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Black Desert Online April 19 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

Look at all those UI updates

by Daphne Fama

The gorgeously rendered Black Desert Online has just received an update, which includes quite a few quality of life updates, including a series of modifications. Here’s the Black Desert Online April 19 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed.

Black Desert Online April 19 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

If you’ve been waiting for a few clarity updates and user interface updates, then you’ll be thrilled to see some of these updates for Black Desert Online. Check them out below.


  • Added to “[Guild] Special Iron Ingot from Calpheon Workshop,” x1 can be exchanged for Stained Silk x1 via NPC Liana located in major cities.
    • Stained Silk can be obtained according to a set probability based on the type of trade goods when selling goods in each major city.


  • Fixed the issue of “Hide Horse Gear” settings being disabled when equipping the horse gear after taking your horse out of the Stable.
  • Fixed the issue of “Hide Horse Gear” settings being disabled when logging in again after going to the Character Selection menu.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to obtain Training EXP when the game shut down.

Quest & Knowledge

  • Improved the clarity of the “[Fishing Leap Skilled 5] The Best Fish in Serendia” quest objective.
  • Changed the following item that is needed for Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell #4:Refugee Household Items → Oatmeal
  • Changed the Quest Requirement of the following quests to selling fish to Trade Managers:[Fishing] Let’s Get Fish! Queek!
  • [Fishing] Fishing is Fishing, Trading is Trading
  • [Fishing] Supply for the Frontline Forces

NPC, Background, Sound – Black Desert Online April 19th Update Patch Notes

  • Added a scene that shows the beach while talking with Momo during the quest [Balenos] To Velia.


  • Added a UI to the Pet List window that, if out of Feed, will show you where you can obtain it.
  • Added a window to notify that crops will be removed when retrieving them individually during Garden Place Mode.
  • Changed Black Spirit’s Adventure item descriptions to either scroll or change text size if too long.
  • Removed the Update tag in Yolunakea when entering Atoraxxion.
  • Fixed the following Region Quests location closer to where you combat with monsters.Nineshark Subjugation (I to III)
  • Black Rust Subjugation (I to III)

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  • You can now welcome new members into a guild, update your activity level while carrying out guild missions, and renew guild contracts without needing to be in the same servers.
  • Improved so that you can invite players/renew their contracts even from different servers. As before, changing guild positions and banning guild members are possible regardless of server or online status.
  • However, the above is not possible between players in Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Grand Prix Race Track, Atoraxxion Boss or Solo mode, Abyss One – The Magnus, or Arena of Solare.
  • Fixed the issue where the client was intermittently unstable while loading.

Pearl Shop

  • Removed the [Promotion] category button from the Pearl Shop. Changed the first category selected when opening Pearl Shop from [Promotion] to [Hot & New].

Web – Black Desert Online April 19th Update Patch Notes

  • Changed the notification text that would pop up when inputting a coupon code without logging in.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue of objects being displayed abnormally in certain areas of Bronte’s Bolt.
  • Fixed the issue of an empty space appearing on the bottom of cutscenes when switching from window mode to full screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the Web Central Market and in-game Central Market would display different price ranges, and unavailable price ranges would be displayed.
  • Fixed the issue of the hit not being applied even though the reticle is activated when firing after reloading and hitting a hunting monster with a sniper rifle.
  • [Ranger] Fixed an issue where the appearance of the Snow Flower Hair Ornament would be abnormally stretched when equipped.
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed an issue where the character’s appearance would be awkward when wearing certain shoes with the Gunnr Lucirian armor.
  • [Wizard] Fixed an issue where the character’s appearance would show the Blackstar Dagger out of combat while equipped with the Godr-Ayed Dagger.
  • [Maegu] Fixed an issue where Bargain chances would not increase when wearing the trader’s clothes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto-use of food and alchemy items could not be activated after the initial login to the game.
  • Fixed the following issues with the Gamepad UI mode:
    • The key guide not displaying after the pet hunger gauge was fully filled.
    • The position of the key guide is awkward in the Tier 5 Pet Training window.
    • Not being able to navigate the purchase price and current price in the Order Contract window using the pad.
    • Improved the wording in the Old Moon Guild Newsletter to read more naturally.
    • Fixed the issue of the Quotation Board from before the trade item renewal displaying in the Purchase Trade Goods UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest names for unlocking Old Moon Logs Vol. 7-8 (Pavino Greko’s Collection Vol. 1-2) were incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where some appearances with the unchangeable option could be partially changed in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of the stock of trade items being displayed differently on each server.

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