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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Upgrade the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi

by Prima Games Staff

One of the coolest weapons on the new the Gorod Krovi map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the Dragon Shield. Thankfully you can upgrade this weapon to make it even more powerful! Check out the below tips on how to give the Dragon Shield a boost. 

Find the Three Symbols in Gorod Krovi

After you put the shield together, burn through the ammunition until you achieve 100 kills. It won’t take too long given the power of the shield, so keep plowing away.

After that, you’ll need to hunt through Gorod Krovi for the marked symbols. There are no hints as to where the locations are, just markings that stand out. The writing on these symbols read “shoot the light,” so use some ammunition to blast these symbols.

Now you’ll want to hunt down these symbols in Gorod Krovi, and that involves heading to the Blue Dragon Station, which you’ll find on the outskirts of the map. Once you’re there, go over the catwalk and hang a left – you’ll know you’re going the right way by the markings that appear on the wall. (Don’t forget to shoot this symbol with your Shield if you haven’t already.) An audio cue will play once it’s lit up.

Next, you’ll want to make your way to the Supply Depot. Make your way inside and then look for the symbol right above a banister, hanging above the Depot. Shoot it with your Shield, and you’ll hear the second audio cue, indicating you have just one symbol left to find and shoot in Gorod Krovi.

As for the final spot, it’s in the Tank Factory, where you’ll see the remains of a giant robot. Head up to the catwalk where you can see the robot, and you’ll also see the symbol located on its arm. Aim and fire at this symbol with your Dragon Shield, and you’ll hear the final cue. It’s upgrade time!

Upgrade the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi

After getting all of the symbols, you won’t get an indication of what to do next. Simply make your way back to the spawn point and you’ll be able to go near the fallen dragon. Go ahead and take the Dragon Shield and put it into the dragon’s stomach, and it’ll suck it up.

Now, it may seem like you’ve been suckered into a trap, but that’s not the case – it’ll regurgitate a more improved edition of the Shield for you, known as the Tiamat’s Maw.

How is this weapon such an improvement over the original in Gorod Krovi? Well first off, it can dish out greater damage increase from blasts, but other than that, it’s still the great weapon.

The Dragon Shield may not be everyone’s favorite, but there’s no question that the upgraded version is a great weapon to have when the situation calls for it.

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