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Can You Make a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

Will have to Log the answer down somewhere.

by Shawn Robinson

Sons of the Forest features many of the staples of the original game. You have your starting axe to chop down swathes of trees quickly, there are cannibals left, right, and center, and even mutated creatures to scare the living hell out of you. Among those carried features is plenty of quality-of-life improvements made by the first, with one craftable being a fan-favorite. Its appearance in the sequel is a little up in the air though. Here’s whether you can make a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest.

Is There a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest?

For the otherwise unaware, the Log Sled was a moveable storage container available in The Forest. This could be crafted with 21 sticks and would serve as a far easier way to transfer logs from one part of the map to another. It could hold up to 12 logs, but if you were feeling creative, it could instead hold either 58 sticks, three corpses, or 26 rocks. This versatility made it extremely useful for those wanting to build colossal fortresses, impenetrable for the standard cannibals and mutants.

As for its inclusion in Sons of the Forest, there is no Log Sled available as of writing. This could be the case for one of two reasons. The first reason is that it’s simply not implemented yet. The game is currently in early access and has many planned updates, so the team could’ve considered it non-vital for the early launch. The more likely possibility is the inclusion of your AI companion Kelvin, who can grab all sorts of things for you and bring them back to your base. Having both him and the Log Sled at your disposal may be considered too much supply too easily.

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Whatever the reason is, it’s not an available buildable in the game. You can build a door though, which our guide can help you with.

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