BTD6 Update 39.0: Full Patch Notes Listed

Get those monkeys on the frontline

If you love Bloons Tower Defense 6, you’ll be thrilled to learn that after months in production, the Map Editor is finally here. And there are plenty of new cosmetics in the shop, if you want to see your monkeys in new skins. So, let’s dive right into Bloons TD 6 39.0 Update, with full patch notes listed.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 October 9 Update, Full Patch Notes Listed

What’s better than being a monkey in a tower defense game? Being a monkey with the ability to craft your own map to torment your friends and strangers with! Update 39 brings the map editor, new avatars, new quests, and a whole slew of other new tweaks and features. Here’s everything the update includes:

Key New Features

  • Map Editor!
    • We are so excited to release the Map Editor, in planning for 2 years and in active development this whole year. Bloons has a long history of player-created content, and we are delighted to add Map creation and sharing to BTD6 in the most robust and in-game format ever available! We stretched to include as much capability as possible in this first release, and we already have a long wishlist for future updates, and we’ll temper that after seeing what incredible creations you come up with and the top features you’d like to see included in updates. Have fun and please share your creativity with your friends and the whole community!
    • Other player’s custom maps can be played right from level 20 when the Content Browser opens up
    • Find the Map Editor via the Edit Map button inside Play Social, or from the Create button in the Content Browser Maps tab
    • Don’t be surprised – there is an unlock gate for Map Editor. At player rank 50 Map Creation can be unlocked for 6000 Monkey Money (same ballpark as the top Hero skins and fully grindable), or directly via IAP (on platforms that have IAP), which we included in response to players looking for more ways to support the game and future updates. The rank unlock helps ensure that players have a reasonable understanding of the game and how map obstacles and difficulty work before they get to work creating their own.
    • Most importantly, Map Editor works on all platforms and devices. We’ve never been able to provide an editor this robust in-game and on all devices before, so we’re thrilled to offer this level of creative control on all devices including phones.
    • Please see more details about the Map Editor features and scope below!

New Awesome

  • New Hero Skin – Book Wyrm Etienne
    • Switching out drones for dragons seems like a pretty awesome thing to do. A favorite of the team, channeling many of our book-devouring nerdy pasts (and presents!), Book Wyrm celebrates the power of imagination that has led most of us to make and play games.
  • New (Revenge) Map – Dark Path
    • Continuing the BTD tradition of more challenging versions of favorite maps that started with Rink Revenge 10 years ago, Dark Path takes the pristine triple back park setting and flips both the Bloon path and the placeable areas on their heads. Revenge is most sweet when served dark!
  • New Quests!
    • Drone Flying 101 – discover Etienne’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Obyn’s Gardening School – discover Obyn’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Grow Less Than Galaxili! – least tiers challenge quest on Geared
  • New Monkey Knowledge
    • Paragon of Power, any paragon will gain a large boost to its attack speed so long as you have no T5s of the same tower type placed
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Admiral Brickell Aerial Deployment placement (70)
    • Monkeys: Dart Monkey Pumpkin Spiked Balls projectiles (50), Alchemist Slime Cube pet (120)
    • Co-op: Paragon emote (75)
    • Game & UI: Tropical Carnival – Classy Brass Mix jukebox track (70), Pumpkin Patch profile banner (300)
  • Competition Winning items
    • Reddit competition winner avatars (50 trophies each) in no particular order:
      • Pancake – I CANNOT SEE by u/Xalsona
      • What a suspicious looking monkey by atomic_pizza
      • Tea Time Sauda by u/ReconScoutTeemo
      • The Admiral and the Doves by u/Thinkin_G
      • Down, Not Out by Loose Noose
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Monkey Jack O Lantern
    • Team Banners: Contested Garden banner
    • Icons: Skull Candle icon
    • Frames: Spiked Coffin frame

Game Changes / Additions

  • Boss Event Penalty Timer reworked to be more mathematical
  • Boss Event default Penalty Time changed from: 10s > 10 + round number * 0.25
  • While Penalty time is counting in Boss Events cash generating abilities will stop cooling down
  • Extra Contested Territory logic added to support newer content
  • Beast Handler now enabled for CT
  • Phayze & Dreadbloon now enabled for CT
  • Custom Challenges will now display the version they were verified in rather than the version they are uploaded in.

