Then I moved on to tricks like the slingshot before using my points on individual attack upgrades for Miles and Peter. Once I had the skills I liked I just progressed at an even rate so I felt more balanced.

Keep in mind that the no respec rule applies to all progression in Spider-Man 2. Any resources that you place toward Suit Tech or gadgets can’t be refunded. You simply need to complete more missions to move on to the next upgrade. Luckily there is plenty of content to run through.

To plan ahead, check out our guide on all the skills available in Spider-Man 2.

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