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Can You Get Alexandrite in Disney Dreamlight Valley? – Answered

I mean, eventually, sure

by Lucas White

Gems are one of many resources you can gather in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are several of them, each one having a normal and “shiny” variant that are worth quite a bit of money. In some cases you can also use gems for crafting recipes. One problem, though, is that at least one gem that doesn’t seem to be listed has come up in players’ journeys in this game. So what’s the deal with Alexandrite in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Is Alexandrite in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The deal is, for now, there isn’t one. Or to be more accurate, the deal is patience. I haven’t come across the recipe myself, but if there’s a part of the game asking you to get some Alexandrite, you simply can’t do anything about it yet. Alexandrite is probably a gem on the way in an upcoming update. We’ll see.

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The roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley for the rest of 2022 seems to include two major updates. The first one adds Lion King content, while the second will bring a Toy Story realm into the mix. These updates will of course include new activities and items, and presumably, we’ll see Alexandrite come in among everything else.

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Beyond that, we don’t have any details yet. I’m not even sure which recipe this is showing up in like I said because I simply haven’t come across it yet. But it simply do just be like that sometimes. Just go harvest some more rice or something while you wait for the new stuff, which should be sooner rather than later. That or check out Disney Speedstorm when it drops, I guess? I dunno, I’m not your videogame babysitter.

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