Map Editor Feature List

  • Terrain
    • First tab on the toolbar sets the terrain texture and type for your map
    • Select the different terrain texture options to choose the main background color and feel for your map
    • Note there are two water based terrain options if you want to favor water towers; please review the Areas section below if you want to add islands!
    • There is also a second header tab for map effects that can add ambience (e.g. Rain/Fog/Leaves), but only one of these can be active at a time
  • Paths
    • Second tab allows you to place one or multiple paths and choose their texture
    • Drag one of the path images from the toolbar to the map. This will place the start of your track, and you can pick up this green cone to move where it starts.
    • Draw the map you want by selecting other points on the map and this will place “nodes” that you can move individually
    • End your path by placing a node into the shadowed perimeter. For now, tracks must end at the perimeter of the map and no paths can end in the interior of the map. If you don’t like where the blue end-path node is placed, you can select it and move it.
    • To add multiple paths, drag another path on the map from the panel (maximum of 5)
    • To edit the texture of any path, select it in the path list within the toolbar, and select another texture type. You may also delete paths from this list.
    • The Path Width arrows allow you to customize how the path looks
  • Props
    • Third tab has a selection of Props. From grass to rocks, wooden barrels to a fountain of sparks. These will be the big objects, sight blockers, decorations and awesomeness that will make your map pop!
    • Use the drop down menu to filter the selection of Props. So you can see all the trees, or all the Props that would be at home on a meadow (monkey or otherwise)
    • Drag a Prop onto your map and the Prop adjustment panel will come up, allowing you to fine tune the Prop’s scale, rotation, tilt and position. You can enable/disable “Blocking” and “Animation” for certain Props.
    • Tap/click on a Prop to enable multi-place mode. When you place a Prop In multi-place mode, another Prop will be automatically selected ready to be placed somewhere else. (Available for stamps too)
    • Some Props are platforms that allow you to place towers on them. These can be used to give towers sight above smaller props, add a small area for land placement in water, or water placement on land.
    • Props that block Line-of-Sight can have “Blocking” disabled so that towers will be able to see past them. You can use this for Props you move into crazy and wacky positions or in case the blocking doesn’t make sense for your map. (Use sight or tower blocking Areas to make this work how you want)
  • Stamps
    • Fourth tab is home to all sorts of decorations!
    • These are 2D options that can be placed onto the map to add a bit of detail (like flowers and leaves)
    • Other stamps are semi-opaque to provide additional effects, like shadow stamps to add more depth to the scene, or river rocks that give the effect of a stream bed if placed in water
    • You can also remove specific stamps using the erase tool.
  • Areas
    • The fifth (last) tab on the toolbar and the main tool for creating a combination of terrains or for mixtures of land and water
    • Drag an area of the type desired into the map. It will start with a default of 4 nodes, but you can add nodes to make more refined shapes.
    • While an area layer is selected, you can change the area background type by selecting another area background type
    • When done select the green tick mark
    • To add multiple areas, drag another area out onto the map (maximum of 10 layers). To edit an individual area, select the “Area 1….10” from the scrolling list of areas inside the toolbar, where you can also choose to delete or hide that area.
    • Note that some Areas are tagged as water, shot blocking, and placement blocking; shot blocking and placement blocking areas are not visible on the final map
  • Layering
    • With so much happening on a map, we have included a layer reorder panel (visually 3 stacked diamond shaped layers). This allows certain things to be raised to the top of the stack and lets them be placed “above” other things or below them. You can also toggle on/off all props from here if you want to edit things that are under them like stamps/paths/areas!
  • Tips & Tricks
    • The Randomizer option – You will see a checkbox labeled Randomize, if selected, props and stamps will have their rotation randomized on each placement.
    • Getting the right rotation on a stamp will be improved, but for now, place them in a blank space somewhere on your map until you get the rotation you need. Then erase the pile of stamps when you’re done. We will add a way to do this more easily in a future update.
    • Use different layers for making stamps. It’s easier to manage if things go wrong
    • Try using props from the same theme set, this can give a more uniform look
    • When making paths/areas, the shorter the tangent the sharper the corner
    • Try rotating/scaling items and combining them with other items to make them appear as something new

