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BTD6 Update 36.0: Full Patch Notes Listed

Cool new stuff is about to come into the game!

Tower Defense fans who love to play Bloons TD 6 can be somewhat happy since the game gets regular updates approximately every two months. Update 36.0 for BTD6 is just around the corner, even though it is not specified when exactly it is coming out, but good folks from Ninja Kiwi from the distant land of New Zealand have given us a preview to gnaw on until the “real deal” comes out. The Bloons TD 6 Full Patch Notes Update Preview is before you. Welcome to Prima Games.

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Key New Features in Bloons TD 6 Update v36.0 (Preview)

Please be advised, this part of the article is related to the PREVIEW. Scroll past the embedded YouTube video for the full release of the patch notes.

  • New Tower – The Beast Handler
    • chomp, rawr, kakaw!
    • So much to say about this tower, but mainly we so hope you enjoy it!
    • The first never before seen tower to join the BTD universe since the Druid and Alchemist launch almost 5 years ago.
    • This tower plays and gains power in a completely unique way, and there are intentional tradeoffs along the way – you need to choose the right time to Merge beasts or just like any other tower whether more separate and lower-power beasts are situationally better.
    • This is a Support class tower, so seeing how it works with your favorite builds is part of the fun.
    • BTW making cool-looking giant beasts pop Bloons has been pretty awesome, even though it took us twice as long as expected. Thanks for your patience!!!
  • Quests! Quests are self-contained challenges with their own special rules, difficulty, and unlock requirements. Patch joins the main menu and acts as the entry point for the Quest system. The intent along with fun gameplay is to sprinkle more story into the game, teaching certain strategies, introducing game modes, trying out items before unlocking them, as well as being a place for us to experiment with new mechanics. Did someone say special missions? No, we didn’t say that for 36, but definitely downstream.
  • With the launch of the Quests system, we have 3 beginner Quests aimed towards newer players. In future updates, we will expand this with mid-rank, high-rank, and expert-level Quests that will introduce higher-level ideas and challenges.
    • Beast Handler Quest – The Dartling Gunner unlocks via a basic pop target objective, but this was a simple system and had nothing to do with the tower itself. To unlock the Beast Handler with this update, rank 40+ players will take on a short adventure using the lower tiers of this tower.
    • Race Introduction – When Races unlock at rank 20, they can be quite an intimidating system to start learning. Now rank 20+ players will be able to access their first persistent race, available from the Quest menu. This is a short introduction aimed at new players, or players new to Races. More challenging Race Quests will be added in the future.
    • Quincy’s Trial – All players start the game with Quincy available, and now from the Quest menu or from Quincy’s profile on the Hero menu players will be able to engage in a short mission showcasing his strengths

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New Awesome (Preview)

  • New Map – Polyphemus
    • No, Lotus Island was never going to be the only stop on that epic journey
    • Your next adventure is Polyphemus, whose one great eye closes over any towers in its site. Never fear, unlike Monkdyseus, your crew is not dead, just out of play until you can open your eye again.
    • Another one made with challenges in mind, and yes, we’ll look for other uses for this mechanic in the future.
  • New Achievements – a simple intro to quests with Side Quest, World League Training
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Monkeys: Tack Shooter Hedgehog pet
    • Bloons: Lobster BFB skin
    • Game & UI: Avatar73 – Necromancer, Avatar74 – Darts, Avatar75 – Gravelord Lych, Avatar76 – Sun Hat Adora
  • Competition Winning items
    • Banner29 – community banner by ratcrunch – Avatar of Darkness
  • Limited Time only
    • Alchemist Flower splash projectiles, Banner29 – Blossom Temple
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Dino Spring Egg, Cake Baker Monkey
    • Icons: Overclocked Icon, Choc Bunny icon
    • Frames: Bloon From The Dead frame, Flower Burst frame

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Game Changes / Additions (Preview)

  • Reworked towers with secondary attack target options to use a smaller icon for this target that is no longer linked to the target priority display. We apologize to the players who were comfortable with the “buttonized” target priorities, but many players were confused by that implementation, so we’re hoping this is a better, clearer UI for all.

Ninja Kiwi has made a Bloons TD 6 Update 36 Coming Soon™ video which you can also check out.

Below this video, full patch notes are available:

Bloons TD 6 Update 36.0: Full Patch Notes Listed


BEAST HANDLER: Whereas we recently released a video and upcoming version preview to the Reddit, we feel it necessary to double back on this due to us feeling that the Beast Handler is still too complicated, so we are reworking it, again, meaning it will be delayed another 2+ updates. Sorry!

