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Black Ops 4: Blackout Dark Ops Challenges List

by Larryn Bell

Blackout, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s unique take on battle royale, features a series of special hidden challenges for players to complete called Dark Ops challenges. Dark Ops challenges are not listed in the game and will only unlock and be revealed when the player meets the requirements for the challenge. Below, you’ll find a list of all the Blackout Dark Ops challenges in Black Ops 4, along with tips for completing their objective requirements. 

Blackout Dark Ops Challenges List

Since Dark Ops challenges are hidden challenges that only unlock once they are earned, they don’t count toward your overall challenge progress. However, each Dark Ops challenge in Blackout rewards players with a new Calling Card and Merits upon completion, so players who are trying to increase their Eschelon level should find these well worth the effort.

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Practice Makes Perfect

  • Objective: Shoot a bullseye at the Firing Range from 90 meters.

To complete this Dark Ops challenge, head to the Firing Range in the center of the Blackout map. Find a target and stand back. You must shoot the target directly in the middle to unlock the challenge.

Zombie Jams

  • Objective: Activate the Jukebox at the Diner.

This one is pretty straightforward. Make your way to the diner to the west of Array in Blackout. Inside the diner is a jukebox. Interact with the jukebox to activate it and complete this secret Dark Ops challenge. This is also one of the possible zombie spawn locations on the map.

Red Light, Green Light

  • Objective: Find and be the first to loot the underwater supply stash at the Cargo Docks.

The underwater supply stash at Cargo Docks can be found underneath one of the buoys floating in the water around the ship along the west side. Since you’ll need to reach the underwater stash before anyone else, you’ll need to prioritize landing fast at the Cargo Docks directly from the deployment helicopter. Note: The supply stash doesn’t always spawn, so you may have to search several times across multiple matches before finding the container.

Open the Blast Doors

  • Objective: Open the Blast Doors at the Fracking Tower

The blast doors at Fracking Tower are located in the center of the region and can be opened to reveal an underground area. To open the blast doors, interact with the switch on the walkway just north of the doors.

Blackout Dark Ops Challenges Guide

Back in the Ground

  • Objective: Kill 100 Zombies.

Unlocking this Dark Ops challenge requires a lot of zombie killing. Keep an eye out for the blue beam of light throughout the map so that you know where to go to find each zombie spawn location in Blackout. The Asylum and the diner west of Array are good places to start.

Stay Tuned

  • Objective: Activate the Emergency Broadcast.

To complete the Stay Tuned Dark Ops challenge, head to Array and look for a console inside the main building and press the green button. This should trigger the emergency broadcast, completing the challenge.

Respect Your Elders 

  • Objective: Pay your respects to Tanbor Fudgely.

This Dark Ops challenge is the Blackout version of pressing “F” to play your respects. Players must visit the memorial for Tanbor Fudgely, which is located in F6 on the map grid. It’s near the bridge to the southeast of Rivertown that leads east to Turbine.

Stand on the stepping stones directly in front of the memorial sign, then press and hold interact (F, X, or Square) to pay your respects to Tanbor Fudgely. Keep doing this until your character does a bow. Your character must bow to the memorial for the challenge to unlock. This can be a bit tricky, so you may have to shift around a bit to get the bow to work. Credit to Reddit user EvolV2 for the discovery.


  • Objective: Shoot a Basket.

If you are familiar with the locations in Blackout, you may recall seeing several basketball courts throughout the map. One court is on the west side of the Estates, and you’ll find other courts near the Train Station and north of Firing Range. Simply pick up one of the basketballs off the ground at one of these courts and shoot it into the basket to unlock the Baller Dark Ops challenge.

Fist Fighter

  • Objective: Kill an enemy using only your fists.

The easiest way to complete this Dark Ops challenge in Blackout is by landing fast and hunting down enemy players for a fist fight before either of you pick up any weapons. Alternatively, you could ride out the deployment helicopter to the end and punch down any AFK players who aren’t paying attention.

There are nine Dark Ops challenges total in Blackout, but one challenge still remains undiscovered. We will be sure to update this guide as soon as the last Dark Ops challenge is found, so be sure to check back here for updates. For more Blackout tips, such as where to find a helicopter or how to redeploy the wingsuit, check out our other Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout guides.

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