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Borderlands 3 Load Reactor – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

There are plenty of adrenaline-fueled missions players can experience in Borderlands 3. One of these missions is the Angels and Speed Demons quest which brings forth what looks to be a puzzle for players to solve. This load reactor puzzle has been causing issues for some Borderlands 3 players. This is why we have gathered together everything you need to know about successfully solving the load reactor puzzle together for you.

Borderlands 3 Load Reactor

Once you have shot the four coils coming out of the load reactor, it will drop down near a device with four buttons. Many have believed that you need to press these four buttons in a specific order to progress in the Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons mission. You can find an image of this device below thanks to YouTuber ZaFrostPet.

Borderlands 3 Load Reactor

However, this is not the case. The switch you need to flip to move on in the mission is in the southern area of the room you are in. Flip this switch, and you will have completed the load reactor part of the Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons mission. A visual representation of the switch you need to flip to progress further can be found below courtesy of YouTuber ZaFrostPet

Borderlands 3 Load Reactor

Fortunately for players, there is not a complicated puzzle at the load reactor you must somehow solve to progress further in the Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons mission. Perhaps Gearbox put that four-button device there to mess with players in the form of a Red-Herring of sorts. 

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