However, to ensure this does not happen again, we will be removing tower upgrades entirely from this new tower to ensure the Beast Handler is not too complicated going forwards. We hope to see you play around with this new tower in a few months!!!


  • Due to popular demand, we have removed portable lake stacking.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed games to save when pausing and returning to menu
  • Fixed exploit that allowed temporary buffs like heroes and Jungle Drum Villages to not be absorbed by Lych
  • Fixed Buff that allowed Monkey Ace and Navarch Paragons to Buff each other. Paragons will never be buffed, so we hope you enjoyed this exploit while it was in the game!
  • On a similar note, we have removed the natural overclock from the Engineer Paragon. However to keep true to the middle path, we have given it extra range, cleansing foam targeting, and +1 damage to MOAB Class Bloons


Pat was always intended to be the chunkiest monkey, and his rallying roar is still a little too strong, even after the previous nerf. So we are doubling down on our previous patch of Pat:

  • Pat Fusty footprint increased 28 -> 54
  • Rallying Roar range decreased 72 -> 58


We have noticed many complaining that certain paragons are weaker than their counterpart 3 5th tier towers because the paragons cannot be buffed while the towers can. In order to counter this, we are increasing the Paragon Level cap 100 -> 500.

However to keep gameplay balanced, the only way to achieve these 400 bonus levels on each paragon is to use Geraldo’s Totems.

-We recognize totem spam will likely be annoying for many players, so we are increasing the total power each paragon totem gives from 300 -> 350.



Bloons was always intended to portray real life physics. Due to this, we are changing lead bloons to only be popped from melting.

  • We also want bloons other than ceramics and fortified to have multiple layers, so lead bloon layers have been increased from 1 -> 4, and fortified leads are increased from 5 -> 15
  • Striker Jones, Bomb, and Mortar are no longer able to damage lead bloons
  • Juggernaut and Crossbow Master no longer Pop leads
  • Of course, x5x Super Maelstrom no longer pops leads
  • Ice towers no longer pop leads at any level
  • Sniper monkeys are no longer able to Pierce lead bloons
  • Hydra Rocket Pods and MAD no longer pop leads
  • Razor Rotors no longer pops leads
  • Explosive pineapples, and the respective x3x and x4x bombs no longer Pop leads
  • Lead to gold converts lead bloons into golden leads instead of popping them, similar to rubber to gold
  • Cleansing foam no longer pops leads, but makes them resistant to explosive damage


Whereas purples are an interesting bloon that prevents the abuse of certain gameplay styles, the long gaps in between rounds in addition to purple bloons only capable of being spawned naturally like leads make it too easy to get around the weakness these bloons are supposed to provide.

  • Instead of purple bloons absorbing attacks, they will now Completely Stun All monkeys with plasma projectiles while on screen.
  • 3xx Submarines and 4xx Bloontonium Reactors now automatically submerge when purple bloons are on screen
  • Shimmer and Signal Flare are now incapable of de-camoing Purple Bloons.
  • Purple bloon life Drain increased 12 -> 35
  • All purple bloons will spawn fortified past round 50. Fortified purples HP 1 -> 6


Due to the power ceiling being increased over time from constant power buffs, ceramics are no longer a threat late game when compared to MOAB Class bloons. Especially with recent buffs to super mines and bloon solver. This goes against the intended game design, so we are hoping these changes will fix that: 

  • Super Ceramic Health 60 -> 200
  • Fortified Ceramic Health 80 -> 1,000
  • MOAB Class bloons ramping reduced 1 -> .5
  • Cerams will now incrementally increase in health every round


  • Due to popular demand, Contested Territory Events have been changed from a weekly event to a daily event. This is to help separate Bloons TD 6 from the monotonous waiting of the standard Facebook game.
  • Bloonarius feels especially underpowered compared to its boss counterparts. It is meant to be the slow tank compared to other bosses. So, Bloonarius HP has been increased at all levels, and all other boss speeds have increased. Hopefully now Bloonarius will feel like a unique counterpart from the rest!
  • Bloonarius HP Tripled
  • Bloonarius remains at its current speed. All other bosses receive a 50% increase in their current speeds
    Vortex is widely known as the easiest boss. To counter this, we are increasing the Stun duration.
  • Vortex’s Stun has been increased from 10s -> 30s
  • Fixed bug that prevented Lych soul from ramping with freeplay rounds


For a long time, we have wanted crit shots to be a bigger part of the game, as you can probably tell by the addition of crit shots on certain towers more recently. We feel ready to make a big jump by giving every tower an 8% chance to crit for 5x damage on the crit attack.

