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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Get the Acidgat in Blood of the Dead

by Josh Hawkins

The Blundergat is an exceptionally useful Wonder Weapon that players can acquire in the new Blood of the Dead zombies map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Not only is the weapon required to complete parts of the main Easter egg quest, but it can also be upgraded to even more powerful variants to provide more damage and options for players looking to survive as long as possible in the newest zombies maps. Today we’ll show you how to upgrade the Blundergat to the Acidgat in Blood of the Dead, which will give you even more zombie-killing power in Black Ops 4.

How to Get the Acidgat

Before you can get the Acidgat you’re going to need to unlock the Blundergat first. Now, there are two ways you can go about this. The first method is to play the Mystery Box game. Basically, find the Mystery Box in Blood of the Dead and start playing around with it until you get the Blundergat. The problem here is that each hit of the Mystery Box costs points, and you can rack up a fair bit of wasted points before lady luck is on your side. Instead, we’d suggest taking a look at our guide on how to get the Blundergat, which will detail a better—though more time-consuming—method in which you can get your hands on the Blundergat.

Now that you have the Blundergat, it’s time to start the upgrade process. To do this, you’re going to need to find three pieces which have been scattered around the map.

Acidgat Part Locations

The good news with these parts, though, is that each one only has a singular spawn location. This means you won’t have to check multiple spots for the item, so you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting the job done. We’ve detailed their locations below:

Part 1

The first part for the Acidgat can be found in the Transverse Tunnel that links New Industries with the Power House. Look for the part and pick it up.

Part 2

To find the second part, head over to the Sally Port and look for a small side room (it looks kind of like a cell) on the path that leads over to the Warden’s Office. You’ll need to have killed the Warden and picked up the Warden’s Key to unlock this location.

Part 3

The final part you need to collect is over in the Infirmary. You’ll need the Warden’s Key to reach it. Head over to the Infirmary and look for a locked cabinet in the corner. Open it up and grab the part from inside.

With all three parts in hand, you should be able to upgrade the Blundergat to the Acidgat, giving it more power as well as a powerful hit of acid that will deal damage to zombies over time. You can also learn activate the Pack-A-Punch in Blood of the Dead and toss the Acidgat inside it to upgrade it to the Vitriolic Withering, which will be an even more powerful version of the Wonder Weapon.

Now that you know how to upgrade the Blundergat to the Acidgat, make sure you check out our other Black Ops 4 guides to see what other sweet weapons and secrets the latest Call of Duty game has to offer.


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