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • A number of localization updates and fixes
  • Resolved an issue sometimes incorrectly blocking abilities from being used
  • Resolved an issue with hero portrait updates not correctly displaying when viewing upgrades within the Heroes menu
  • Resolved a rare case which could prevent abilities from being activated when they should be ready
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Team Search to break and display no results when there should be results
  • Resolved an issue where navigating to the trophy store via the Jukebox menu would not take you to the correct tab
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when a tower expires at the end of a round
  • Resolved an issue with some saves becoming corrupted
  • Overall audio polish throughout many parts of the UI
  • Resolved a bug that could allow players to enable multiple avatars
  • Interacting with an upgrade ready to unlock will now select that upgrade when opening the upgrade screen
  • Community button added to the Map Selection page

Challenge Editor & Quests

  • Quest progress is no longer set back down to 0/# after choosing to replay
  • ‘No Powers’ challenge editor rule should now also ban Hero Boosters from purchase
  • Backing out of a Quest should take you back into the category you were previously viewing
  • Resolved an issue in Quests that could cause non-upgradable heroes to become upgradable
  • Resolved a case in which the Birthday Quest BAD could be destroyed
  • Resolved a case where the Birthday Quest BAD would not save current Health correctly

Event & Co-op changes

  • Paragon limit removed from current CT tiles to reduce unnecessarily bloating rules
  • Resolved an issue with very specific Boss HP values in 3 player co-op causing bosses to become invincible
  • Updated Boss Rules panel to reflect design changes
  • Resolved some issues with save loading not always correctly loading back on Lych
  • Damage counters should count again for attacks against Bloonarius spawns & Lych Zombie Bloons
  • Flint Tip Darts should no longer be able to skip its final damage tic
  • Resolved an issue where subtowers did not correctly track damage done to Dreadbloon/Phayze shields
  • Resolved an issue where Phayze could trigger additional skull events on loading a save
  • Resolved a daily challenge title display bug that could occur
  • Probably resolved some unknown boss co-op crash
  • Resolved an issue with low damage numbers not performing calculations correctly against exceptionally healthy targets (Bosses)
  • Resolved a softlock when accepting an invite to a co-op game while in an Odyssey
  • Entering a co-op lobby will now show a ‘loading map’ instead of defaulting to displaying Monkey Money when the actual selected map has not loaded yet
  • Behind the scenes updates to Co-op Area Division data
  • Added commas to co-op cash panel
  • Tower UI when it can’t fetch the correct value of an upgrade will no longer display unreasonably high numbers
  • Resolved a bug preventing Golden Bloons working correctly for all players in co-op
  • Bigger Bloon Sabotage CT Relic should now correctly reduce MOAB Speed

Map Specific Fixes

  • Changed up some of the maps displayed on the first page of Beginner Difficulty for some different colors
  • Fixed splash animation not lining up correctly for Penguins on Skates
  • Resolve some issues with Aircraft Carrier planes being blocked from spawning on Water Park
  • Resolved a number of issues with track items clipping on Water Park
  • Resolved placement inconsistencies on Midnight Mansion
  • Resolved some cases where merging paths could incorrectly see Bloons on the last segment before swapping path as untargetable (Notably on Workshop)
  • Resolved a crash that someone had on Dark Dungeons

Tower Specific Fixes

Dart Monkey

  • Resolved an inconsistency with Master Double Cross contributing far more to Paragon Degrees than it should be worth.

Sniper Monkey

  • Resolved an issue preventing Elite Targeting target prio from saving in some cases

Monkey Buccaneer

  • xx4 Should no longer be able to buff Paragon upgrades

Monkey Ace

  • No longer shows a Paragon Pip at 505 upgrades
  • xx4 Spectre can no longer ignore Phayze’s camo immunity when under Radar Scanner

Mortar Monkey

  • Lead/Mortar/Fortified bonuses should all stack their bonuses on single targets

Wizard Monkey

  • Magus’s Phoenix should no longer be immune to Vortex stun
  • Resolved an issue where Phoenix data could be saved incorrectly and brick game saves
  • Changing Necromancer target location in co-op should no longer cause a desync

Super Monkey

  • 4xx Super Monkey can no longer increase cash value of Bloons in CHIMPS
  • 041 Tech Terror’s ability can no longer knock Bloons forward in some cases


  • Permabrew applications are no longer globally removed in co-op when another player builds and sells a new Permabrew
  • x5x Transforming Tonic ability end animation lines up correctly with the act end again when the duration is increased
  • Solved quantum entanglement


  • x5x Spirit of the Forest should correctly pop Frozen Bloons with Hot Magic knowledge

