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Bloodborne Boss Guide – Shadow of Yharnam, Darkbeast Paarl

by Bryan Dawson

While Bloodborne is somewhat easier than From Software’s Dark Souls games, most players will die repeatedly, particularly against the punishing bosses. The vast majority of these creatures use advanced tactics and powerful moves designed to deplete a hunter’s health bar in seconds. Getting behind these creatures is the foundation for success, but until you learn each opponent’s attacks, expect to see the feared You Died message, followed by the lengthy Bloodborne loading screen multiple times.

Since we prefer to keep players alive, read this in-depth Bloodborne boss battle guide, with tips and tricks for killing every boss in the game, including the Witch of Hemwick, Father Gascoigne and Rom, the Vacuous Spider. 

If you need help finding items and secret locations like Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, read Prima’s free Bloodborne walkthrough. 

How to Beat the Cleric Beast

  • Reward: Sword Hunter Badge 

Most of the Cleric Beast’s biggest attacks only hit directly in front of the creature. The more you stand in front of it, the longer you’ll be in danger. That said, immediately run up to the Cleric Beast and position yourself behind it. The Cleric Beast will turn to try to attack you, but continue to dodge and move around to its back side. 

If the Cleric Beast moves towards the edge it can be difficult to get behind the monster. In this situation, back away and allow the Cleric Beast to move away from the wall. As soon as there’s room behind the Cleric Beast, move back in and resume attacking it from the rear. If the Cleric Beast starts to rage (attacking ferociously), back away and let it attack the air a bit before resuming. 

When the Cleric Beast jumps, wait a moment before you dodge to avoid the attack that follows. If you move too soon the boss will still land on top of you. If for any reason you find yourself away from the Cleric Beast, be careful because it has deceptive range. It can hit you from quite a distance away with some of its attacks, so approach cautiously as you attempt to get behind it again.

How to Beat Father Gascoigne

  • Reward: Oedon Tomb Key 

Fighting Father Gascoigne is like fighting yourself. He uses the Hunter Axe and Blunderbuss to perfection, and even has a beast transformation once his health gets low enough. However, as a Hunter you can stun Father Gascoigne’s attacks with your gun, and he in turn can stun yours. 

The easiest way to defeat Father Gascoigne is by acquiring the Tiny Music Box from his daughter in Central Yharnam. The location of the Tiny Music Box is found in Prima’s free Bloodborne walkthrough. You can stun Father Gascoigne three times while he’s in human form, and once in beast form, if you play the Tiny Music Box (use it like an item). Make sure you are close to Father Gascoigne before you use the item, or you won’t have time to move around behind him for a Charge Attack and visceral attack while he’s stunned. 

If you don’t have the Tiny Music Box or you’ve used all of your stuns with it, you need to dodge Father Gascoigne’s attacks and then counter with your own attack. While he’s in human form you won’t be able to attack him more than once or twice before he uses his gun to stop your combo and move away. The faster your weapon the better in this situation.

If you’re using the Hunter Axe or another slow weapon, use the short-form and stand just outside of Father Gascoigne’s attack range. As soon as he misses an attack, use your Charge Attack. With proper timing you will be able to hit Father Gascoigne right after he misses, knocking him to the ground and allowing you to repeat the process again. 

Father Gascoigne transforms into a beast at around 50 percent health. While in beast form Father Gascoigne is significantly more aggressive and harder to avoid, but he won’t be able to use his gun anymore. Try to stay close while he’s in beast form, but pay close attention to his attacks. As soon as you see him unleash a series of rapid claw strikes, back away to avoid this deadly attack. 

Staying behind him is your best bet, but he moves quickly in beast form, so this can be difficult to do. If you’re having trouble, stay back and wait for Father Gascoigne to attack, then follow with one or two strikes from your weapon before you back away again to repeat the process. You can also use the graves and the stairs to gain positional advantage to defend against Father Gascoigne’s attacks.

How to Beat the Blood-starved Beast

  • Reward: Pthumeru Chalice 

Antidotes are the key to defeating the Blood-starved Beast. You can only hold 10 antidotes at a time, but there are three more located behind the altar on the far side of the room. Use a weapon with some reach, even if you have to use the slower long-form variant. The Blood-starved Beast moves around quite a bit and will be difficult to hit more than once or twice if you’re using a weapon with limited reach. 

