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How many Factions can you join in Starfield? Explained

Friend of many, loyal to none.

Starfield is a vast, sprawling game with no end of ways to play. You can be an Aurora smuggler, a space zookeeper, a menace among the stars. Or you can be all of it all at once. Nothing embodies this concept more than the four factions in Starfield, who stand at the ends of very different philosophies. But can you join all four factions in Starfield?

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Can You Join All Factions at the Same Time in Starfield

There are four factions in Starfield. The United Colonies in New Atlantis, Ryujin Industries in Neon, the Freestar Collective in Akila City, and the Crimson Fleet on the Key.

Each of these offers a unique quest line, thousands of credits in rewards, and ultimately, a pretty good end reward. And yes, you can join all four factions in Starfield. You can even start the quests at the same time. For example, I’ve completed the United Colonies quest completely and am halfway through the Ryujin and Freestar Collective Quests at the moment. And while I’ve finished the first mission in the Crimson Fleet, I’ve yet to swing back around to it.

Speaking of the United Colonies, the rewards for completing that quest are pretty great especially if you enjoy customization and need a place to store your stuff.

Likewise, despite many of these factions being at direct odds with each other, they never mention your competing loyalties. And the Crimson Fleet will be non-aggressive if you meet them out in the wild if you’ve started their faction quest and been accepted as a “rook.”

So, if you wanted to walk through entire areas of the main quest without fighting a single person, it’s well worth starting that faction quest.

Likewise, check out all the Abandoned Outposts you see if you’re part of the Crimson Fleet. These Outposts are random points of interest on the map, which the Crimson Fleet loves to camp in. But they’re a great place to find Skill Magazines, which will give some of your stats a nice boost.  

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