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Black Desert Online Summer Season Update: Full Patch Notes Listed (May 24)

Time to start farming those Summer Seals!

by Daphne Fama

It feels like we just got a massive update to Black Desert Online, but with the Summer Season upon us, of course there’s more! Here’s the Black Desert Online Summer Season Update: Full Patch Notes Listed for May 24.

Black Desert Online Summer Season Update: Full Patch Notes Listed (May 24)

With the Summer Season upon, and the new Expansion on the horizon, we’ve got a nice new update. There are plenty of quests, new adjustments to some fan favorite heroes (including Lahn, Archer, and Shai). But because these patch notes are long, let’s cut right to the chase and get right into it.

Major Updates

Summer Season is about to begin. Following the Fishing theme of the Spring Season, this season will focus on Training. Notably, you will be able to obtain a Horse Emblem: Fine Horse Qualification from the Season Pass, which will allow you to get a horse mount to take you to the farthest reaches of the continent. When registered, it will grant you a Tier 8 female horse with S: Sideways, S: Instant Accel, Instant Accel at 100%. We hope it becomes a loyal companion for your upcoming adventures. Also, just like in the Spring Season, you can catch the [Season] Coelacanth via Fishing and exchange materials required for Training. We hope you have fun throughout this season boosting both your character and your new loyal steed.

2023 Summer Season in Full Swing!

  • 2023 Summer Season starts after May 24 (Wed) maintenance.
    • On the season server, you can create and play with Season-exclusive characters, taking advantage of various support benefits for boosted growth.

Crow Merchants Guild Training Certificate

  • You can obtain [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Training Certificate through the Season Pass.
    • You can obtain a total of 7 [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Training Certificates, which can be used to participate in daily quests for 7 days.

Summer Season Daily Quest – Crow Merchants Guild’s Gift

  • During the Summer Season, you can accept a quest from Fughar to obtain courser training and ADV support items every day.
    • You must have at least one [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Training Certificate to accept the quest from Fughar.
Quest NameRequirementRewards
[Season] Crow Merchants Guild’s Gift
(Daily Quest)
Hand over [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Training Certificate x1[Season] Crow Courser Training Box x1
Item Collection Increase Scroll x1
Advice of Valks (+20) x1

Summer Season Weekly Quest – Crow Merchants Guild Training

  • You can obtain materials that will aid your courser training (Dream Horse Awakening) through accepting weekly quests through Fughar.
Quest NameRequirementRewards
[Season Weekly] Crow Merchants Guild Training
(Weekly Quest)
Capture Wild Horse x1
Register the captured wild horse at a Stable
[Event] Fughar’s Magical Elixir x3
[Event] Courser Training Box x1
▼ Select one of the following:
Rumbling Earth Shard x10
Swaying Wind Shard x10

Fine Horse Qualification – Tier 8 Mare

  • You can obtain Horse Emblem: Fine Horse Qualification via Season Pass.
    • This horse is a tier 8 mare which can be exchanged and perform breeding. It cannot be registered on the Horse Market.
      • However, it can be registered on the Horse Market if it is awakened as a Dream Horse.
  • This horse has achieved mastery for the following skills.
Learned SkillsSkill Descriptions
  Instant AccelControls: F during Sprint to Instant Accel
The guardians of the Kamasylve bless you with a burst of speed. 
  S: Instant AccelControls: F during Instant Accel
The guardians of the Kamasylve bless you with consecutive bursts of acceleration. 
  S: SidewaysControls: A or D
Sideways Speed Up
Moves to the side without changing direction. 

※ “S: Sideways” can be obtained after learning “Sideways.”

Summer Seals

  • Summer Seals are available during the Summer Season!
RequirementsNo. of Summer SealsExchangeable items
Once per FamilySummer Seal x 55  Advice of Valks (+140)
Summer Seal x 40   3 Weapon Exchange Coupons
Summer Seal x 25▼ Select one of the following:
Main Weapon/Sub-weapon/Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon
Summer Seal x 20  Choose Your Pet Box
Summer Seal x 15  Mount Skill Selection Coupon x1
Summer Seal x 10  Memory Fragment Bundle (20-50)
3 times per FamilySummer Seal x 20  [Event] Choose Your Artisan Worker Box
Summer Seal x 10  [Event] Rare Courser Training Box x2 
Summer Seal x 10  Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
Summer Seal x 5  Family Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
No restrictionsSummer Seal x 1  Cron Stone x2 