Spike Factory

  • Using the x5x active ability just before the passive ability triggers will no longer cause Carpet of Spikes to skip a passive ability activation
  • Resolved a bug that allowed Spike Piles to be collidable for 1 frame before moving to their track position

Monkey Village

  • 4xx Primary Mentoring cooldown buff no longer remains behind when tower is sold while under the range of an Energizer
  • xx5 Crash resolved when creating game saves with a Monkeyopolis that has decimal point crate values


  • Should no longer show cash generated from Bloontrap on the CHIMPS Victory Panel
  • Resolved inconsistency in the display of the Ultraboost buff icons

Beast Handler

  • x4x Tyrannosaurus Rex should no longer record damage incorrectly when max merged
  • x4x Tyrannosaurus Rex should no longer double cooldown buffs from Energizer sub
  • Resolved some missing animations with 3xx beasts
  • Players should no longer be able to merge T5 beasts into other T5 beasts no matter how nicely they ask

Hero Specific Fixes

Obyn Greenfoot

  • Should no longer show cash generated from Wall of Trees on the CHIMPS Victory Panel


  • Resolved an issue with Biohacks downtime icon persisting for too long after expiring
  • Sushi Benjamin skin now correctly displays downtime visual on towers affected by Biohack


  • Lv10 MOAB Hex should no longer be able to skip its final damage tic


  • Resolved an issue with voice lines playing on the wrong skins
  • Resolved issues with Sunbeam Placement not loading in correctly


  • Lv5 & Lv15 Sharpening Stones can no longer stack their benefits
  • Lv7 Blade Trap can now benefit from Camo granted to Geraldo
  • Geraldo’s level should now correctly update within the shop inventory

Platform Specific fixes

  • PC: Holding a tower hotkey to place multiples will now cancel placement when you can no longer afford to place another
  • PC: Resolved a game crash when making the game full screen after the monitor is turned off with the game open.
  • PC: Resolved a rare crash that could occur when using certain hotkeys immediately after loading a save game
  • Android Netflix/Amazon: Resolved incorrect achievement icon showing on main menu
  • Netflix: Resolved a game crash that could occur when switching from default language to another language and then to Monklish even while not standing on your head

Balance Changes

Ice Monkey

We’re happier with more recent freeze changes succeeding in some of the intentions of older nerfs, given the base tower value in races being hit far more than intended we’re going back over the pierce for Ice Monkey base & middle crosspath. Snowstorm continues to outshine any similar supportive options while being generally cheaper & more versatile.

  • 000 Ice Monkey base pierce increased from 30 > 40
  • x2x Deep Freeze extra crosspath pierce reduced from 10 > 5
  • x4x Snowstorm price increased from $3000 > 3800
  • x5x Absolute Zero price reduced from $20,000 > 19200

Glue Gunner

Small stepping stone buff on top path Dissolver as top glue is quite limited until 4th tier. Glue Strike for the longest time has had crosspath that only technically grants separate intended use cases, this choice though felt too niche and janky so that crosspath requirement is being completely reworked to allow the ability to hit MOABs regardless of crosspath. Glue Strike will instead work around the standard glue crosspathing benefits of more layers or longer duration.

  • 3xx Bloon Dissolver dissolvification rate fasterized from 0.575 > 0.5
  • x4x Glue Strike both ability can now hit MOAB Class Bloons
  • x4x Glue Strike ability layers glued 6 > 3
  • x5x Glue Storm ability layers glued 9 > 3
  • 140 Glue Strike layers glued 3 > Infinite
  • x5x Glue Storm ability attack cooldown reduced from 2 > 1

Monkey Sub

The use of Pre-emptive with power mostly limited to damage only to top-layer leaves it in a small niche that can’t totally function on its own, so we’re slightly improving its ceramic cleanup and lowering the upgrade cost to allow more leeway for combinations to pair with it.

  • x5x Pre-Emptive Strike price reduced from $32,000 > 29,000
  • x5x Pre-Emptive Strike missile bonus to Ceramic increased 15 > 20

Heli Pilot

Support Chinook struggles to do anything with its main attack due to the projectile spawn offset changing at this tier, so we’re slightly tweaking the main attack to assist it here. While the state of Comanche Defense has come a good way, xx5 still feels too expensive for what it offers.

