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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Pack-A-Punch in Blood of the Dead

by Josh Hawkins

Every zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a Pack-A-Punch machine that players can use to upgrade their weapons and add special perks and powers to them. If you want to learn how to Pack-A-Punch in Blood of the Dead—one of the three zombies maps available in Black Ops 4—then you’re going to need to learn all the steps needed to unlock and activate the Pack-A-Punch machine. We’ve got all the details below, so grab your controller and we’ll show you how to Pack-A-Punch in Blood of the Dead.

How to Pack-A-Punch in Blood of the Dead

Activating the Pack-A-Punch machine in Blood of the Dead is a step-by-step process that players will need to complete. There are several requirements you’ll need to meet to activate the machine so that you can start using it to upgrade your weapons. The first thing you’ll need to do is build a shield.

How to Build the Shield

In order to build the shield you’re going to need to find three different parts. These parts can be found in one of three different areas, so you may need to look around a bit to find them all.

Part 1 – Shield

The first part that you need to find is the Shield. This is the base of the shield. The parts will glow dimly when you get close to them. You’ll need to search for it in one of the three areas we’ve listed below:

  • To the right of the door with the spiral stairs in the Citadel Tunnels. Halfway up the stairs that lead to China Alley.
  • You can also find the Shield part next to the zombie window in China Alley, close to the stairwell that leads down to the Citadel Tunnels.
  • The final spot that you can find the Shield is at the top of the spiral stairs next to the elevator in the Citadel Tunnels. Look for the part close to the locked elevator cage.

Once you have the shield, it’s time to find the second part, the Afterlife Essence.

Part 2 – Afterlife Essence

To find the second part of the shield, you’re going to need to look for something called Afterlife Essence. There are three places you can find this item.

  • The first place you can look for the Afterlife Essence is in Times Square. Look for the item on the first floor, on the wall. It should be glowing dimly if you can collect it.
  • The second spot you can search for the Afterlife Essence is in the Library. Look out for a box that’s glowing dimly and collect the essence from it.
  • Finally, you can look for the Afterlife Essence underneath the Michigan sign in Michigan Avenue.

With the Afterlife Essence in hand, it’s time to look out for the Warden Key.

Part 3 – Warden Key

The final part that you need to collect for the shield is the Warden Key. It’s one of the tougher items to find, but you won’t have to search hard for it. First, turn on the power in Blood of the Dead and then you will need to kill the boss zombie that spawns after both power switches have been turned on. Once you kill the boss, the Warden Key will drop. Grab it and then head to the nearest workbench and build the Shield to move on to the next part of the job.

Power the Shield

Now that you’ve built the Shield, it’s time to power it up. Your goal here is going to be to equip the Shield and start using the secondary attack to shoot zombies with the Warden Key. This will drain them of Zombie Essence, which will slowly charge up the Key. Kill zombies with the Warden Key until you power up the shield. Now you can move on to the next step, charging up the Pack-A-Punch machine.

How to Charge the Pack-A-Punch Machine

Players can find the Pack-A-Punch up on the rooftop of the prison. Head up to the roof with the Shield fully charged and you should be able to see a power gauge located next to the Pack-A-Punch. To charge up the Pack-A-Punch, aim at the power gauge with the Shield and launch a blast at the gauge to charge it up, activating the Pack-A-Punch.

Now that the Pack-A-Punch is charged up, you can use 5,000 points to start charging up your weapons with better perks and powers. Make sure you also learn how to Pack-A-Punch in Voyage of Despair and be sure to check out our other Black Ops 4 guides for more help.

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