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Can you Get Shiny Larvitar in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Sometimes I just can't see the difference

by Patrick Souza
Larvitar Pokemon Go Shiny

The first Community Day Classic of 2023 will feature none other than Larvitar as the head of the event. Larvitar is a very familiar face throughout the series and makes a perfect fit for a special day on which we can get classic Pokemon. Everybody loves this cute green dinosaur. 

But you know what people like more than cute green dinosaurs? Cute greener dinosaurs, of course! Although his alternate form doesn’t bring such a drastic appearance change, a shiny is still a shiny, so everyone wants to get their hands on it. So, can Lavitar be found as shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can You Find Shiny Lavitar in Pokemon Go?

Larvitar can be shiny in Go, just like other Gen II Pokemon. This has been the case for years by now, and it won’t be different for any other appearance the Pokemon may have in the future.

But it’s important to notice that the Lavitar Community Day Classic will only increase his appearance rate and not its shiny odds, meaning that you still need lady luck to smile at you for getting a Larvitar with a slightly harder tone of green. But since you’ll be finding much more of them around, the chances of finding a shiny one are technically higher than usual.

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What Are the Shiny Odds in Pokemon Go?

For regular wild Pokemon, the odds are usually around 1/500, or 0,2% if you prefer. This is still pretty low, but drastically higher than the chances of finding them in the main games. This is applied to Larvitar and all other normally available Pokemon you can catch. 

Some Event Pokemon have those chances increased to 1/62 (1,61%), and legendaries found in Raid Battles have the chances increased all the way up to 1/20, or 5%. That’s fair considering their rarity, but still incredibly high nonetheless. 

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