  • x4x Support Chinook projectile size increased from 3 > 6
  • x4x Support Chinook damage increased from 1 > 2
  • xx5 Comanche Commander price reduced $35,000 > 32,000

Mortar Monkey

We’re looking to shakeup mortar in a couple small ways this update, along with Striker Jones changes noted further on for ‘multi-mortaring’ synergy. From the base level Mortar has far more pierce than should ever be necessary at low rounds but doesn’t hit beefy enough for the low fire rate, so we are trading up some base pierce for damage, instead moving this lost pierce up into crosspath. To reduce the great feeling of loss that some players feel when upgrading to Pop and Awe & losing their Artillery Battery ability, this upgrade is seeing a stat rework that considers Artillery Battery as now always active at T5 instead of pumping up the damage numbers.

  • 000 Mortar Monkey damage increased from 1 > 2
  • 000 Mortar Monkey pierce reduced from 40 > 25
  • 1xx Bigger Blast pierce increased from 20 > 45
  • 2xx Bloon Buster damage increased from 2 > 3
  • 4xx The Big One damage remains at 7
  • x5x Pop and Awe | || main attack explosion radius increased from 20 > 23
  • x5x Pop and Awe || |_ attack cooldown delay reduced from 0.27 > 0.0675
  • x5x Pop and Awe bonus Ceramic damage reduced from 12 > 3
  • x5x Pop and Awe bonus Lead damage reduced from 4 > 1
  • x5x Pop and Awe bonus Fortified damage reduced from 4 > 1
  • x5x Pop and Awe bonus MOAB damage reduced from 4 > 1

Dartling Gunner

Much more of the potential power from this path is obtained at the T4 than the x3x, leaving Hydra Rockets as a mediocre save-up, so more price is shifting up from T3 into T4.

  • x3x Hydra Rockets price reduced from $5100 > 4800
  • x4x Rocket Storm price increased from $5250 > 5550

Wizard Monkey

We set up for this Wall of Fire change quite a while ago, however finally it feels that Wall of Fire has cooled off enough to smooth out the curve a little more, granting it seamless uptime with crosspathing and a lower price tag. Summon Phoenix price is increasing more along with a larger reduction in cost to the Wizard Lord Phoenix, however Phoenix will now also be able to gain seeking frontal breath attacks with Guided Magic crosspathing. Shimmer’s range/radius values are being adjusted to match the attack trigger area to the tower’s range but with a far larger radius on the actual effect once it is triggered, this reduces inconsistency where Shimmer would often hit only first camo target to enter radius then be stuck on long cooldown. As targeting improvements for Necromancer zombie spawns feel well ironed out now and deal with the old problem that increasing range used to have at T5 we’re bringing back the much larger range on Prince of Darkness which will now also benefit from these Shimmer changes.

  • x2x Wall of Fire upgrade cost reduced from $950 > 800
  • 120 Wall of Fire increases duration of Wall of Fire more from 5.5s > 6.5
  • x4x Summon Phoenix upgrade cost increased from $6000 > 7500
  • 140 Summon Phoenix now adds light seeking (I asked for ‘light’ at least, but this works)
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix upgrade cost reduced from 52500 > 50000
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix radial attack pierce reduced from 500 > 300
  • xx3 Shimmer de-camo pulse range now matches tower range 80 > 60
  • xx3 Shimmer de-camo pulse radius set to 25% more than tower range 70 > 75
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness range increased from 60 > 80

Super Monkey

Minor strategic balancing for temple builds, as Military is very much intended to be the more range-based sacrifices that are ignorant of vision blockers.

  • 4xx Sun Temple mini avatars no longer ignore line of sight

Ninja Monkey

Flash Bomb’s long time between bombs, without improvements on the main attack leaves this as quite a bad stepping stone, for now due to this long downtime we want to try increasing the stun duration. The recent bug fix for xx4 Sticky Stacking ended up hurting Master Bomber’s viability as it was relying on that bug to have any real single target impact, now that it can be balanced with intended functionality we’re trying out much higher damage per explosion with slower attacks for single target performance as it has Shinobi synergy to bring this rate back up.

  • xx3 Flash Bomb Stun duration increased from 1s -> 1.3
  • xx5 Master Bomber sticky attack rate reduced from 2 > 5
  • xx5 Master Bomber sticky damage increased from 1000 > 3000
  • xx5 Master Bomber sticky AoE damage increased 300 > 600


Alchemist 220 stands out a little too effectively in the crosspath efficiency of Acidic Mixture Dip uptime combined with the reduced forced downtime at 320 and so is being reduced. Total Transformation alchemist when transformed have never been allowing damage to distribute to children layers of any targets, while this is an option we can use as an intended balance lever – we have instead decided to turn this blocker off as it isn’t one we have used elsewhere and has made these upgrades perform far weaker against regular Bloons comparatively to Ceramic & MOAB-class due to damage buffs that have been given to transformed alchemists over time.