All around, towers have been feeling a bit strong, so to counteract this new CRIT Change, every tower has had its attack speed reduced. We have extensively play-tested this new change and feel confident it will breed new life to the game! In addition, to clear up any confusion, the word CRIT that pops up will now fully spell out “CRITICAL SHOT!”

  • Every tower now shoots 33% slower
  • “CRITICAL SHOT” text on screen increased 0.5s -> 2.8s
  • “CRITICAL SHOT!” Font size increased 8 -> 20
  • A large, thick black border will now be placed on the “CRITICAL SHOT!” Text for easier accessibility



Dart monkeys have always been a strong addition to the game. In fact, they are 2-3 times stronger than the dart monkeys from btd 1-5. To level out the insane power increase, we are nerfing the base dart monkey.

000 dart monkey price increase 200 -> 450

Whereas we are pleased with the direction paragons are moving in, we feel as if the Dart paragon does not accurately resemble the 3 upgrade paths as well as it should. So we are changing the Ultra Juggernauts damage type so that it may no longer pop purple bloons. We pride ourselves on community feedback, and we have heard how much fun it is to bounce Juggernaut balls off of walls. We are keeping with that influence of game design to make fans happy.

  • Juggernaut & Ultra Jug Lifespan Increased 6s -> 180s
  • Juggernaut Pierce Increase 50 -> 80
  • Ultra Jugg Pierce Increase 80 -> 420
  • Ultra Juggernauts damage type from Normal -> Plasma

The middle path has been neglected for a long time. However before we inevitably buff it, we must first nerf it:

  • Any super monkeys on the field get transformed to 000 dart monkeys when a SMFC ability is activated, including VTSGs.
  • All SMS Powers are reverted to dart monkeys which do 1 damage to bloons upon usage

To add more viability to the bottom path, we are increasing total damage.

  • CRIT shot changed from every 8 shots to every 1 shot.
  • Normal shot damage reduced 30 -> 0


In an effort to reduce late game lag, we are reducing the amount of total projectiles in-game. However, we do not want to disrupt the balance of towers, so we are evening out the damage.

  • Tack Sprayer 16 tacks -> 8, damage 1 -> 2
  • Overdrive 16 tacks -> 8, Attack speed .28 -> .72, damage 1->4
  • Tack Zone Tacks 32 -> 8, Attack Speed .18 -> .72, damage 2 -> 20


The top path has been getting a lot of love, however the bottom path feels more neglected due to the buffs of the now-superior top path. Hopefully this rework can change things up.

  • MOAB Press 204 MOAB Damage 50 -> 100
  • Left Handed Kylie Boomerangs now shoot boomerangs directly behind them instead of in front of them. 


Due to the imbalanced nature of the bomb at release, we quickly needed to adjust gameplay to suit every tower. Now that the gameplay is stable, we will be reverting many of these changes. While also buffing up the rest of the tower in the process.

  • Frag bombs 002 no longer does black popping power
  • Base bomb shooter attack speed increased .72 -> .48 (All upgrades increased naturally)
  • Base cannon explosion radius increased 56 -> 78 (All upgrades increased naturally)
  • In order to reduce lag when using this tower, the bottom path has been reworked.
  • xx3 xx4 and xx5 cluster bombs, recursive cluster, and bomb Blitz cluster projectiles 8 -> 1. Instead, cluster bombs cause bloons to spread, preventing grouped bloons from overwhelming your defense. Try these against a round 63 cluster!


We were hoping to keep it a surprise, but we are revealing this early: Special Agents are being brought to the game!

In an effort to make more synergy between towers and special agents, the glue gunner is being renamed to the Honey Gunner to create crossplay between this tower and the Beekeeper.

Despite the past 8 buffs making the bloon solver one of the strongest towers in the game early on, it falls off in late game play. We feel it could be stronger, so we are buffing its viability all round.

  • 5xx bloonsolver damage tick speed increased 12-> 58
  • Bloonsolver damage to BAD bloons increased 1 -> 8

The glue gunner has always been a fun tower, ever since its hayday back during BTD 4. However, it has made the bloons too little of a threat as of recently, especially the middle path.

