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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Blitz Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Blitz is a brand new game mode to the Call of Duty franchise. Each team receives an objective zone near their spawn point. The goal is to reach the enemy zone while simultaneously preventing them from  reaching yours. The game is broken into two five-minute halves that end either when time runs out, or one team scores eight points. At the end of the two halves, the team with the most points wins. Think Capture the Flag, but you don’t have to return the enemy flag for a point, you just have to reach it.

How to Play Offense in Blitz

If you choose to start the round off with an offensive mindset, stay out of the middle. Like any map, on any game, in any mode, the players flock to the middle. Try using the left and right flank routes, but keep in mind there are intelligent players out there, so even the flanks won’t be completely open. The maps in Ghosts feature more vertical options than ever before. Don’t just go for a flank route, look for paths that either take you above or below ground level.

Understanding exactly how the scoring works will also dictate strategy. When a point is scored, the player to score the point is teleported back to their spawn, and the zone enters a 10-second cool down period. If you see a teammate about to score, hang back. Once they score, let the zone’s cool down period reach its completion before sprinting towards it. If you time this correctly, you can score another point just as the cool down ends.

For the offensive minded Blitz player, think about perks such as Marathon for unlimited sprint and Off the Grid to keep you from showing up on the enemy mini map. You should also think about equipping a Silencer for exactly the same reason.

How to Play Defense in Blitz

This is the job that few people want to do, but it’s one that can win your team the game. At the beginning of the round, we found all our teammates sprinting towards the enemy zone. If you’re playing with friends or with your microphone on, coordinate with your team to choose offensive and defensive players. If you aren’t able to communicate, take a moment to survey the situation and choose your role accordingly.

If you decide to play defense, don’t just camp with your eyes on the zone. You’ll find that before you get a chance to take down opposing players, they’ve already scored. Instead, patrol the area around the zone. 

Keep in mind you can be attacked from all sides. Perks and lethal equipment are key. One of our favorite pieces of equipment is the IED. Try tossing it on one of the paths that leads to your zone. Even if you don’t get a kill with it, the detonation will act as a warning of an approaching player. In terms of perks, think about loading up on the Awareness category. Recon works well in coordination with your IED, showing the location of enemies who have recently taken explosive damage. Also consider Amplify to hear enemy footsteps better and Wiretap to use all SAT COMs to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Blitz isn’t just about running and gunning. It’s a game mode that requires situational awareness and the ability to adjust on the fly. You may start out in a defensive  role, but as the game goes on, feel the need to switch it up if your team’s offensive attack is lacking. Don’t begin a game with a set strategy.  Plan to be versatile and don’t be afraid to step up and take charge.

Be sure to check out our free multiplayer guide Call of Duty: Ghosts, and let us know your favorite game mode.

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