  • 220 Perishing Potions bonus to Acidic Mixture dip reduced 3 > 2
  • x4x Transforming Tonic damage may now distribute damage to children
  • x5x Total Transformation damage may now distribute damage to children


Experimenting more with druid ‘life play’ functionality, similar to Heart of vengeance, we’re adding new functionality to Heart of Oak along with improved means of building into this with the Jungle’s Bounty upgrade, however the base pierce of Jungle’s Bounty is being reduced slightly to account for a higher buff potential it now grants itself.

  • x2x Heart of Oak gains 1% pierce for every life gained from the starting value after the upgrade. Maxes at 100% and diminishes if lives are lost
  • x2x Heart of Oak applies for crosspath attacks however note lightning cannot benefit from pierce
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty generates 1 life at the end of each round
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty track bramble pierce reduced from 40 > 30
  • 4xx Ball Lightning ball freeze chance increased from 25% > 100
  • In relation to this change, Cold Front MK now instead of increasing freeze chance will allow the lightning arcs from the Ball Lightning to also freeze and this is quite excellent

Spike Factory

The mid spike factory by many players has been ignored outside of few very specific situations for a long time and after fixing some issues, mainly a bug with the shotgunning of projectiles as they spawn, we’re trying a large power increase to more effectively balance the Shredder for its MOAB Damage purpose.

  • x3x MOAB SHREDR bonus damage to MOAB increased from 4 > 9
  • x4x Spike Storm ability bonus damage to MOAB increased from 4 > 9
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes attack cooldown increased from 0.33 > 0.49
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes bonus damage to MOAB increased from 5 > 9
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes ability bonus to MOAB increased from 5 > 9


Applying pierce crosspathing to Sentry Champion only granting an abysmal +1 pierce to the explosion while an intended joke at the time still feels a little silly, we’re separating that up to get its own larger increase now. Some extra of a makeup buff for XXXL, while the crosspathing rework itself feels nice it ended up nerfing the high-level micro play of this upgrade far more than intended.

  • 501 sentry explosion pierce increased from 51 > 70
  • xx5 XXXL Trap price reduced from 54000 > 48000

Beast Handler

Our most recently added tower, the Beast Handler, is still going through growing pains with a bulk of minor tweaks and small adjustments – mainly centered around merge mechanic value, so we’ll break this down path by path.

Beast Handler’s general repositioning feels far too free right now, the reposition cooldown is being increased to a more reasonably noticeable number so this feels like a meaningful cost.

  • Beast Handler beast reposition cooldown increased to to 5s

Great White lacks a lot of pierce for an upgrade with a slower widespread AoE design for the price range. Orca we feel has both min & max power use cases, though doesn’t grow enough ‘along the way’ from un-maxed merging.

  • 3xx Great White pierce increased from 6 > 10
  • 3xx Great White max bonus pierce from merge increased from 18 > 20
  • 4xx Orca max bonus pierce from merge increased from 24 > 40

Velociraptor performs as one of the most exceptional early tier upgrades in the game. We’ve been going tame on this path so far as we’re happy for it to stay one of the top options, however it is too far ahead still so we are smoothing out the attack rates to match T-rex.

  • x2x Adasaurus attack delay increased from 0.9s > 1
  • x2x Adasaurus max attack delay reduction from merge increased from 0.3105 > 0.3439
  • x3x Velociraptor attack delay increased from 0.9s > 1
  • x3x Velociraptor max attack delay reduction from merge increased from 0.3105 > 0.3439
  • x5x Giganotosaurus now ignores line of sight (it’s a tall boi)
  • x5x Giganotosaurus cooldown reduced from 35s > 25

Horned Owl’s pierce is too high in the base upgrade with very low value from merging, so more of this is shifting into the merge benefit. Condor’s pierce penalties to early MOAB Class are going up, however the max merged version will now be allowed to attack and damage targets that it cannot grab. Pouakai deals way too much moab damage right from base upgrade given how powerful it also is at controlling MOABs, base damage & pierce stats here are also seeing a shift over into higher merge benefits

