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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Get the Death of Orion

by Josh Hawkins

The Death of Orion is a useful Wonder Weapon that players can acquire in the map IX in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies. The Death of Orion in Black Ops 4 zombies can stun enemies when charged up, even arcing the stun charge over to new enemies that get too close. It can also be upgraded to a more powerful variant to unleash an even more devastating attack. This article will tell you everything you need to know to get the Death of Orion in Black Ops 4.

How to Get the Death of Orion

Before you can get the Death of Orion, or even start the initial steps to acquire it, you’re going to want to unlock the Pack-A-Punch in IX. Once you’ve done that, you can officially start the hunt to get the Death of Orion. Be aware, though, this is by far one of the most complex Wonder Weapons to acquire, so make sure you’re ready before you dive in.

Make an Acid Trap

The first thing you’re going to need to do is make an Acid Trap. This is a useful trap that you’ll need to melt something later in this quest. There are three items you need to acquire, each of which can be found throughout the map. We’ve outlined their locations below:

Head down to the temple and look int the corners of the passageway that circles around the temple. This large gear can be found underneath a cage in one of the corners.

The second piece can be found in the Temple as well. Look underneath the balcony to see a Chain hanging on the wall. Interact with it to grab it.

The final part that you need to get will require you to complete three challenges in the main arena. Melee the ropes holding up the banners along the wall to acquire a challenge. Once you beat three challenges a pot will appear on the pedestal in the center of the arena.

Get the Statue Head

Next you need to acquire the Statue Head, which can be found underneath one of the four towers that are situated around the arena. Before you can find the head, though, you’re going to need to shoot a brazier that can be found through a half-opened gate in the Danu-Ra Temple Entrance.

Once you shoot the brazier, head up to the bridge that runs between the Ra Tower and Danu Tower and then look down at the ground to see an arrow of fire point towards one of the four towers. Head to the tower that it points at.

You’ll find the Statue Head in the area beneath one of the towers. It will usually be found near the center of the area, so if you’re having trouble find it, check close to the center, in corners, and behind things.

Acquire the Scorpion Key

With the Statue Head in tow, head back up to one of the towers where you can build the Acid Trap and then make it by interacting with the trap handle. Once it’s made, place the Statue Head on the grate and then activate the trap. Wait for it to completely run out, then grab the Scorpion Key from the grating. Now it’s time to move onto the next step.

Get the Gold Vase

The final part that you need to complete this Wonder Weapon quest is a Gold Vase, which can only be acquired by fighting in the main arena and raising your Crowd Affinity. You’ve probably noticed a small thumbs up symbol in the bottom left-hand of your screen, above the health bar. You’ll need to fill this (get it to where it’s glowing around the symbol) twice to receive an award from the crowd.

After you’ve completed the above, the crowd should toss a Gold Vase into the arena. Look for it on the ground and then scoop it up. With it in hand, let’s move on to the next step.

Fill the Vase with Poison

Head down into the Arboretum underneath the Tower of Danu and look for a small hole in one of the trees near the entrance. Melee the hole to insert the Scorpion Key into it. If you hit the right spot, the key should start to drip poison from it. Place the Gold Vase beneath the key and then fight off the incoming wave of zombies until the vase is full of poison.

Get the Death of Orion

The final step of this quest requires you to head over to the Mystery Box in IX and then approach the side of it. You should get a prompt to “Poison the Mystery Box”. Do this and then use the Mystery Box. This should reward you with the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon.

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