Can Binacle be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

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Everybody wave hello! The two-handed Pokemon Binacle has made its way to Pokemon GO. Though how it got here is anyone’s guess. Does a Pokemon latched to a rock have any sense of locomotion? Anyway, if you are thinking of adding Binacle to your collection, you have to ask: can Binacle be Shiny in Pokemon GO? We have your answer.

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Can Binacle be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

For Sustainability Week, Pokemon GO has kick-started a series of events and quests. But those are all small potatoes compared to the debut of Binacle, the two-handed Pokemon. This Water- and Ground-Type Pokemon comes to us from Generation Six and it is only natural that it hits center stage when Niantic is focusing on the climate of our earth and ocean.

But can it be shiny? The answer is yes, Binacle can be shiny in Pokemon GO!

While Binacle is usually found in orange and brown, in its shiny form it takes on a green and pink hue, which it keeps when it evolves into Barbaracle at level 34.

If you are trying to shiny hunt Binacle, your best time to do so is between April 20 – April 26, 2023. That is because Binacle is both the fourth stage reward for the Sustainability Week Timed Research reward and a Pokemon that is benefiting from increased spawns. That gives you ample opportunity to find your special Binacle!

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If you are going Shiny hunting, it is a good idea to frequent areas with multiple Pokestops. Drop a lure (ideally a Rainy Lure) on the Pokestop, then pop your Daily Incense. If you are lucky, you will see that Two-Handed Shiny Pokemon pop up in all of its water and ground glory.

Binacle is not the only Pokemon who has hit the spotlight this week. Check out Drilbur and find out if it can be Shiny too here: Can Drilbur be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered.

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