  • xx2 Horned Owl pierce reduced from 8 > 6
  • xx2 Horned Owl max bonus pierce from merge increased from 8 > 12
  • xx4 Condor at Max beastpower can now attack ungrabbable MOABs
  • xx4 Condor MOAB pierce penalty increased from 9 > 14
  • xx4 Condor BFB pierce penalty increased from 29 > 44
  • xx5 Pouakai pierce reduced from 200 > 150
  • xx5 Pouakai max bonus pierce from merge increased from 250 > 300
  • xx5 Pouakai damage reduced from 20 > 10
  • xx5 Pouakai max bonus damage from merge increased from 40 > 80
  • xx5 Pouakai bonus MOAB damage reduced from 110 > 80

Hero Balance


Gwen’s early game is just too much, especially far too excessive with the right combinations of knowledge / relic buffs so some of this power is being pushed up more with a makeup buff to cocktail at Lv7 where this has started to fall off by.

  • Lv3 Cocktail of Fire ability pierce reduced from 40 > 30
  • Lv7 Cocktail of Fire ability pierce increased from 30 > 50
  • Lv6 base attack burn damage reduced from 2 > 1
  • Lv9 base attack burn damage reduced from 4 > 2
  • Lv10+ base attack burn damage remains +1 per level

Striker Jones

We were hopeful to get this in early last year, however it was delayed at the time in favour of other things. Finally though, along with the other Mortar changes in this update it feels like a good time for Jones to learn a new Lv7 QoL ability designed around managing large numbers of mortars more effectively.

  • Lv7 Target Focus ability: For 15 seconds all Mortars will follow touch/cursor & have 30% improved accuracy (30s cooldown)
  • At the end of the ability duration, mortars snap back to their previous set location
  • A new target can be set on any Mortar during this ability to break them out early


Adora performs extremely well throughout the hardest rounds without any significant weakness that feel fairly comparable to other top of the line heroes. Due to very high ability uptime there is low strategic requirement to her ability timing much of the time, and a strong highly buffable baseline of power even when abilities are not active.

  • Adora Lv3 ability cooldown increased from 40 > 45
  • Adora Lv7 blood sacrifice cooldown increased 10s > 30
  • Adora Lv11 ඞttack cooldown delay increased from 0.8 > 0.85
  • Adora Lv17 attack cooldown delay increased from 0.6 > 0.7
  • Adora Lv20 Blood Sacrifice value required per 1% multiplier no longer reduced (50 > 100)


To make things a little clearer for players attempting to be precise with their Paragon Totem farming, the number of totems placed will now be tallied up and listed whenever one is selected.

  • Each Paragon totem placed now displays a buff icon with a stack count that displays how many are placed


For this update we’ve given Paragons their own section due to the large number of changes to this system. Also note, while we have provided the numerical changes do not take any of the raw damage numbers at face value – they will not be entirely equivalent to actual performance changes in gameplay

Paragon fixes & changes

  • Resolved a bug that was benefitting different paragons boss damage by differing amounts
  • Resolved an issue preventing other Paragon damage bonuses (like Ceramic/Camo) from scaling well with degrees
  • Building any Paragon in a real game now will now unlock that Paragon’s upgrade for use in sandbox

Paragon Cash Slider

  • Upon purchasing any Paragon upgrade, the confirmation prompt now includes an option to inject extra cash into the transformation.
  • This scales from $0 up to the max amount of cash that could be spent to max cash contribution, and also displays a combined cost of this plus the base upgrade cost
  • This contributes to the paragon cash contributed by absorbed towers scaling value at 5% reduced efficiency

Boss Bonus Damage

As most paragons were positively benefiting in terms of boss damage, we want to increase the intended Boss Damage multiplier a little more.

  • Paragon Boss damage multiplier each 20 degrees increased from 20% > 25

Dart Monkey

Dart Monkey is intended to be the ‘Cheapest’ somewhat entry level Paragon so being locked behind a $300k+ price tag meant that all other paragons would have to be higher than that as well – while we’re not too drastically lowering all paragons this update the new lower floor on paragon costs will allow for much more leeway in design going forward. We lowered the power somewhat to justify this new price however not that much as it was one of the more heavily nerfed in power from the bug fix as well, in addition to this now that the Ceramic Bonus is scaling properly, we wanted to increase the value of this bonus far more to really bring out that Juggernaut bonus against Dreadbloon+.

