The vaults have been at the core of the Borderlands franchise since its inception. These areas are places where Vault Hunters go to discover the most valuable items in the game's universe. However, these vaults are usually guarded by the most powerful enemies you will face. The importance of vaults is ever-present in entry 3 of the franchise. There are multiple of these areas available for players to find and explore in Borderlands 3, and we have them all covered for you. 

How Many Vaults are in Borderlands 3?

There are a total of four vaults in the universe of Borderlands 3. Players will be able to discover these areas throughout the campaign of Borderlands 3. You will need to make sure you are highly prepared, however, as these areas contain the most powerful bosses you will face in your adventures. 

How Many Vaults are in Borderlands 3

You can find all of the vaults found in Borderlands 3 with the story chapters they are located within below:

  • Beneath the Meridian - Vault of the Rampager: Chapter 10
  • Cold as Grave - Vault of the Graveward: Chapter 16
  • The Great Vault - Vault of the Architects: Chapter 19
  • Divine Retribution - Vault of the Destroyer: Chapter 23

These missions are sure to provide players with plenty of adrenaline-fueled action and plenty of valuable loot for their efforts. There is no denying there will be plenty of surprises for players who make their way through all of these locations in their playthrough of the recently released title from Gearbox Software. 

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