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Bloodborne: Best Armor and Gear – Bone Ash Armor, Top Hat, Mensis Cage

by Bryan Dawson

There’s plenty of gear to collect in Bloodborne, most of which makes your customized Hunter look even more fearsome than before. Unfortunately, some of the best loot in this PS4 exclusive is difficult to find, so we scoured the monster-filled streets of Yharnam to let you know where to find the best outfits in Bloodborne. Read on to find out what the best armor is in Bloodborne and where to find it to make your play through that much better!

Bone Ash Armor

The Bone Ash armor set is found in one of the chalice dungeons. You need to use a Central Pthumeru Chalice in order to reach the Keeper of the Old Lords boss. Defeat him to unlock the ability to purchase the gear via the Insight Fountain in Hunter’s Dream.

Bosses in chalice dungeons can be random, and you have to beat previous chalice dungeons to obtain the Central Pthumeru Chalice needed to enter the appropriate chalice dungeon. You need to be in the Central Pthumerian Labrynth, layer two, in order to fight the Keeper of the Old Lords boss. 

Top Hat 

To find the Top Hat, head to the Cathedral Ward lamp. Go down the stairs into the next room and then out the doorway to the left. Clear the enemies from the area and then look on the right side of the graveyard to find a corpse behind a tree that holds the Top Hat and the Hunter gear set. You need to search the corpse and move away quickly. A portal opens that will likely kill you if you linger even a moment too long. 

Mensis Cage

To acquire the Mensis Cage head attire, defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. You can find this boss in the Nightmare of Mensis area, which can be reached through the glowing purple door on the second floor of the Lecture Building. You can access the Lecture Building after defeating The One Reborn boss in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village, or if you’re caught by the portal that appears in the area to the right of Grand Cathedral where you fought Vicar Amelia. 

Black Church Armor 

Once you defeat the Blood-starved Beast you can purchase the Hunter Chief Emblem from the Bath Messenger shop in Hunter’s Dream. This emblem opens a gate in the Cathedral Ward that is otherwise locked, although you can access it from the back route as described in our walkthrough. From the gate, head to the left to find a narrow alley with several red lanterns, indicating you can speak to the people inside. There’s a corpse here that holds the Black Church armor set. 

White Church Armor

In the Forbidden Woods, when you reach the area just beyond the first log trap near the Forbidden Woods lamp, there are several enemies in a narrow section with a cliff above you. Clear the enemies or use the cliff to bypass them, then look to the left to see a hill covered in yellow flowers. Walk up the hill and make your way to the left until you see a house with a red lantern. Just behind this house are several cages with Hounds inside. Walk through the area with the cages, then head right to access the back side of the house to the right. You’ll find a ladder here that leads to the roof of the house. A corpse on the roof holds the White Church armor set, which has good poison resistance. 

Student Uniform Attire

After making your way through the Forbidden Woods area you will reach Byrgenwerth. In the middle of Byrgenwerth is a building (the only building in the area) where you fight another Hunter. Head up the stairs to reach the second floor of the building, then look to the right to see a chest. Open the chest to find the Student Uniform gear set. 

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