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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Everything That’s New in Zombies in Spaceland

by Prima Games Staff

While many players are excited about the new campaign and multiplayer coming to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, others are even more thrilled about the new Zombies in Spaceland mode. In this article, we’re going to take a look at all the new things coming to zombies in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Lost and Found

Similar to the Tombstone feature from Treyarch’s Zombies, this special area can only be activated shortly after death. After being revived, run to the location on the map and trade in cash to regain your weapons, items and Fate and Fortune Cards. You have a very small window to activate this feature, though, so make it quick.


The new Arcade area in the map is an interesting game mechanic. While alive, it can be used to earn tickets, which can then be used to unlock other features in the game mode. However, in the afterlife mode, players will also have a chance to earn tickets that will allow them to come back to life, as playing arcade games while in the afterlife will earn you soul power. Just be sure to check your surroundings before heading into the arcade. We’d hate for zombies to maul you to death while you’re trying to play Flappy Bird.

Fate and Fortune Cards

These special items are very similar to GobbleGums from Treyarch’s Zombies. At the start of each match, you can choose up to five cards that can then be activated during the match. You’ll have to fill up specific meters before you can activate them, and you’ll even be able to find additional areas where you can get more cards, or change out your cards during the game mode. The stipulation here, however, is that players can only ever use 15 of these items in each match, so make them count.

Attractions and Rides

Scattered throughout the theme park are various attractions and rides, like rollercoasters, bumper cars and other assorted attractions that you can interact with and enjoy. Each one offers up a different feature. For example, the rollercoaster will allow you to ride and shoot at enemies from the comfort of the coaster’s tracks. The bumper cars can be used to bombard and kill zombies, but they can also kill you, as you aren’t able to actually drive them.


Something that was introduced in Treyarch’s Zombies, the ATM is very similar to the Banks that appear in previous Zombies maps. However, instead of being a personal bank, this bank works towards your entire team, with players able to deposit and withdraw money from a shared balance. This is a great way to keep your cash safe if you think you’re going to die soon, or as a way to transfer some funds to your friends so they can purchase new weapons and items.

The DJ

The final big “new” thing we want to cover before we go is the DJ. Set up on a stage in the middle of the park, this character plays 80s-themed music as you run around murdering hordes of zombies. You can head up to this character and have him change the song, but the developers hinted that he will play a big part in helping players find Easter Eggs throughout the new Zombies in Spaceland story. Easter Eggs are a massive part of the Zombies experience, and the developers have already said that the new mode is stocked to the brim with exciting and challenging Easter Eggs for players to find.

No matter what you’re planning to do in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we have your back. Head over to our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare walkthrough for more tips and tricks. Or you can pick up the Official Prima Games Strategy Guide for detailed walkthroughs, maps and breakdowns of every facet of the game. 

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