[Season] Coelacanth

  • During 2023 Summer Season, you can go fishing to catch [Season] Coelacanth in Season and Normal servers.
    • Added additional items that can be exchanged with [Season] Coelacanth.
    • You can undertake the same exchange quest during the Summer Season regardless of your completion history.
    • You can sell [Season] Coelacanth at the NPC Shop for 500,000 Silver
RequirementsNo. of CoelacanthExchangeable items
Once per Family
(Exchange via Family quests)
[Season] Coelacanth x 50  Advice of Valks (+60)
[Season] Coelacanth x 25  Choose Your Concentrated Boss Crystal Box x1
[Season] Coelacanth x 20  Burning Moonlight Black Stone x10
3 times per Family[Season] Coelacanth x 25  Dreamy Crystal of Balance x7
[Season] Coelacanth x 20   3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons
Once a week per Family. 
(Can be exchanged via weekly quests.) 
[Season] Coelacanth x 20  [Event] Courser Training Box
[Season] Coelacanth x 12  [Event] Enhancement Help Kit I
[Season] Coelacanth x 10  Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5
[Season] Coelacanth x 7  Advice of Valks (+40)
[Season] Coelacanth x 4  Yona’s Fragment x5
[Season] Coelacanth x 3  Magical Shard x5
[Season] Coelacanth x 3  Mass of Pure Magic x5
No restrictions[Season] Coelacanth x 1  Time-filled Black Stone x5
Tip! The Dreamy Crystal of Balance grants 100% chance to enhance a TRI (III) or higher Capotia accessory up to PEN (V).
[Season] Coelacanth Fishing Spots – Season/Normal Servers

Tip! Need a Guide for Starting the Season?

* Details regarding the Season server can be found in [Adventurer’s Guide – Season Server & Characters].

– You can find more information and guides through the table of contents located on the left side of the Adventurer’s Guide.

Tip! Any Life Skill Buffs from Previous (2022 Autumn, 2022 Winter, & 2023 Spring) Seasons?

* The Life Skill buffs that began from 2022 Autumn Season which include Life EXP +30%, Increased Basic Resources from Gathering and Tuvala Enhancement Materials from Gathering will roll over to this season as well!

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes

All Classes

  • Improved the placement of character’s feet to appear more natural when switching from idle stance to the following stances depending on the the shape of the terrain:
    • Sheathing/unsheathing main weapons
    • Switching between main weapons and awakening weapons
    • Sheathing/unsheathing awakening weapons
    • Fixed the issue where the skill widget alerting you to learn skills would continue to be displayed even after learning all the available skills.


Awakening Lahn has increased damage for some of her main skills such as Flow: Vice, Bridled Despair, Taunting Death, and Flow: Mangler. In addition, the damage of Earthly Pain, Blood Moon Twist, Eradication, and Taunting Death has been increased to fill the times when Furor is on cooldown while defeating monsters. The damage of Blood Moon Twist was significantly improved and made it possible to combo with more skills than before. When it is used with the newly improved Eradication, she will be able to combo with even more skills. With the increased damage of skills and the improvements made to skill combos, we hope to see a larger variety of skills used to defeat monsters.


  • Adjusted the damage of the following skills.
Flow: ViceAttack damage 1350% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 49.3%
Attack damage 1755% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 61%
Bridled Despair
(I to IV)
Attack damage 957/1117/1356/1596% x 7
Extra attack damage while skill is active
957/1117/1356/1596% x 1, max 10 hits
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 66%
Attack damage 1024/1195/1451/1708% x 7
Extra attack damage while skill is active
1024/1195/1451/1708% x 1, max 10 hits
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 68%
Taunting Death
Attack damage 703/854/1005/1156% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 51.9%
Attack damage 914/1110/1307/1503% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 62%
Flow: ManglerAttack damage 1279% x 10
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 50%
Attack damage 1612% x 10
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 60.2%
Earthly PainAttack 1 damage 810% x 3
Attack 2, 3 damage 810% x 4
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 46%
Attack 1 damage 1215% x 3
Attack 2, 3 damage 1215% x 4
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 68%
(I to III)
Attack 1 damage 612/735/918% x 6
Attack 2 damage 612/735/918% x 4
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 35.2%
Attack 1 damage 747/897/1120% x 6
Attack 2 damage 747/897/1120% x 4
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 42%
Blood Moon TwistAttack damage 1350% x 6Attack damage 2506% x 4
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 70%