Get relatively close to the Blood-starved Beast and wait for it to attack. When it does, be prepared to dodge to the left or right, or directly behind it if you have a good angle. Dodge in the direction the Blood-starved Beast swings from, and with proper timing you won’t take any damage from its attacks. Do not linger directly in front of the boss or it will grab you and inflict significant damage while also poisoning you. 

From a moderate distance, the Blood-starved Beast will leap forward with a few rapid slashing attacks. Dodge a few of times to make sure you’re clear of all the attacks. The boss also uses one or two swiping attacks that are fairly easy to dodge, and leaves you close enough to follow with an attack. Just dodge in the direction the attacks originate from.

When the boss attempts a far-reaching leap attack, time your dodge so you avoid the attack but remain close enough to land a Charge Attack to its back (followed by a visceral attack). The timing is strict, and staying within attack range can be difficult. Don’t worry too much about landing visceral attacks because a three-hit combo will inflict almost as much damage with the faster weapons. 

Once the boss is down to roughly 50 percent health, it pauses for a moment, then stands on its hind legs. When you see this, move away as quickly as possible to avoid the burst of poison that emits from its body. If you’re too close it knocks you away and inflicts poison. 

At this point, fluid steadily squirts from the boss. This is poison, and anytime you are close to the Blood-starved Beast your character will be slowly poisoned. Whenever the poison bar appears, if you have a decent amount of health, try not to use an antidote. You only have 10 and you’re going to need one if that bar gets full. 

You can’t inflict much damage without getting close to the boss, which means you’ll get poisoned often. Use Blood Vials to keep your health up because you have twice as many compared to antidotes, and it’s much easier to farm Blood Vials than antidotes. If the poison gauge gets more than 50 percent full, use an antidote. 

Anytime you’re poisoned during the second half of the battle, back away from the boss and either heal, use an antidote or just slowly let the bar go down. With the boss far more aggressive at this point, it can be difficult to stay away. Always keep a lock-on so you know where the beast is located, and keep your distance by dodging away multiple times. You will have to dodge quite a bit here and use your Antidotes and Blood Vials wisely to ensure you stay alive long enough to finish off the Blood-starved Beast.

How to Beat Vicar Amelia

  • Reward: Gold Pendant

Vicar Amelia has a wide variety of attacks, but they’re all frontal attacks that will not hit if you stay close to the boss and stick to her back side. It’s important to always stay away from Vicar Amelia’s front side. Early on she uses wide swiping attacks that cover a decent range in front of her body, and can even hit to her sides if you’re too far towards her front. She’ll also attempt to grab you and inflict massive damage, but it only connects if you’re standing close and directly in front of the boss. 

Keep your distance and the boss uses one of several long-range attacks in which she slams her fists into the ground and creates a shockwave, or jumps forward and attacks. If you stick close to her you won’t have to deal with either of these attacks.

The boss will pause occasionally to grab her talisman. Attack relentlessly when this happens. She’ll start to glow, but as long as you are behind her, you are not in danger. As long as you stay behind Vicar Amelia as much as possible, you only have to worry about her turning around. She’ll do this from time to time, but if you’re paying close attention you can dodge and easily move around to her back side again to continue attacking. 

How to Beat the Witch of Hemwick

  • Reward: Four Bloodshot Eyeballs

This is one of the easiest boss battles in the game. It begins with a Soot Monster spawning in the middle of the room, but don’t be fooled, this is not the boss. The Witch of Hemwick is actually to your left. Attack the boss until she disappears, but if a purple glow appears under her, move away so you don’t get hit by the circular attack that follows. However, don’t confuse this with the faint purple glow that surrounds the boss when she disappears. This does not inflict any damage. 

When the boss disappears you have to look around the room to find her again. She quickly reappears and can be found anywhere in the room, but you can’t see her from a distance, so you’ll have to move around and explore the room while avoiding the Soot Monster if you can. If the boss is left alone, she attacks with the circular area spell. 

Once the boss is down to roughly 50 percent of her health, a second Witch appears with a separate health bar. This one shoots projectiles in your direction similar to the Leech Warlock’s projectile attack. If it hits you while the Witch is close enough, she follows with an attack that inflicts a lot of damage, and if enough time passes a third Witch appears with similar attacks, but sharing the health bar of one of the other Witches. 

If that weren’t enough, if you kill one of the Witches you have to kill the other two in a timely manner, or the first one will come back to life. You need to kill all of the Witches within about a minute of one another or they’ll start to respawn. They don’t have a lot of health when they come back to life, so this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. 

