Blox Fruits: 11 Best Fruits, Ranked

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With nearly 40 different fruits available in Blox Fruits, it might become tricky to keep track of all of them, which ones you want to try, or which ones to pursue. Here’s a list of the best fruits in Blox Fruits. 

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What are the Best Fruits in Blox Fruits?

Fruits in this One Piece-themed game come in three types: natural, elemental, and beast. They’re also already divided into five categories: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythical. While the struggle to obtain the rarest fruits is well rewarded, this does not make all the mythical fruits the best. Here’s our take on the best fruits, ascending: 

11. Rumble Fruit 

A legendary elemental fruit that allows you to perform quick long-range attacks. Many players deem this fruit amazing for farming, and it also gives you immunity to all physical attacks. The Rumble fruit is great for raids in general, as it has a large hitbox and long stuns. 

10. Magma Fruit 

Magma Fruit is a rare elemental fruit. The greatest characteristic of this fruit is that in its awakened form, it allows you to walk on water, which makes it ideal for Sea Events. At its unawakened form, it gives you the ability to execute mostly short-ranged attacks.

9. Blizzard Fruit 

Another legendary elemental fruit that’s especially good if you’re going PvP. It grants you ice attacks that are great at breaking combos and stunning opponents. These moves are also effective against Sea Beasts. On top of all these traits, this fruit also gives you immunity to physical attacks. Definitely worth getting. 

8. Shadow Fruit 

The first thing to notice about this mythical natural fruit is that it drastically changes your appearance: it gives you an eerie-looking black-purplish aura and glowing eyes. The darkness around you and the enlarging abilities it gives you depends on the Umbra Meter, which fills up when you deal damage, or automatically at night. The special moves this fruit gives you deal a great amount of damage. 

7. Leopard Fruit 

Often recommended for more experienced players, this fruit is the rarest and most expensive in the game. Honoring its name, this item grants you leopard-like characteristics like enhanced speed and physical strength. Additionally, it gives you immunity to lava puddles, which is super helpful during raids. 

6. Portal Fruit 

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking. This legendary natural fruit gives you the ability to teleport anywhere in the world of the game, this is undeniably useful for exploration and grinding, and also escaping if you need to. One of the abilities this fruit grants you allows you to open a dimensional rift that traps any nearby enemy in it, giving you total control over this space. Though the very existence of that rift drains your energy, it feels cool to be a mini-god of that space, and it looks sick, too. 

5. Spirit Fruit 

This mythical natural fruit lets you summon buddies to fight alongside you. There’s a Spirit Bar divided in half, and depending on where the meter is at a time, a supportive or offensive buddy will join you. Additionally to the summoning, the Spirit Fruit also allows you to perform fire or ice-based attacks. Definitely one of the most versatile fruits in Blox Fruits. 

4. Dragon Fruit 

A fan favorite. The marvelous thing about this mythical beast-type fruit is that it lets you transform into a dragon, and a big one, at that. When not transformed, the fruit gives you a set of highly offensive attacks that are mostly fire-based. You also acquire a pair of wings that let you fly around. This one is, overall, a great fruit to master, as it offers great offense, defense, and mobility. 

3. Dough Fruit 

Perhaps the funniest fruit to master, and one of the most powerful ones too. It gives you pastry-named attacks that deal a serious amount of damage. In its awakened form, these attacks are even more devastating. Like other fruits on this list, the Dough Fruit also grants you immunity to other attacks. This one is of the mythical elemental kind. 

2. Buddha Fruit

An amazing fruit whether using swords or guns as your weapons of choice, as it is very compatible and versatile. While it doesn’t grant full immunity, it can raise your defense by up to 50%. The Buddha Fruit makes your hitbox 4x larger, or 8x larger in its awakened state. It also allows you to walk on water. This makes this legendary beast fruit many people’s favorite when it comes to grinding and raids. 

1. Venom Fruit 

The Venom Fruit is our pick for the best fruit. It’s not only good for raids, grinding, PvP, and PvE, but it also provides great mobility. If that wasn’t enough, it is also one of the easiest fruits to use. The Venom Fruit provides heavy damage-dealing attacks and also lets you transform into a menacing dragon. The moves this mythical natural fruit allows you to perform can deal damage to enemies in a wide radius, and prevent them from jumping or charging attacks. An overall intense fruit! 

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