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Can You Hide Your Helmet in Elden Ring? – Answered

by Lucas White

For whatever reason, a large number of RPG gamers just cannot stand helmets, myself included. After all, why spend so much time with a robust character cheating suite just to cover it all up with a hunk of metal? Unfortunately, Elden Ring cares not for your feelings, and despite “Fashion Souls” being a thing, there’s no hide helmet option. There are, however, a couple… consolations?

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First, you can hide your helmet on the status screen. That’s far from ideal, for sure. But still, it’s in there if you wanna take a glamor shot of your stats, or simply look and see if anything is… different about your Tarnished. Yes, that’s a thing that can happen. It’s weird the option is here but not elsewhere in Elden Ring, but that’s FromSoft, baby.

Second, if you’re playing Elden Ring on PC there are mods. The mod is weird, and comes with a warning that playing online with it could be a bannable offense. But if you’re just cruising around offline you can hit up Nexus for the Phantasmal Armor mod by Vawser. This gives you reusable items you can apply to your helmet and/or armor to make them invisible, effectively giving you the transmog option you pine for. But you do have to reapply if you die, and like we mentioned you really shouldn’t try using this mod online.

There’s another timeline out there in which Elden Ring supports transmogrification the same way Final Fantasy XIV does, but we don’t live in that world. Still, we hope the information here was helpful!

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