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Cadence Of Hyrule Tips And Tricks

by John Cooper

If you’ve picked of Cadence of Hyrule expecting a similar experience to other Zelda games, then you’re probably wondering what on earth is going on. Rather than the usual adventure-based antics, you have an odd rhythm game that asks you to keep in time with the beat to succeed. With things being so strange, we decided to do a Cadence of Hyrule tips and tricks guide so that you can fix those two left feet. 

Cadence Of Hyrule Tips And Tricks

Before any of the other tips, it’s important to note that there are a lot of adjustments available within the options. You can even turn off the rhythm-based movement and turn it into a traditional roguelike by choosing to play the game in Fixed-Beat Mode. That way you can ignore the rhythm stuff if you’re no good at it. 

Fear The Chickens

This is a Zelda game, which means that if you’re foolish enough to attack the cute little cuccos that run around the world, then you’re going to die. Don’t harm them, they’re cute little chickens and they deserve to be loved. Ignore this rule at your own peril. 

The Butterfly Effect

As you wander around the world of Hyrule you’re likely to come across bits of scenery with blue butterflies on them. If you destroy these then you’ll uncover a secret area that will grant you a few fights and some more loot. So, keep your eyes peeled for the butterflies. 

Bottle It Up

A few times in Cadence of Hyrule, you’ll come across the chance to buy an empty bottle. Don’t pass up on that. It may seem inconspicuous but having a bottle on you means you can buy potions whenever you get the chance. These will really help your chances in some of the tougher battles. 

Flash The Cash

As you go, you’ll come into possession of a lot of diamonds. You might be tempted to hoard these like a dragon building a home, but don’t. Instead, make sure to spend your diamonds lavishly as often as you can. You’ll find a lot of them as you go, and it is much better to spend them than save them. 

Follow The Flags

There are four temples in the game before you can unlock the final area. Finding these can seem a bit tricky, but it turns out that they all have a common marker. If you come across flags on the ground it means that you’re very close to a temple. Just keep an eye out for them as you’re dancing your way through Hyrule. 

Those are just some of the Cadence of Hyrule tips and tricks you can follow to help you save the world. If you’re looking for more on Cadence of Hyrule, check out our Hub. If you want to be up to date on anything else, head on over to Prima Games on Twitter and give us a follow.