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Call of Duty: Warzone Fractured Intel Locations

by Nicholas Barth

Season 4 has brought a variety of new things for players to explore in the world of Call of Duty: Warzone. One of these new things is the Fractured Intel mission, which tasks players with acquiring different items that are scattered and hidden across the map of Warzone. Fortunately, we have the locations of the Fractured Intel covered for you so that you know where to go to obtain all of these items. 

Call of Duty: Warzone Fractured Intel Locations

The first of these locations is at the TV Station in the broadcast room, where it is found on the news anchor desk. Players will then need to go to the Airport for the second piece of Fractured Intel, where it will be found on a computer located in the room that the airplane’s nose is pointing. You will find that the next entry in our locations is at the Air Traffic Control Tower in the Airport where the Fractured Intel will be located on a computer that will be on your right facing the Airport when you reach the highest level fo the tower. The fourth piece of Fractured Intel will be located in the head of the crashed plane that is to the southwest of the Miltary Base.

One of the next locations is for the fifth piece and is found at the Arkov Military Base, as it is the computer next to three folders that are in the small house behind the hangar. Our sixth one will be found in the oblong-shaped house in the Military Base, where it will be next to a dual monitor setup. Finally, the last of the locations where a piece of Fractured Intel is found is not on the Warzone map. It will automatically be given to you when you secure the sixth one. 

 Call of Duty Warzone Fractured Intel Locations

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There is no doubt that plenty of other players will be doing their best to find the locations of the Fractured Intel, so you will need to be on high-alert when visiting these areas considering there will likely be some stiff resistance. 

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