  • Dart Monkey Paragon price reduced from $325,000 > 150,000
  • Dart Monkey Paragon damage reduced from 20 > 15
  • Dart Monkey Paragon bonus Ceramic damage increased from 30 > 75
  • Dart Monkey Paragon attack cooldown delay increased 0.35 to 0.4


A few buffs for the Boomerang Paragon ended up being split up and spread out over a few updates, which resulted in repeated buffs which didn’t seem so necessary after the first, given the fairly high power level it had in v38, as well as suffering less from the bug fix than the Dart Monkey, it felt like it needed more general nerfs to justify any price reduction.

  • Boomerang Paragon range reduced from 75 > 60
  • Boomerang Paragon price reduced from $350,000 > 275,000
  • Boomerang Paragon main attack boss damage multiplier reduced from 60 > 50
  • Boomerang Paragon Press attack’s final explosion Boss bonus reduced from 5000 > 4000
  • Boomerang Paragon Press attack’s cooldown delay increased from 2.5 to 3
  • Boomerang Paragon Orbital attack bonus Boss damage reduced from 160 > 150
  • Boomerang Paragon Orbit attack radius reduced from 60 > 50


Wasn’t too impacted by the bug fix while standing out as quite powerful for a mid-range cost in general, so just nerfed a little to keep it around where it is after the buffs it is gaining this update from knowledge & the boss bonus multiplier going up.

  • Buccaneer paragon turrets attack cooldown delay increased from 0.2145 > 0.25
  • Buccaneer paragon planes main attack cooldown delay increased from 0.15 > 0.18
  • Buccaneer paragon planes radial attack cooldown delay increased from 1.5 > 1.8

Monkey Ace

Limiting many changes to Ace for now, we feel that it wasn’t nerfed that badly from the bug fix and we also currently want it to stay one of the much higher level price tags. It has been performing incredibly well even as the most expensive paragon, however given it is very cooldown dependent and scaling that cooldown via degrees is going to be much harder now we want to wait and see the impact of the rest of that rework before anything more significant to it.

  • Monkey Ace paragon Carpet Bomb ability cooldown increased from 40s to 45s

Wizard Monkey

Wizard was one of the more heavily impacted Paragons losing power from the bug fix, and had a few planned buffs aside from this anyway. We’re happy keeping it more on the expensive side with a higher skill requirement, so to keep justifying this higher price tag much more significant buffs were necessary to keep it in line.

  • Small Zombie sub projectile pierce increased from 20 > 50
  • Drain Beam damage increased from 50 > 200
  • Arcane Spike attack MOAB bonus damage increased from 200 > 250
  • Arcane Spike attack Boss bonus damage increased from 100 > 150
  • Dark Phoenix Firebomb attack now deals bonus damage to Bosses +50
  • Metamorphosis Flamethrower attack pierce increased from 30 > 100
  • Metamorphosis Flamethrower attack Boss bonus increased from 500 > 1000

Ninja Monkey

No changes here for now – given that it did feel behind the other paragons previously, however this is the only paragon that actually got stronger from the bug fix rather than weaker

Engineer Monkey

No changes here as well, we know some people are still hoping for a redesign in general, but with everything else about paragons uncertain this was not a good time for that. We also want to have another Paragon in the support category dealing a DPS role before we seriously consider taking away the current only dps in that category which is already well balanced with strong competitive use.

Looking Forward

  • As some of you have asked about via the Preview Notes, we did have to make some schedule and content adjustments from the Update 37 Notes based on the massive size of Update 39. So here’s the latest!
    • Spirit Walker: We have moved the Spirit Walker to Update 40, due out before the end of the year. This hero has complex stacking abilities which are already being tested and balanced, so aside from the focus on Map Editor, we needed to make sure that Corvus had ample focus to lock in this signature play mechanic.
    • Monkey Sub Paragon: We have moved the Monkey Sub Paragon to next year in order to give it ample space as well, partly to give it the space it needs but also let the new Paragon balance changes settle and make any adjustments through update 40 before releasing a new Paragon. This does not necessarily mean Update 41 either, as the first update of the year is intentionally smaller to allow the Auckland team to recharge over the southern hemisphere summer holiday break.
    • Boss Challenge: We have more design, UI, and server work to do to make Boss Rush meet the new Team event goals we have, so this will develop further in the new year, but we do have a stretch goal to get more flexible individual Boss play in for Update 40.

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