  • All ceramics are now immune to any yellow glue, up to and including 252 glue gunners

Super glue is fun for what it is. However, we felt it isn’t sticky enough. In an effort to increase its uses in more scenarios, we are giving it more variability.

  • xx5 super glue Pierce increased 8 -> 22
  • xx5 super glue attack speed increased 0.36 -> 0.22
  • xx5 super glue slow effect increased 128 -> 256
  • Super Glue damage to BADS 1 -> 950


The sniper has always been a good contender for strongest tower in the game, and we have noticed a spike in usage recently. However, it still feels weak compared to the direction we are headed in.

  • All shots now crit
  • Sniper now ignores lines of sight

The top path feels too essential in the current late game meta. So we are changing the effect to something more reasonable. 

  • 5xx Cripple MOAB No longer deals 5x more damage to MOAB class bloons. Instead, it has a chance to CRIT for a whopping 120 damage!

The middle path upgrade, bouncy bullets, never made sense from a physics perspective. To counter this, bullets are no longer bouncy, and instead are piercy.

  • Bouncy bullets renamed to Piercy bullets
  • Piercy bullets can pierce through 3 bloons, similar to churchill
  • x4x and x5x can pierce through 5 and 7 bloons respectively

Bottom path has always felt a little strong in addition to always being a strong cross path. We hope this change will make the tower more well rounded.

  • Sniper base attack speed increased .8 -> .56
  • xx1 and xx2 upgrades left unchanged.


Similar to other towers, Shell Shock Mortars will now shoot explosive turtle shells instead of Mortar rounds to emphasize the synergy between this tower and the new Special Agent Tribal Turtle.

 Due to popular demand, we are adding a pursuit option to the Mortar. However to balance this, we are decreasing its accuracy.

  • 000 Mortar Pursuit Target Priority
  • 000 Mortar shot spread reduced .72 -> .12
  • 1xx Mortar shot spread returned to normal
  • We want the Biggest One to FEEL like an upgrade from its inferior stepping stone, the big one. So, it’s now a global range tower.
  • Biggest One Attack Radius Increased 50 -> 400


To switch up gameplay, we are changing around top path upgrades.

  • 2xx Advanced Intel now has automatic global range. But it can no longer shoot bloons that are in range of other towers.
  • 3xx submarine now decamos bloons globally, however all bloons within its radius are automatically camoed.
  • Bloontonium reactor can no longer Pop regrow bloons

The middle path ability felt too good at cleaning up the insides, especially of BAD Bloons.

  • x4x ability damage decreased 8,000 -> 3,000


The middle crosspath is the obvious choice over the bottom crosspath in almost all scenarios. In an effort to make each crosspath unique and significant, we are changing things up!

  • Base dartling swivel speed reduced 30 -> 6
  • xx1 Faster Swivel Speed now grants lock in place targeting priority


In order to reduce projectiles late game, we are reworking the Monkey Ace to properly represent how we believe this tower should function in order to minimize lag and maximize fun. The Monkey Ace will now shoot darts out of the front of the Ace, similar to the BTD 5 Specialty Building Bonus:

  • Monkey Ace Darts reduced 8 -> 1
  • Monkey Ace Attack Speed .7 -> 3
  • Monkey Ace Damage Increased 1 -> 2
  • 2xx, 4xx, and 5xx have received similar changes by reducing darts to 1 and increasing DMG and SPA.


The Comanche Commander was beloved at the start of the game, however has long since fallen off. So, we are reverting the nerf allowing it to easily solo round 98 once again.

  • Comanche Commander damage 2 -> 8
  • Mini Comanche damage 4 -> 24

In order to balance this, we are reducing the speed the heli pilot can move.

  • Base Helipilot Speed reduced 3 -> 0.8


Like the tack shooter, the Super Monkey is being reworked to reduce projectiles late game for stability reasons:

  • Base Super Monkey Attack Speed .035 -> .35, damage 1 -> 5
  • 1xx Laser Vision now shoots 1 laser instead of 2.
  • 3xx Super Monkey Projectiles Reduced 3 -> 1
  • x3x Robo Monkey: 2 Arms reduced to 1

Due to positive fan reception of the recent Call to Arms global Buff, we felt it reasonable to apply this to temples as well:

  • 4xx and 5xx temples now Sacrifice ALL towers and Heroes on the map

We believe all towers should have their time to shine. No tower should be able to solo the game without much thought and effort.