Blood Moon Twist

  • Improved the skill for seamless combo after using Flow: Mangler and Binding Chains skills.
  • Improved the transitions to the following skills after using Blood Moon Twist to be smoother and more seamless:
  • Flailing Blades, Earthly Pain, Bleeding Hearts, and Binding Chains.
  • Added Down Smash effect

Flailing Blades

  • Improved the transitions to the following skills after successfully hitting with Flailing Blades:
  • Earthly Pain, Binding Chains, Bleeding Hearts, Taunting Death, and Furor

Earthly Pain

  • Added “Hold LMB to continue the skill” to the description.


Main Weapon

Flow: Verdure Clout

  • Fixed the issue where the skill had to be activated by pressing the E key after other skills.



  • Fixed the issue where occasionally the Talent skill that was previously activated would be triggered again when returning to Talent stance after switching to the main weapon during Talent skill usage.


Hashashin recovered HP mainly by using Prime: Chosen Blade and Conversion. However, it was insufficient in the higher level monster zones. So, we added HP recovery effects to Aal’s Command and Flow: Voracity to improve his sustain. Additionally, we improved the damage of Crown Kick, Falling Collapse, and Flow: Dune Strike for Awakening Hashashin. These are typically used at the beginning of combos while defeating monsters and their efficiency was increased for longer session.

Main Weapon, Succession

Prime: Quicksand

  • Added the ability for Prime: Quicksand to gather all Sand Twisters in front.

Haladie Throw

  • Added the ability to gather all Sand Twisters in front when using Haladie Throw in the air.
  • However, when hitting a target, the Sand Twister will gather at the hit location first, as before.

Aal’s Command

  • Added an additional effect of HP Recover +45 per successful hit for Aal’s Command.

Prime: Chosen Blade

  • Changed the HP Recovery on a successful hit for Prime: Chosen Blade from +20 → +40



  • Changed the HP Recovery on a successful hit for Retribution from +40 → +50

     Flow: Voracity

  • Added HP Recovery +100 on a successful hit for Flow: Voracity.


  • Improved so that depending on which hand is wielding the dual glaives, the movement of attack 2 or 3 will be triggered when comboing from Inquisition into Constriction
  • Changed the knockdown effect applied when attack 3 was successful to the Down Smash effect that applies to all attacks.
    • However, this effect is not applied during cooldown.

     Ensnaring Sands (I to IV)

  • Changed the cooldown of the skill from 12/12/11/10 sec to 12/11/10/9 sec.

     Flow: Condemnation

  • Reduced the cooldown for Flow: Condemnation from 12 sec to 8 sec.
  • Adjusted the damage of the following skills.
Flow: Dune StrikeAttack damage 1403% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 34%
Attack damage 2245% x 6
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 57%
Collapse (I to III)Attack 1 damage 800/952/1329% x 3
Attack 2 damage 800/952/1329% x 5
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 45%
Attack 1 damage 1040/1238/1728% x 3
Attack 2 damage 1040/1238/1728% x 5
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 51.5%
Crown KickSpin attack damage 1078% x 5
Last attack damage 1078% x 2
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 35%
Spin attack damage 1455% x 5
Last attack damage 1455% x 2
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 51%
RetributionAttack damage 1014% x 7
Last attack damage 1441% x 1, max 4 hits
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 37%
Attack damage 1420% x 7
Last attack damage 2017% x 1, max 4 hits
PvP Damage Reduction Rate 50%



     Flow: Judgment

  • Fixed the issue of the skill not being activated with your kyve.


Adjusted weight limits of certain wagons.

In order to increase the efficiency of trading, we have adjusted the weight limits of certain wagons so that more goods can be stored.

