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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Ascendance Map Pack Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Activision released another map pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this one called Ascendance. In the DLC, you’ll find four new areas to frag friends and foes, with a bit of verticality thrown in for good measure, which means double jumping and other Exo abilities will be put to the test.

That said, we have tips for all of the new maps, including Chop Shop and Climate.

Site 244

If you’re looking for a map that takes advantage of the new EXO Grapple mode, which has its own special play list with the addition of this DLC, Site 244 is for you. Featuring a number of high vantage points that let you grab onto things in a hurry and move along via higher ground, it’s a terrific map for those who want to stay off the ground and attack enemies from higher areas. Don’t forget, you can also use the grapple as a secondary weapon, should you need to zoom in on someone in a hurry when they try to gun you down. Keep in mind that you’ll need to recharge its battery, though, so don’t overdo it.

Site 244 also has a number of effective cover points, since an alien vessel crashed and left debris everywhere.  Not only can you use this with your grapple, but also on the ground, as you scramble around corners and get the jump on your adversaries. Some of this debris is quite high, mixing in with the rock walls found throughout the stage, which makes it tougher for you to get hit by snipers. However, that creates openings in which they can easily perch and wait for you to come out into open areas. Proceed with caution when leaving these places, or fire away if you’re the one sniping.

Finally, make sure you ingest alien goop whenever you get a chance. You’ll see these flying down once the Scorestreak is activated, in the form of what appears to be a comet that crashlands in the middle of the map.

It sounds disgusting, but eating this gives you super abilities that last for a few additional seconds. This includes being able to see enemies through objects (without the need for a special gun) and a health boost. You are not invincible after using this, but the increased health and site capabilities should prove useful.


Climate is a great offensive map because it provides no shortage of cover points. You’ll find several rock formations to duck behind, should you need a quick reload or want to scramble around guns blazing. Remember these aren’t walls but small rocks, and anyone can come around shooting at you as well. Keep your trigger finger at the ready when you come out of cover.

In addition, there are open spaces to attack through water-based tunnels. The water may slow you down, so make sure you run through these areas while keeping your gun at the ready. Most teams will probably use these entry points to get around the map, running through narrow walkways. If you can, prepare for whatever comes out of said walkways, either by throwing a grenade when you see someone coming, or keeping your crosshairs trained so that you can immediately fire.

Finally, once the Scorestreak for this map is activated, a lot of the areas covered in water will immediately get pumped full of acid. This stuff is toxic and can kill a soldier in a hurry, so try to stay above ground. Don’t forget to use your Exo suit’s double jump to stay out of harm’s way, even though this might put you in someone’s crosshairs for a brief second as you scramble for a new cover point.


This one is a personal favorite, mainly because there’s so much room to get around and score some frags, whether you prefer sniping or close-range combat.

Perplex is made up of a multi-tier unit of individually separated apartments, stacked together to showcase Advanced Warfare’s verticality. Using your Exo suit’s double jump ability, you’ll be able to get up to the roof in a hurry, perfect for sniping. Staying on ground level makes you an easy target, and moving to the roof makes it a little easier to pick off rivals.

Once you activate a scorestreak, drones move in with new apartments. These serve two advantages. First, you’ll be able to use these for cover, as they move into place alongside other apartments, so you can run along the outside (or up top if you use your Exo suit double jump). This not only protects you from snipers, but also lets you deal with ground combat scenarios, so you can get a jump on enemies from behind. Watch carefully how your map changes once the scorestreak is activated.

Finally, if you are stuck on the ground due to the massive amount of gunfire, stick to the corridors. These provide ample cover against snipers, though you’ll want to watch the openings for any players that come running through. Stick to the middle and then scramble for the rooftops.

Chop Shop

Then there’s Chop Shop, a map built with close-range combat in mind. There’s both interior and exterior terrain, and snipers will likely have to perch on the rooftop; find a good spot where you can keep an eye on the entrances to the shop.

Placing turrets in the smaller hallways of Chop Shop is a great idea, as the trailer demonstrates below. You can corner enemy soldiers this way, while at the same time leaving yourself free to clean up the leftovers, or perhaps even create a trap where you can pick off enemies from behind as they’re distracted by the turret’s gunfire.

The scorestreak for Chop Shop closes down some areas of the map, making it easier to track enemies.That may work against you because it sections off certain parts of the map that you could access for cover or take shots through windows. Once these go down, you may have to figure out a new strategy on-the-fly.

Bonus: The OHM LMG/Shotgun

Finally, you’ll receive a bonus weapon with the Ascendance pack, the OHM LMG/Shotgun. This is a two-in-one weapon that’s an excellent addition to your arsenal, as it delivers both the punch of an assault rifle and the impact of a shotgun through a quick transformation.

This is a wonderful all-around weapon, as it serves its purposes for both long range attacks against snipers and soldiers coming down open walkways, as well as up-close combat when in shotgun mode.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Ascendance is available now for Xbox One and Xbox 360, for either $14.99 or as part of the Season Pass. The pack will arrive this May for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.