Additionally, in an effort to reduce the over powered nature of Super monkeys, we are reducing their overall damage to encourage a more well rounded gameplay style which favors a variety of towers:

  • 4xx and 5xx Sun Temple base damage reduced 50 -> 5
  • 4xx and 5xx Sun Temple sacrifices have received a similar 10x downscale. 
  • x5x Super Monkey Price Increased 90,000$ -> 300,000$
  • xx5 Super Monkey Price Increased 166,000$ -> 635,000$


We greatly enjoy one of our recent change to alchemists, however we feel like we did not go far enough with it to make it viable. Hopefully now it can be used more effectively:

  • Lead to gold damage to DDTs 8 -> 80

BMA is too strong late game, and too weak early game as it loses players money. So hopefully this will wise players up when considering placing him.

  • If a Bloon Master Alchemist potion hits a red bloon, the potion will transform the red bloon into a BAD.


Some upgrades feel a little bit too over and under powered for cross paths to be viable. Hopefully these changes will create more balanced play.

  • Caltrops no longer place when the Ninja is attacking bloons
  • Distraction chance increased 35% -> 100%
  • 5xx Grandmaster Ninja shots reduced 8 -> 1
  • 5xx Grandmaster projectile footprint increased 2 -> 38
  • 5xx Grandmaster Ninja Pierce increased 2 -> 40
  • 500 Grandmaster Ninja projectiles now Bounce off walls


Wizards are purely magic based towers. So it didn’t make sense to give them upgrades that granted them purple popping power. Fortunately, the wizard has been buffed up enough that this nerf will still keep it playable without being overpowered:

  • xx5 Phoenix ability no longer pops purple bloons.
  • xx4 and xx5 Necromancer bloons no longer pops purple bloons.


Due to primary towers overshining the village in pretty much all aspects, we are reworking the top path:

  • Primary Expertise: Buffs to Primary Towers -> Buffs to other villages in radius:
  • xx4 Call to Arms and xx5 Homeland Defense: In an effort to reduce projectiles for in game performance, this towers ability has shifted its double attack speed into double range for all towers.


In an effort to minimize the effect of *certain youtubers* to make *specific jokes* about cleansing foam, we are changing the color. In addition, we are changing the later upgrades out of spite:

  • x3x cleansing foam color changed from White -> Green
  • x4x and x5x Engineer monkeys are now only able to overclock other overclock engineer monkeys.

Bloontraps have been exploited for too long to absorb 100% of bloons. We are countering this gameplay style with nerfs.

  • Placed Bloontraps will now have a 0.8s tick cool down interval of being able to absorb bloons
  • Bloontrap radius reduced 100% Engineer range -> 30%


To make gameplay more immersive, bananas no longer attract to the cursor, and must be clicked or tapped to pick up.

  • For QoL purposes as well as to give more use to this crosspath, the xx2 upgrade allows you to right click to pick up bananas in addition to the left click.
  • To avoid potential exploits, Monkey Farmer radius has been reduced 300 -> 80.
  • Monkey Farmers Monkey Money Cost 100 -> 500


Due to constant misunderstandings, we are switching the tack shooter to support class and spike factory to primary class. And again to limit projectiles, we are fixing this tower as well:

  • Spike Factory Base Pierce 10 -> 1
  • Spike Factory Base Damage 1 -> 10
  • xx2 Smart Spikes no longer shoot more spikes at the beginning of the round


  • Due to high demand, all placeable items will lose their clickable placement locations in favor of randomized placement.
  • Friendly Fire is now on by default. Any monkey hit by any projectile will instantly be sold for 0$.
  • Removed hotkeys for accessibility reasons
  • To make speedruns more competitive as well as to make Apopalypse stand out more as a game mode, Auto start next round has been removed.
  • The gameplay cycle of Bloons TD 6 is too short. In an effort to improve this, the fast forward button has been removed. In its place is now a slow-mo button.

We hope you enjoyed this round of balance changes as Bloons TD 6 moves in a more positive direction, as we return back to the game we released at launch. We are eager to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you would like us to revert next!

We have WHOPPING plans for where to take Bloons TD 6 and we hope you all will keep playing and have fun helping us get there. Let’s all plan on having a very happy rest of 2023 together as we look for more ways to involve the community in our vision and plans for where we go next, and until then please know that everyone at Ninja Kiwi wishes you the absolute best for a restful and playful April Fools Day!

ADDITIONAL CHANGES: Update 37+ has been scrapped.

Happy Popping!!

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