Bioshock 2 may follow a different storyline than the original game, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t borrowed a few things from Jack’s adventure through Rapture, including the best Plasmids. In order to help you get used to the game, we’ve taken the liberty of bringing information about all of the Plasmids offered in Bioshock 2. We’ll even include information about how much each Plasmid costs, that way you know how to prepare.

While many Plasmids can be found in the wild, others will need to be purchased from the Gatherer’s Garden using ADAM. We’ve also included the cost of each Plasmid’s upgrade tiers. Plasmid bottles can be spotted by looking for brightly glowing red bottles. Don't forget, if you're still working through the first Bioshock, we've got you covered when looking for the best Plasmids there as well.

Electro Bolt

  • Effect: Shoots out charged currents of electricity that can be used to stun enemies and electrify water puddles.
  • Price: N/A, 120, 225

Cyclone Trap

  • Effect: Spawns mini-tornados that fling Splicers into the air, causing damage.
  • Price: 60, 100, 140


  • Effect: Causes target to attack nearby enemies for a short duration.
  • Price: 60, 120, 160


  • Effect: Ignites enemies and causes damage over time. Fire can spread to other enemies and the environment. 
  • Price: 90, 120, 200

Insect Swarm

  • Effect: Spawns in a swarm of bees which locate and track the nearest enemy, damaging them over time.
  • Price: 60, 100, 130

Winter Blast

  • Effect: Temporarily freezes the target or enemy, allowing them to be shattered into pieces for a quick kill.
  • Price: 60, 100, 200

Security Command

  • Effect: Tags an enemy and causes all the nearby Security Devices to target and attack it.
  • Price: 30, 75, 100


  • Effect: Spawns a hologram that distracts and confuses enemies. 
  • Price: 60, 100, 140


  • Effect: Pulls targeted object or enemy towards the player. Can be used to throw objects around.
  • Price: N/A, 100, 250


  • Effect: Grants the user the ability to project a “ghost” from their body. The “ghost” can be controlled and used to confuse and distract enemies.
  • Price: 40, 60

These are all the main Plasmids available to your Big Daddy in Bioshock 2. Remember that each one can be upgraded twice, allowing you to make it even stronger. In order to get more ADAM, which you’ll need to purchase upgrades and Plasmids, you’ll have to adopt Little Sisters and protect them while they harvest it from corpses. Bioshock: The Collection will release on September 13, and will feature remastered editions of the original Bioshock games, as well as the first next-gen release of Bioshock Infinite. It will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.