Can you Get the Ninja Suit in Rust? – Answered

Is the Ninja Suit still available for new Rust accounts?

Rust Ninja Suit

Rust has a wide variety of suits that are available for players of all kinds. One of the suits that players can get is the Ninja Suit, which is a suit that was given to some players as a Twitch drop. Some players are wondering whether or not the Ninja Suit can still be acquired. This guide aims to answer that question for any future ninja enthusiasts out there.

Is the Ninja Suit still Available in Rust?

Unfortunately, the Ninja Suit was only available as a promotional item for players who watched the Twitch streamer BaboAbe for two hours during the Twitch Drop (Round 8) event. This means that nowadays the Ninja Suit is unavailable for players on new accounts. However, if players are still interested in a suit with the same functionality, it might be worthwhile to use the Surgeon Scrubs. This suit will offer the same functionality but will only require players to have a Tier 1 Workbench.

What is the Ninja Suit in Rust?

The Ninja Suit in Rust is a full-body covering introduced as a promotional Twitch drop. Stats-wise, this suit matches the defensive capabilities of the Surgeon Scrubs in Rust. Additionally, you don’t need a tier 1 workbench to craft the Ninja Suit. The waterproof nature of both outfits alongside their relatively high radiation resistance makes them ideal wipe-day attire. Other than that, the suit is going to make the wearer look like a ninja as the name implies.

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