You can kill the Soot Monsters, but the longer the fight goes on the more Soot Monsters appear. Find and kill the Witches quickly so you don’t have to deal with the Soot Monsters at all. If you provoke one of the Soot Monsters, take it down before the others notice. The Soot Monsters are a distraction, but they can be difficult opponents when they gang up on you.

How to Beat the Shadow of Yharnam

  • Reward: Blood Rapture 

The battle against the Shadow of Yharnam pits you against three dark clerics. One shoots fireball projectiles at you that usually consist of three projectiles fired in a cone shape in front of the boss, but occasionally it will be a single fireball that shoots straight ahead. The second enemy uses a sword with fairly basic attacks, and the third boss also has a sword with a candle in his other hand, and can use fire attacks as well as normal sword attacks. 

Keep moving and it’s relatively easy to dodge the attacks of all three clerics. Either don’t lock-on at all, or stay locked on to the magic user so you can see the projectile attacks coming. Even if you can’t see the other two bosses very well, by continuously moving and dodging when you see a boss get close or a projectile attack coming your way, you’ll avoid almost everything.

When one boss dies the other two power up, so it’s important to kill them all quickly or alternate your attacks so they all die in close succession. For example, the sword boss gains extended range by way of a snake arm when one boss dies, then adds the ability to summon giant snakes for a single attack when two bosses are down. 

If you have issues keeping all three alive, kill the magic user first, then the one holding the candle and finally the one with just a sword. It’s much easier to dodge the sword-user’s attacks when he’s fully powered up. Just don’t let him linger too long at full power. He’ll transition from summoning one giant snake to two giant snakes, and it continues to get harder to dodge. 

How to Beat Martyr Logarius

  • Reward: Crown of Illusions 

Martyr uses a lot of ranged projectile attacks. He will shoot a cone of smaller projectiles that you can dodge to avoid or duck behind the structures on the rooftop. The larger projectile can’t be avoided by hiding behind objects, but you can dodge. Avoid standing directly in front of Martyr and always stay on the move until you can get behind him. 

Watch the circular motion Martyr makes just before casting a spell to determine which one is coming. If he makes a slow circle, the big projectile is coming, but a fast circle indicates the smaller projectiles are on the way. At close range Martyr uses his weapon, but you can stun him with most basic weapon attacks. After two or three hits, make sure you dodge away to avoid his counter attack. 

If Martyr drives his weapon into the ground, move away to avoid the area attack that follows. Once this happens it will be more difficult to stun him with basic attacks, so you’ll have to attack once or twice, then dodge to avoid his counter attack. If he jumps into the air, wait a moment, then dodge continuously to avoid the attack that follows. If he floats high into the air, get ready to dodge as soon as he moves, or take cover behind the objects along the rooftop. If he leaves a weapon in the ground, destroy it to stop the constant rain of projectile attacks. 

You can dodge his attacks and counter after his combos, or try to stay behind him and attack from that angle. With a faster weapon either method works, but if you’re using a Hunter Axe or another slower weapon, it’s easier to dodge and then counter attack. 

How to Beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider

  • Reward: Kin Coldblood (12) 

First and foremost, this boss battle will take a lot longer if you attack the spiders that surround Rom. You can ignore them and focus your attention on Rom and the fight goes a lot faster. The spiders are not difficult to kill (especially if you attack from their side or behind them), but killing them doesn’t help all that much after the first wave. It’s easier to reach Rom, but if you ignore the spiders it’s just as easy to reach the boss if you’re paying attention. 

The spiders have close range attacks with their front legs, a dive bomb attack that hits very hard, a jump attack that’s a little more forgiving and a projectile spit attack. The only attack you need to worry about is the dive bomb attack because it inflicts so much damage.

Your strategy should be to race past the spiders and attack Rom. The spiders cannot hit you if you run right past them. They’ll follow you, but any attack they try will miss if you’re running (not walking). When you get close enough to Rom, don’t lock-on. Instead move around to its side and attack where it doesn’t have any armor. Attacks to the side or back inflict far more damage than attacking Rom’s head.

Attack as much as you can before the spiders get close enough to attack. You may only be able to hit Rom one or two times before needing to dodge away to a safe distance. Sometimes you’ll get in a lot more attacks. The trick is to watch where the spiders are and determine how much time you have to attack before they close in on you. 