  • The weight limits of certain wagons have been adjusted to the following.
    • The weight limits of the listed wagons have been adjusted to the following:
Shabby Wagon1,200 LT1,200 LT
(Same as before)
Strong Wagon1,500 LT1,700 LT
White Wagon1,800 LT2,200 LT
Farm Wagon2,100 LT2,700 LT
Trade Wagon2,400 LT3,200 LT
Merchant Wagon2,700 LT3,700 LT
Noble Wagon3,000 LT4,200 LT
Forest Path Wagon5,000 LT5,000 LT
(Same as before)

Port Epheria Old Moon Furniture Workshop

  • Added Old Moon Furniture Workshop to Port Epheria
    • You can purchase and use the Old Moon Furniture Workshop with Contribution Points at the following villages:
Available Old Moon Furniture Workshops
Valencia City
Port Epheria
  • You can craft the following items at the Port Epheria Old Moon Furniture Workshop.
  • ※ The effects of items crafted at the Old Moon Furniture Workshop will be applied, however interior point set effects will not be applied
Lv. 1
Vell Pirates Bedside Table
Fintomaria Sailing Log I
Fintomaria Sailing Log II
Fintomaria Sailing Log III
Fintomaria Sailing Tool
Margoria Whale Bedside Table
Margoria Whale Drapeless Curtain
Margoria Whale Tab Drapeless Curtain
Margoria Whale Wine Glass
Margoria Whale Wine Rack
Margoria Whale Tiara Rack
Margoria Whale Vase
Margoria Whale Round Lamp
Margoria Whale Candle Stand
Margoria Whale Octopus Decoration Candle Stand
Margoria Whale Partition
Lv. 2
Vell Pirates Drawers
Vell Pirates Dining Table
Vell Pirates Table
Vell Pirates Chair
Fintomaria Hourglass
Fintomaria Quill Pen
Margoria Whale Drawers
Margoria Whale Dining Table
Margoria Whale Table
Margoria Whale Chair
Ants Wall
Classic Lynch Wall
Wet Fog Floor
Grassland Floor
Red Oak Floor
Lv. 3
Vell Pirates Wardrobe
Vell Pirates Sofa
Vell Pirates Bookshelf
Vell Pirates Bed
Fintomaria Galley Model
Fintomaria Telescope
Fintomaria Sailing Map
Margoria Whale Wardrobe
Margoria Whale Sofa
Margoria Whale Bookshelf
Margoria Whale Bed
Margoria Whale Chandelier
[Jukebox] Margorian Waves
Margoria Whale Table Clock
Margoria Whale Hexagonal Fish Tank
Margoria Whale Stand Lamp
Emerald Great Sea Fish Tank
Emerald Great Sea Fountain

Trading Activity

  • The credibility of the [Old Moon Guild Newsletter], which is operated by the Old Moon Guild to deliver trade information, is slowly being recognized by adventurers.
    • Now, the Old Moon Guild has begun to provide more reliable information in the newsletter by writing the content in more detail.
    • There has been an increase in the probability of [Old Moon Guild] information being correct.
      • Adventurers who enjoy trading can now obtain information more intuitively and find that the information provided in the newsletter is more often correct than not.

※ If the information from the [Old Moon Guild Newsletter] about the trade goods of each village is correct, villagers related to the provided information will appear in their designated locations.

  • In the case where a trade item’s cost has been 40% or less of its original cost for 3 market price cycles, the period where which trade items cannot be purchased has been reduced from 7 to 3 days
    • Goods cannot be purchased during this period of time as giant merchant guild of unknown origins purchase all of them when prices plunge.
    • After this period of 3 days, the items will be available for purchase again at their original market price.

In order to engage in trading activities, certain node levels were necessary. This meant that players had to invest Contribution Points into each node and manage them consistently. If connecting nodes were ever disconnected, trade activity would be difficult as players would have to reinvest and reconnect these nodes. In order to solve this inconvenience, we have changed the condition for purchasing trade goods to be based on Trading Levels.

  • Changed the condition for purchasing trade goods from node levels to the player’s Trading Level.
Purchase Condition BeforePurchase Condition After
Node Level 3Trading Skilled 1
Node Level 5Trading Professional 1
Node Level 7Trading Artisan 1
  • Added a quest where you can obtain Trading EXP Artifacts at a low probability when selling items through Trading.
    • You can accept this quest through Dalishain in any town and obtain Sethra’s Artifact – Trading EXP Artifact.

