Can You Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2? – Answered

Can we still technically get free cosmetics?

Overwatch 2 Character Battle
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Update: As of Overwatch 2 Season 3, you can now earn credits again!

Original Story: Overwatch 2 not only launches with a handful of new features, heroes, and maps to try, but also includes a new way of acquiring cosmetics. Instead of the loot box system that most people are used to, now the system works similarly to other games with a premium currency, shop, and even a battle pass. While browsing cosmetics in the Hero Gallery though, you may have come across this other currency alongside Overwatch Coins called “Legacy Credits”. But can you get Legacy Credits yourself in Overwatch 2?

What Legacy Credits Are in Overwatch 2

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Before we answer the question, some quick background. Credits used to be the earnable form of currency in Overwatch 1, being earned through getting duplicate items out of loot boxes. These could be spent on anything from new skins to emotes to voice lines or even sprays and were technically even purchasable if you bought loot boxes and opened them to reveal duplicates. With the new free-to-play model Overwatch 2 runs now, all of those were done away with. That is, except for Credits, which became the new Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2. These can be used for select cosmetics rather than all-new ones, as a way of avoiding spending real money.

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So in essence, these credits are unearnable now and simply act as a way for Overwatch 1 players to not lose their massive amounts of credits in Overwatch 2. It’s a shame, since free stuff is always nice, but you’ll sadly need to grind out weekly missions to get a slow drip feed of Overwatch Coins. Regardless, I hope your grinding isn’t too painful, especially with the Halloween PvE mode still in action until November 8.

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