When a white light engulfs Rom, attack relentlessly until it disappears. Any attacks during this time inflict a lot of damage, so try to stay close when you see this happen. As soon as Rom is gone, get clear of the spiders and look around to see where the boss reappeared. Every time Rom disappears, another group of spiders spawn. After the first disappearance, Rom also starts attacking you. 

If Rom rolls over onto its back, move away to avoid the magical boulders that fly up from the area surrounding Rom. If you are hit by these you will take damage. If Rom points its head toward the sky, the boulders are about to rain down on you. Dodge these by walking away from Rom and dodging repeatedly in the direction opposite Rom. You can dodge in any direction, but the safest direction is to dodge away from the boss. 

Rom also becomes engulfed in blue light. When you see this, move away to avoid the small area attack that inflicts considerable damage. At this point, when you get close to Rom it goes into a frenzy and swings its body about. Move in close enough to start the frenzy, then quickly back away but stay just outside of your attack range. As soon as the frenzy ends Rom is vulnerable. It won’t try again for another few seconds. This is long enough to close in for several attacks depending on the proximity of the spider bodyguards. 

During this battle there are times when you may only be able to run in, hit Rom’s side one time and then have to run right back out. That’s OK because this isn’t about killing Rom as quickly as possible. This is about staying alive long enough to kill Rom. Once Rom goes, so do the spiders, but Rom won’t heal itself at all during the battle, so any damage you inflict is good. 

How to Beat The One Reborn

  • Reward: Three Yellow Backbones

When the battle begins, ignore The One Reborn and head to the far left corner. Go up the stairs to reach the second level to find three Bell Callers lining the balcony. Kill them all, then move across the bridge to the other side to find three more. The boss will try to attack with projectiles and swipe at you with his hands, so keep an eye on him while taking care of the Bell Callers. 

Go back to the lower level to start attacking The One Reborn. When it forms a ball over its head, a projectile attack will follow. Be ready to dodge this in any direction. It will also drop body parts targeted at you, so be ready to dodge those as well.

If it pauses and looks like it’s about to spit something up, move over to the stairs on either side. The vomit attack that follows covers a wide area, but will not reach the stairs unless the boss is right next to the area when using the attack. If that happens, move to the opposite side. 

When the mid-section of the boss glows red, move as far away as you can to avoid the area attack that follows. It inflicts heavy damage if you’re too close to the boss, so it’s important to be a decent distance away to avoid it. After any of these attacks, quickly move in and attack the lower body. 

Watch out for The One Reborn’s legs to avoid getting kicked. There’s plenty of room between the legs to attack the boss. You can also get directly in front of or behind him to avoid the legs. Repeat this process until the boss is dead. 

How to Beat Darkbeast Paarl

  • Reward: Spark Hunter Badge

This boss is very fast and agile, but otherwise he doesn’t pose a significant threat if you fight it later in the game. You can battle against the Darkbeast Paarl very early, but fighting it early on makes this a very difficult battle due to your low level. Fighting it after you’ve entered Yahar’gul, Unseen Village through the normal entrance (and not through a prison cell) is much easier. 

Stay as close as possible to the boss until you see it begin to charge up. As soon as the boss is standing still and its electricity intensifies, get as far away from it as you can to avoid the area attack that follows. Stay under Darkbeast Paarl until you see the area attack because it has very long reach and attacks quickly, and it can be difficult to avoid these attacks if you’re out in front of the boss. 

If you’re standing in front of Darkbeast Paarl it will swipe at you multiple times with its front paws. You can anticipate the attacks and dodge forward to avoid taking damage, but this is difficult if you’re not agile. Once you’re under Darkbeast Paarl, attack it as much as you can. Fire Paper works well to increase your damage output. Just be sure to keep an eye on Darkbeast Paarl to avoid its area attack. 

Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, the boss loses its lightning effect. Inflict as much damage as possible while Darkbeast Paarl is incapacitated. When it gets back up it will attack a few times, then stand still again to regenerate its electric charge. Use this opportunity to take out as much of Darkbeast Paarl’s health as possible. Repeat this pattern until it goes down for good. 

How to Beat Amygdala

  • Reward: Ailing Loran Chalice 

Amygdala has a wide variety of attacks, but as long as you’re careful you won’t have too much trouble. Fighting with the Hunter Axe or other weapons with some range work much better for this fight. The Threaded Cane is most ideal because it has good range and decent speed. The Hunter Axe also works if you’re well-versed in using slower weapons. 

