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Boss Tips for Mighty No. 9

by Prima Games Staff

Mighty No. 9 finally came out last week, and it delivers the same kind of old-school platforming fun you’d expect from the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune.

Similar to the Mega Man games, the bosses are difficult to beat, so don’t go in blind! Use these Mighty No. 9 boss tips to survive.

Beat Pyrogen in Mighty No. 9

With this fiery enemy, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. First, stay away from the walls. They’re on fire, so stick to the center whenever you can. Second, watch out for Pyrogen’s running attack. Dash over Pyrogen if you can, avoid his diving attack and then shoot him when you get a chance. Finally, watch out for his explosive attack.

When he gets to 50 percent damage (after hitting him enough times and then absorbing some of his energy), he’ll launch into must faster attacks. Use your dash to avoid these attacks and keep plugging away until he goes down for good.

Beat Nameless in Mighty No. 9

Nameless is a combination of a smaller robot that ties into a bigger unit that’s right behind him. However, before you can deal with the big guy, you first have to contend with the smaller unit. The key is to keep attacking the eye of the smaller unit, then avoiding its missile attacks. This could be difficult, as it’ll change the direction of the floor you’re walking on while it does this; stay with the flow of the floor. Once it’s defeated, it’ll be lifted from the platform and you can shoot the weak spot of the large robot. Watch out when you drop the boss to below 50 percent health, as the floor can change direction much quicker. Rely on your dash to stay out of harm’s way as much as possible.

Beat Aviator in Mighty No. 9

This airborne enemy can be a real pain in the neck, especially considering the limited platforms that you need to jump across. Avoid falling off the side or you’ll need to restart. Try to stay on the side platforms as Airborne swoops down at you, so you can shoot him without taking damage. Watch out for his secondary drones, as they’ll come flying straight at you; fortunately, they can be destroyed. As he goes into his swooping shot attacks, get behind him to avoid taking the most damage, or use one of the platforms to avoid enemy fire. Eventually, his attacks speed up, so remember to follow this pattern and stay out of harm’s way.

Beat Cryosphere in Mighty No. 9

This enemy will leave you cold if you’re not careful. She begins by using her jet stream to spray the area. Once it changes to a thicker stream, dash through it and it’ll change into ice blocks. As you blast these down, she’ll shoot bouncing orbs that will freeze if they touch you, leaving you vulnerable. Try to leave yourself reasonable space to shoot the blocks so you can damage her as they come down. When her health reaches 50 percent, she’ll begin using an ice spray that, again, can stop you cold. Watch for its pattern and dash underneath it so this doesn’t hit you, and then proceed to follow the pattern from the first part of the battle until she’s done.

Beat Battalion in Mighty No. 9

This heavily armored robot can be a real pain, but you can beat him. Watch out for his boost jump, as it can hit you from mid or high level. Slide underneath it and attack from the other side. He’ll then fire a few missiles in your direction, which you can mostly avoid by jumping over them. As seen in the video, Cryosphere’s ice blasts will do quite a bit of damage to him, but your regular gun works just as well. Once he gets below 50 percent, he’ll add a new attack where he launches part of himself at you via a cannon. Wait for him to yell “FIRE!” and then jump over his attack, and dodge the rest of his gunfire as you finish him off.

Beat Seismic in Mighty No. 9

This tunneler wants to bury you. Fortunately, once you figure out his pattern, you can deal with him. He’ll start by launching his dash attack with shields up. However, if you use missiles, you’ll be able to damage him. Next, he’ll shoot platforms out of the sky. Use this to get some height on him, but watch out for his power drill attack, which can rip through anything it touches. As he gets down to 50 percent, he’ll crush into the stage and send a couple more towers to the sides, decreasing the space you can fight in. However, you can repeat these tactics from earlier in the battle to dwindle his energy and take him down.

Beat Brandish in Mighty No. 9

As you ride the train in Brandish’s stage, you’ll eventually come face to face with him as he cuts a blockade into pieces with just a few quick swipes. First, he’ll mix up both quick ground attacks with a swooping flight attack. Use your air dash to get over his ground attacks, and slide underneath him to avoid being crushed. Be sure to watch out for his spinning aerial attack, though, as he can come down at any time with a ground pound. Once he gets down to 50 percent, he’ll speed up his rate of attacks. Follow his patterns and go on the offensive to win this boss fight.

Beat Dynatron in Mighty No. 9

Dynatron swoops around, so use your dash and jump to avoid being hit. From there, she’ll launch a few orbs at you. Try to get these in the corner of the room if possible, and if one lands on you, go ahead and shake it off. The reason for this is because she generates beams that can fry anything they touch, using the orbs as conductors. If one’s on you, it’ll do major damage. The others, firing across the room, will allow you to get to the other side and avoid their touch. The one thing to watch out for is if an orb touches you and she tries to charge. Jump over her, then keep tapping the analog stick or X (A) button to get it off. She’ll become more unpredictable with orb placement as she loses energy, so watch out where she plants them, and fire away until she’s damaged enough to absorb.

Beat Countershade in Mighty No. 9

Last but not least, you have Countershade, who will consistently change locations in the room and fire deadly beams. Use the upper platforms to gain some ground, and watch where its direction of fire is coming with his red beam. Watch out for red and green markers, as they can determine the direction of fire from his lasers. You can hit him while he’s firing, so find a safe spot and unload on him with your special weapons. As he dips below 50 percent, he’ll protect himself with green orbs while firing bullets at a much larger one that can do damage within a projected radius. Stay out of this radius and use one of the adjacent platforms – and one of your more powerful abilities, like the missile – to plow into him. Once he’s low enough, move in for the final Xel absorption, and he’ll be done for.

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