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Bloodborne – How to Get More Blood Echoes by Loot Farming Werewolves

by Prima Games Staff

Video game fans will fondly remember Bungie’s Destiny for a variety of reasons, chief among them the loot cave that allowed these players to repeatedly kill aliens to pick up hard-to-find items. 

We all need an edge from time to time (the legendary Contra code always comes to mind), especially when it comes to Bloodborne, Sony and From Software’s delightfully macabre hack-and-slash adventure through the diseased city of Yharnam. Blood Echoes function as in-game currency, allowing players to level up their hunters and become stronger killing machines. Problem is, this supernatural cash is tough to come by initially, and if you don’t level up in time, beating the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne will take considerable effort. 

Fortunately there’s a way to achieve unlimited Blood Echoes in Bloodborne, and while this advice probably won’t help high level gamers, newcomers should do a bit of loot farming in order to tip the virtual scales in their favor.

We first learned about Blood Echo farming from YouTube channel PS4Trophies, where he breaks it all down. 

While at Hunter’s Dream, activate the lamp to visit Central Yharnam. Once there, head to the location with the two werewolves; seems they’re called Scourge Beasts.  These guys won’t hesitate to attack, and when they move towards your character, immediately high tail it out of there and run into a house.  Although the werewolves continue their relentless pursuit, they won’t be able to fit through the entrance.  

With the werewolves on the opposite side of the door, pull out your hunter’s cutting weapon and attack.  Keep in mind you can still take damage, but so long as you stay frosty, bait these creatures and then execute some quick strikes, you shouldn’t have much trouble killing them. 

When the werewolves are dead, wait for the items they carry to appear and then pick up three blood vials per monster. From there, go back to Hunter’s Dream and cash them in.  Level up your hunter or buy some new clothes. 

Now it’s time to repeat this process until you have enough Blood Echoes or can’t stand the load times and/or need a real challenge, like the Shadow of Yharnam, Vicar Amelia or another one of the game’s terrifying bosses. 

Remember, the majority of creatures re-spawn when you return to Central Yharnam and other locations in the game, aside from bosses. Simply put, there’s more than werewolves to worry about. 

To be fair, this is in no way on the same level as the Destiny loot cave, which was epic and eventually patched. That said, we know how frustrating Bloodborne can be, so don’t hesitate to introduce those werewolves to your blade.  Who knows? Perhaps there are more opportunities like this one spread throughout the title’s gorgeous environments. 

If you want to see Blood Echo farming in action, watch the video below. 

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