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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Get the Kraken

by Josh Hawkins

The Kraken in Black Ops 4 zombies is an excellent Wonder Weapon that players can acquire in Voyage of Despair. It can be upgraded to four different elemental ammunition types and can be acquired through the Mystery Box. However, if you want to save your points, this article will show you how to get the Kraken in Black Ops 4 zombies, without having to spend any of your hard-earned points.

How to Get the Kraken

In order to acquire the Kraken you’re going to need to complete a few different steps. We’ve outlined all of these steps below, though, so you shouldn’t have too hard of a time completing them.

Acquire the Chest Key

The first step to acquiring the Kraken is to get your hands on the Chest Key. This special item can be acquired from the corpse of a Stoker—the glowing enemies that spawn in mini-boss rounds. Aim for the glowing spot on the Stoker and shoot it there. If you successfully kill the zombie by shooting the glowing spot, the key will drop and you can pick it up.

Open the Chest

Now you need to find the chest that this key works with. The chest can spawn in one of five different locations:

  • Galley
  • Mail Room
  • Turbine Room
  • State Rooms
  • Provisions

Once you find the chest, open it up and move on to the next step.\

Charge the Chest

After you open up the chest you need to charge the chest by killing zombies near it. This is similar to the way you feed the Cerberus on your quest to get the Hell’s Retriever in Blood of the Dead. You need to charge the chest a total of three different times. Each charge will cause the chest to vanish and appear at one of the other locations we marked above. Once you’ve charged the chest all three times, an item will appear inside. Grab it to continue.

Get the Kraken

Now it’s on to the final step. All that’s left to do now is find yourself the Kraken. There are two possible items you can obtain from the chest in the last step, and the item that you obtain will determine where you need to look for the Kraken.

If you acquired a Telescope, head over to the Poop Deck and look for a tentacle off the side of the boat. It will drop the Kraken Wonder Weapon on the deck.

If the chest contained a Compass, head over to the Boat Deck and look out for a tentacle to rise out of the water and drop the Wonder Weapon on the deck of the boat.

With the Kraken in hand, it’s time to start annihilating your enemies. Make sure you also learn how to Pack-A-Punch on Voyage of Despair as well as check out our other Black Ops 4 guides for more helpful information and guides.


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