Changed the conditions for entering Season-1/ New Olvia (New Adventurer) servers

  • Changed the level conditions for entering the servers Season-1 (New Adventurer) and New Olvia (New Adventurer).
    • Players still within 60 days (1440 hours) of setting up their secondary password are considered new adventurers.
The total sum of the character levels in a Family is under 150The total sum of the character levels in a Family is under 200


New feature: Character-to-Character item transfer

Now you can conveniently transfer items between characters using maids/butlers. We wanted to introduce this feature sooner, but since it involves moving items, it required rigorous testing and verification. Now that it’s ready, we hope adventurers will find it highly useful. We will also keep enhancing the UI for improved item management, including coin management, through ongoing updates and improvements.

  • Added a new feature that allows characters within the same Family to transfer items from one character’s inventory to the inventory of the currently logged-in character.
    • Use Storage Maids/Butlers through the View other character’s Inventory in the End Game window.
[Progressed in the following order]
1. Use Storage Maids/Butlers to store items in the Storage.
2. Log in with a different character.
3. Use Storage Maids/Butlers to retrieve items from the Storage.
[Simplified in the following order]
1. Use Storage Maids/Butlers to directly transfer items from one character to another.
(End Game Window – View other character’s Inventory – Right-click)

※ The number and weight of items moved using this feature are subject to the same restrictions as the Storage Maid/Butler function.

※ Trade goods, guild items, character-bound items, treasure items, and Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence (including sub-items) are subject to the same restrictions as the Storage usage feature.


Introducing exciting changes for workers!

Changes are coming for workers in Black Desert! We’re excited to introduce a series of enhancements to improve your worker management experience:

Firstly, we’ve listened to the feedback of adventurers, and as a result, you can now automatically recover your workers’ stamina by storing food in your Family Inventory. This highly requested feature aims to reduce the manual task of providing food and allows you to focus on other aspects of gameplay.

In addition to automatic stamina recovery, you now have the ability to specify where the harvested goods should be stored after your workers have completed their tasks. Previously, goods harvested by a worker from Velia at Finto Farm would be automatically stored in Velia’s storage. However, with the new update, you can designate a specific destination for the goods. This feature enables you to bring together goods from different production nodes into a single storage location, enhancing efficiency.

We’re also raising the maximum level of workers from 30 to 40. Upon reaching level 40, your workers will unlock a passive skill called Delivery, which allows them to utilize the assigned delivery feature mentioned earlier. To ensure a smoother leveling experience, we have reduced the required EXP for levels 1 to 30. Furthermore, workers will learn new skills at level 35, providing you with more diverse options to utilize your workers effectively. The increase in maximum level also introduces an additional chance for Promotion, offering further progression opportunities. Please note that these updates will be implemented sequentially over the first and second weeks. ※ Lastly, we want to inform you that the ability of each worker will be adjusted due to the automatic stamina recovery and the introduction of new skills. Stay tuned for further details on these adjustments!

  • Added a feature that automatically recovers workers’ stamina through recovery items from the Family inventory.
    • You can activate this feature by pressing the Recover All button from the Worker list.
  • The automatic recovery feature prioritizes the workers’ stamina when it reaches 3 and by the sorting order of recovery items within the Family inventory.
  • A notification will display when there are no worker recovery items in your Family Inventory.

If you want to use the automatic recovery feature upon consuming all your workers’ stamina recovery items, please note the following:
To reactivate the feature, you can either enable it again or use a recovery item at least once. This will initiate the automatic recovery process for the workers.
※ Please note we are planning to implement further improvements to use the above feature without requiring the need for reactivation after the May 31st maintenance.

  • Increased the maximum number of slots available upon using the Family Inventory Expansion Coupon from 52 to 72.
  • Improved the cooking mechanics so that failed cooking no longer triggers your chance of mass cooking activating.
  • Improved the ratio from 1:1 to 1:3 when utilizing the following high-level cooking as an ingredient.
    • Changed the grade of the following cooking materials from green to blue.
    • Changed the Supplied rations on ship for the following cooking from 100 to 240.
Higher level dishes that can be used as ingredients
Spongy Teff Bread
Sweet Fig Pie
Mild Date Palm Wine
  • Changed so that upon crafting items requiring enhanced items as materials, the enhancement level is displayed for houses purchased via Contribution points.
  • Adjusted the item slot spacing so it is easier to identify the quantity of crafting materials required for houses purchased via Contribution points.