Attack Amygdala’s arms or its head to inflict the most damage. The legs are fairly easy to attack because they move slowly and are always on the ground, but you won’t inflict much damage by attacking them. The head drops low to the ground after certain attacks, and the arms are generally hovering in the air, which is why the Threaded Cane is ideal. The long reach of the Cane allows you to attack the arms even when they’re not on the ground. 

Stay close to Amygdala’s arms and a bit to the side. From this angle of attack you can avoid most of Amygdala’s frontal and area attacks while still remaining close enough to inflict damage. At the beginning of the fight you only need to dodge Amygdala’s swiping attacks. If you stand at a distance it may also shoot lasers from its head, but they’re easily avoided with a few dodges. 

Amygdala will jump in an effort to land on you or stomp you with its feet if you are close enough, but once you get it down to roughly 50 percent health, it will tear off two arms and start attacking with them. This increases Amygdala’s range, but your overall strategy shouldn’t change. Continue to attack Amygdala’s arms and head, and stay to the side to avoid most of its attacks. 

A bigger laser shoots from Amygdala’s head at this point, but it’s also relatively easy to dodge if you’re looking for it. After any of the laser attacks, Amygdala’s head moves close to the ground. It doesn’t stay there for long, but if you’re quick, you can run up and attack it to inflict significant damage and quickly end the fight. 

How to Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

  • Reward: Mensis Cage

During this boss battle you have to continually chase after Micolash. The boss is assisted by a number of skeletons and a few Tiny Gents. When the fight begins you need to find Micolash, so head up the stairs, keep moving higher and loop around the top floor until you spot him. As soon as you see Micolash he runs into one of the rooms. Follow him to find two skeletons in the room, along with the boss.

Focus on the skeletons, then turn your attention towards the boss. The skeletons go down easily, but if you don’t have a powerful weapon you may need to attack them multiple times. They’ll fall down after a few swings, then get back up shortly after allowing you to continue the assault.

With the skeletons down, you can now attack Micolash safely until he reaches 50 percent health. Micolash uses an extended tentacle arm that many of the other Hunters used throughout the game. There’s also a blue spark just before he uses the attack, so dodge left or right when you see it. If you’re close enough, you can dodge behind Micolash and still have time to land a Charge Attack on his back, followed by a visceral attack for big damage. 

When Micolash reaches 50 percent health he disappears. Move out of the room and up the stairs to the right. You need to head out of the mist and up the circular staircase where you’ll encounter two Tiny Gents. The first uses a whip while the second has a crossbow. Don’t run too far up the stairs or you’ll have to fight both of them at once. Along the way you should come across multiples corpses holding 12 Quicksilver Bullets, 8 Blood Vials, a Frenzied Coldblood (9) and a Blood Stone Chunk.

When you find Micolash again he’ll run once more and eventually drop down to the floor below, then run into another room. This time around a door closes before you can chase after him, so keep moving up, then to the right where you see a square opening in the floor. Squeeze around to the right of the opening, then drop down into the opening to find Micolash again. 

Micolash fights the same as he did before, but this time he can summon a magic ball above his head that shoots multiple projectile attacks. You need to interrupt this attack or dodge continuously until it completes. Most weapons will interrupt the attack if you’re powerful enough. Gun shots can also work in most situations.

How to Beat Mergo’s Wet Nurse

  • Reward: One Third of Umbilical Cord

The Wet Nurse has a lot of arms and they’re all holding swords. It has deceptive range and attacks three or four times in rapid succession. There are two ways to attack it: stay behind the Wet Nurse as much as you can, or move in to bait an attack, dodge back to avoid it, then dart back in to attack once or twice. 

The easiest method is to simply stay behind the Wet Nurse as much as possible. A few of its attacks may hit you, but if you continue to attack you’ll replenish your health thanks to the Regain system. Eventually the Wet Nurse will jump away and you’ll have to run up and dodge to get behind it again to regain your original positioning. 

If you decide to go with the stick and move method, the fight lasts quite a bit longer, but you’ll be safer in the process. A fast weapon works best if you can get in and out quickly. If you’re not good at timing rolls, a slower weapon with longer reach (such as the Hunter Axe) is best. 

Throughout the fight, the Wet Nurse raises its hands and a purple ball appears. Get behind the boss as quickly as possible before darkness falls upon the area. At this time the Wet Nurse attacks continuously and uses a long-reaching two-handed attack that inflicts a ton of damage. As long as you stay behind the Wet Nurse you won’t take much damage at all. 

