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Can You Refund Your Fortnite Account? – Answered

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Back in December of 2022, Epic Games lost its battle against the Federal Trade Commission, and it had more consequences for Fortnite players than some interesting news. Not only was Epic ordered to pay our over $500 million, but only a little over half of that will go toward a fine. The other half may help players refund their Fortnite accounts.

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According to the FTC, $245 million of the total pot will be paid out to players who were wronged in this situation. That doesn’t mean everyone can just start selling their Fortnite account back to Epic Games, but there are some ways to get some cash back if you fit the criteria.

How to Refund Your Fortnite Account With the FTC

Every Fortnite account has three standard refund tickets that can be used for most items within a short period of time. These tickets are used in case of emergency when a player made an unwanted purchase. The account refunds in question are not the same and must be done through the FTC website.

Epic Games was sued on the notion of deceptive business practices and privacy invasion, especially for teens and children. Dark patterns of deception were also cited against users that contributed to the case being a loss for Epic. With that in mind, there are some ground rules or criteria that players need to meet for a refund. You’re likely eligible if you’re a parent with a child who made unwanted purchases. Furthermore, if your account was ever locked in a dispute or you made unwanted purchases between 2017 and 2022, you’re likely eligible for some form of a Fortnite account refund.

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These claims will need to be made through an FTC form in the future, where they will assess and provide players with their refunds based on the situation. For those that Epic Games affected with their store, this seems to be a decent way to get a return on investment. Either way, it could be worth a shot.

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