Can You Get Unique Items from Helltide Mystery Chests in Diablo 4 – Answered

From the pits of hell we wrest sick loot

It’s no secret that when it comes to farming Legendary items, Helltide Mystery Chests (more formally known as Tortured Gifts of Mysteries), are the best source. But can you get Unique Items from Helltide Chests in Diablo 4?

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Can You Get Unique Items from Helltide Mystery Chests in Diablo 4 – Answered

The most coveted items in Diablo 4 are the vaguely incandescent orange-backed items called Uniques. These items offer aspects that can’t be found anywhere else, and they can either elevate a build or be the spine which holds it all together. But Unique items are exceedingly rare, which makes farming them effectively paramount.

And that’s where Helltide Mystery chests come in. For the low price of 175 cinders, you can open a Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest during a Helltide and get between three and five Legendary items. But if you’ve been popping chests hoping for a Unique item between June 6 and July 6, as I have, you’ve been doing it in vain.

During the first month of Diablo 4, Helltide Chests could not drop Uniques. But following the 1.04 patch, released on July 6, Unique items have been added to the Helltide Chest loot pool. Which means that Mystery Helltide Chests are now one of the best methods for farming Unique items in the game, right after Tier 31 Nightmare Dungeons.

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But Patch 1.04 doesn’t affect the Tree of Whispers caches, which have never been able to drop Unique items. And it doesn’t look like that gnarled, vengeful tree will get its branches on that orange-tinged loot anytime soon.

While Unique items are great, we can’t overstate how important Malignant Hearts are. These items, which combine the function of gems with the power of legendary aspects, are one of the most important things you can farm in the Season of Malignance. Check out our article here to learn more about how to get them and what boosts they’ll give you: What Are Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 – Answered.

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