During the darkness several clones of the Wet Nurse appear next to you. Dodge their attacks while still remaining as close to the real Wet Nurse as possible. If you get too far away from the boss it will disappear into the darkness and you’ll have difficulty finding it again. If this happens, quickly close in on the boss before you lose track of its previous position.

The clones will try to push you away from the Wet Nurse with their attacks, but it’s important to dodge away from the clones and toward the real boss to stay as close as you can. You don’t want to take damage from either enemy, so duck behind the real Wet Nurse while avoiding the attacks from the clones. Repeat this process until the Wet Nurse is down.

How to Beat the Celestial Emissary

  • Reward: Communion Rune 

When this fight begins, there are quite a few enemies around and no sign of the boss. The boss is actually hidden among the other enemies. Continue to attack them until you hit the boss, then focus on him until his life reaches approximately 50 percent. When this happens the boss grows considerably in size and you’ll have to treat him like a boss instead of a normal enemy.

The best way to deal with this situation is to run up to one of the high ledges, allowing the other normal enemies to follow you up there. Once you have them all gathered, jump off and head back over to the boss. The normal enemies can’t jump off, so they’ll be forced to walk all the way around to get back to you. This gives you plenty of time to attack the boss without having to worry about all of his helpers. 

You may have to repeat this process a few times before you have enough time to completely finish off the boss. It takes more time, but it’s the safest way to attack this creature. Think of it like the fight against Rom, only with a way to remove the smaller spiders from the picture so you can just attack the boss. 

How to Beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

  • Reward: Great Isz Chalice

Like many of the bosses in Bloodorne, the best way to engage Ebrietas is to stay behind the boss and attack from that position. While that’s good advice for many of the other bosses, it’s virtually required if you wish to defeat Ebrietas. 

Ebrietas is easily one of the hardest hitting bosses in Bloodborne. Many of her attacks can kill you in one hit or drain a significant portion of your health. However, if you stand behind her you will avoid almost every attack she uses. She moves quickly, so stay on your toes and do not use all of your stamina on attacks. Keep some available in case you need to quickly dodge to get behind her again if she spins around. 

Watch out for Ebrietas raising her hands. This indicates that a magic spell is about to follow. Dodge repeatedly to avoid the projectile attacks, then resume your position behind Ebrietas. It’s extremely important not to take your time getting behind her. The longer you take to get behind Ebrietas, the more likely you are to be killed. 

How to Beat Gehrman, the First Hunter

  • Reward: Old Hunter Badge

There are numerous ways you can approach the fight against Gehrman. If you have a faster weapon you should take the initiative and move toward Gehrman. As you approach, Gehrman will try to attack you. Dodge this and then quickly counter with your own attack. You should be able to hit him two or three times before he dodges away. If you can get Gehrman’s back to a wall you can continuously attack him until your stamina runs out. 

Most of Gehrman’s attacks are two or three hit combos. Dodge toward the boss so you’re close enough to attack him after the last hit of his combo. Gehrman has deceptive range, so be ready to dodge away when he flinches. If Gehrman places his scythe behind his back, wait a brief moment and then use your gun to stun him. If you fire too soon you won’t get a full stun that leads to a visceral attack, and if you shoot too late Gehrman will still hit you. 

When the boss hits 50 percent health, he uses a Beast Blood Pellet that increases his attack power and allows him to teleport. He also jumps high into the air and uses an attack so powerful that the gusts of wind from it will inflict damage. If this happens, keep dodging until Gehrman is back on the ground. Pay attention to your surroundings because you do not want to get caught with your back to the wall during this battle. 

Respect Gehrman’s attack range and stay as offensive as possible. Don’t wait for Gehrman to get close enough to attack. Instead, move toward him, then dodge his inevitable attack and hit him with an attack of your own. 

How to Beat the Moon Presence

  • Reward: None 

The Moon Presence attacks quickly and in a similar manner to Darkbeast Paarl. Dodge most of its attacks by standing behind it or just keeping your distance. The only attack you need to worry about is when Moon Presence emits a red flash, which causes you to lose almost all of your health. 

When your health disappears, use Blood Vials to replenish it or attack the boss to regain lost health. After the red flash the boss is completely open to attack for several seconds. Just keep waiting for this attack or stay behind the boss as much as you can, and you shouldn’t have too many problems defeating the Moon Presence.

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