When trying to enhance equipment through Boss Gear enhancement content, adventurers were able to obtain crystals through weekly quests and reinforce lacking areas using Boss Summon Scrolls. We’ve increased the rate for obtaining both weekly quests and Boss Summon Scrolls, allowing adventurers to gather the required number of crystals more quickly than before. Additionally, we made a change regarding the crafting materials for Reform Stones. Previously, Opals were in high demand as they were an essential material not only for crafting reform stones, but also for other important content. To address this, we have replaced Opals with other types of crystals for crafting them.

Increase in the number of Concentrated Crystal from Jenita’s weekly quest

  • Increased the number of Concentrated Crystal rewards for the following quests from Old Moon Guild Manager Jetina from 115 to 155.
    • Concentrated Crystal is an item required to craft PEN (V) boss gear reform stones.
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Giath
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Griffon
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Bheg
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Leebur
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Urugon
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Muskan
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Dim Tree Spirit
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Red Nose
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Kzarka
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Offin Tett
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Nouver
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Kutum
[Weekly] Imperfect Beings: Karanda

Increase in the number of Concentrated Crystal from daily/weekly Summon Scroll

  • Increased the probability and quantity of obtaining Concentrated Crystal as the loot from daily and weekly summon scrolls.
Daily QuestWeekly Quest
   [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting Giath (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting the Red Nose (1/D)
     [Special II] Confronting Dim Tree Spirit (1/W)
[Special II] Confronting Muskan (1/W)
[Special V] Face Ahib Griffon (1/W)
[Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W)
[Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W)
  Upon defeating a Normal Boss, chance to obtain x1 → x1 guaranteed
Upon defeating an Awakened Boss, x1 guaranteed → x3 guaranteed
  Upon defeating a Normal Boss, x1 guaranteed → x5 guaranteed
Upon defeating an Awakened Boss, x3 guaranteed → x15 guaranteed

Changes to the crafting materials for PEN(V) Boss Gear Reform Stone

  • Changed the crafting materials for making Reform Stones I to IV for PEN(V) Boss Gear.
  Reform StoneChanged Material
Boss Gear Reform Stone I → 
Rough Opal → Green Crystal
Boss Gear Reform Stone II → 
Polished Opal → Blue Crystal
Boss Gear Reform Stone III → 
Brilliant Opal → Red Crystal
Boss Gear Reform Stone IV → 
Moonlight Opal → Black Crystal
  • ※ For more details on the Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear in [Adventurer’s Guide – Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear].
  • Improved the description of the buff effect displayed when using the following item:
    • [Event] 530 Times Sweet/Sour/Fresh Cake


  • Changed Saunil Camp in Elvia Calpheon as follows:
    • [Agile] Saunil Commander and [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain have hidden themselves in the Saunil Camp.
    • Enraged by the hunting of their elite soldiers, the Saunils have started attacking the Calpheon Knights.
      • As a result, the number of Calpheon Knights Outstations has decreased.
      • If you continue to fight around the Calpheon flag defended by the Calpheon Knights for a certain period of time, the [Enraged] Saunils will start to gather.
    • If you defeat a certain number of [Enraged] Saunils, the Saunil Siege Tower will definitively appear.
      • Even after defeating the Saunil Siege Tower, if you continue to defeat [Enraged] Saunils, there is a chance that both [Agile] Saunil Commander and [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain to appear simultaneously.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Crystallized Despair by 50% for the following Saunil monsters:
    • Saunil Fighter, Saunil Armored Warrior, Saunil Elder, Saunil Brawler, Saunil Guard, Saunil Warrior, Saunil Archer, Saunil Elite Soldier, Saunil Vanguard.
  • Increased the drop rate of Crystallized Despair by 5 times upon defeating the [Agile] Saunil Commander.
  • Increased the drop rate of Crystallized Despair by 1.5 times upon defeating the Saunil Siege Tower.
  • Increased the drop rate of Scorching Sun Shard by 10 times upon defeating the Saunil Siege Tower.
  • Increased the drop rate of Crystallized Despair by 8 times upon defeating the [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain.
  • Increased the drop rate of Scorching Sun Shard by 10 times upon defeating the [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain.
  • Increased the number of obtainable Black Stones (weapons/armor) from 8-10 to 8-12 upon defeating the [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain.

Quest & Knowledge

  • Improved Mysterious Painting 4: Pirates Dreaming of Revenge quest to include the appearance of the [Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea] Goldmont Large Battleship at the guided location.

Land of the Morning Light:

Explore a new abyssal pocket that has opened within the Magnus. This pocket episode unveils a new story about Yeonhwa and Wuju, whom you ventured with in the past. Upon completing it, a new abyssal vein will be activated, taking you to the well that leads you to the upcoming new region, the Land of the Morning Light. You can also pre-play this episode to clear the abyssal vein or dive in with the Land of the Morning Light updates.

  • Yeonhwa, who traveled with you in the Magnus, finally managed to find a ship to the Land of the Morning Light. She bids farewell to the adventurer.
    • If you meet the following requirement, you can talk with Yeonhwa and receive a quest to activate the Abyssal Vein to the Land of the Morning Light in Magnus.

※ This episode can be progressed through [Abyss One: The Magnus] questlines, and the story continues through Abyssal Altar in the Magnus.

Quest Requirement
1. From Lv. 56
2. Completed the [The Magnus] Chest from the Abyss quest
(Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline)
3. Either completed or have not accepted the quest, What Are You Doing Here?

Talk to the Black Spirit(,) and accept following questline from Main Quest (Q).
[LoML] Yeonhwa’s Departure
[LoML] Snotface Wants To See You
[The Magnus] Last Abyssal Vein
[The Magnus] Another Anomaly
[The Magnus] Memories of the Deep Sea
[The Magnus] Damaged Record Device
[The Magnus] Unseen Shadow
[The Magnus] Netherworld Registry Institute
[The Magnus] Morning’s Breeze

※ Upon completing the quest [The Magnus] Morning’s Breeze, you can obtain the title [Wuju Even Miss Me?].

※ Upon completing the quset [The Magnus] Morning’s Breeze, the Abyssal Vein to the Land of the Morning Light in Magnus will be activated.

– This feature will not be available until the release of the Land of the Morning Light.


  • Changed it so that the Adventure Log Bookshelf now displays log descriptions in tooltips when hovered over.


  • Changed it so that you cannot summon Guild Boss while engaged in Duel or in forced PvP mode (ALT+C).


  • Changed the wording and link of the start game button on the homepage.
  • Fixed an issue where Facebook authentication was not proceeding when manually integrating accounts.


  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • [Guild] Shakatu Oriental Silk → [Guild] Shakatu Exotic Silk
    • [Guild] Shakatu Oriental Steel → [Guild] Shakatu Exotic Steel
    • Eastern Ceramic Ware → Exotic Ceramic Ware
    • Oriental Spice → Exotic Spice
    • Eastern Culture → Exotic Culture
    • Oriental Saber → Exotic Saber
    • Travels to the East → Exotic Travels
    • Travels to the East of Aldus → Aldus’ Exotic Travels
    • Eastern Elixir of Life → Exotic Elixir of Life
    • Eastern Telescope → Exotic Telescope
    • Eastern Boy Collection → Short Stories of Lads from Distant Lands
    • Eastern Culture Beyond the Desert → Exotic Culture Beyond the Desert
    • Eastern Valencian Nights Box Set → 10,001 Nights Box Set
    • East Watcher → Watchman from a Distant Land
    • The East Watcher’s Journal → Watchman from a Distant Land’s Journal

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed an issue where the dye color of the helmet was not displayed intermittently when wearing costumes that can be equipped in all four slots (such as Desert Camouflage) and the durability of the equipped helmet decreased.
  • Fixed an issue where the guided location for the [Daily] Hampering Monsters in the Sea was different from the actual quest objective.
  • Fixed an issue where characters appeared unnaturally during the main quest [Balenos] Nose Who’s Best under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where fish from different origins were caught while fishing in inaccessible areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of a cedar tree was not displayed in a certain location in Salanar Pond.
  • Fixed an issue where the received silver amount for trade goods sold at 30% of their original value (excluding newly added trade items from the Trading Activity Revamp) due to node disconnection or expiration was mistakenly set at 25% instead of 30% after the Trading Activity Revamp update on April 6.
    • The missing 5% difference in Silver price is sent during the May 24 (Wed) maintenance through Letter (B).

Big changes! And this stacks right on top of the even bigger patch notes we got just a few days ago. Check out those notes here: Black Desert Online Update: Full Patch Notes Listed (May 17).

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