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Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals

by Ginny Woo

So your particular household is Team Microsoft, or you’re trying to add someone else to the flock these holidays? You’re going to want to know about some great ways to cut costs in the process, if it’s the latter. If it’s the former, well, we all love a good bargain and some of the hottest games right now are going to be on sale. Check out our list of the best Xbox One Black Friday deals.

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Xbox One X NBA 2K20 Bundle

It’s hard to go wrong with a crowdpleaser like a sports game if you’re not too sure where to start when introducing someone to the Xbox ecosystem. NBA2K20 and the likes of Madden are usually hot titles that certainly fly off the shelves come Christmas time, so get in early.  If you want a cool design on your Xbox One X (which is a retailer exclusive), you can pick up the Xbox One X NBA 2K20 bundle from GameStop this Black Friday for $349.99

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Xbox One S Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If you’ve been following our work recently then you’ll know that we’re all over the latest from Respawn. One of the most highly-anticipated games of the year is finally here, and between the impressive set pieces and the million and one collectible secrets that are catnip to hardcore fans, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has something for everyone. You can pick up an Xbox One S bundled with this for $299 from Walmart

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Thrustmaster Xbox One Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

Got someone in your life who’s a Forza fiend? Maybe a racing game connoisseur? It’s going to be hard to go wrong with the Thrustmaster Xbox One Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel. Driving using one of these instead of your bog standard controller is definitely going to take your drift game to the next level, and they’re going to be retailing this Black Friday for $85.99 at Walmart

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Forza Horizon 4

If you’re gonna be shelling out for that Thrustmaster above then why not give the lucky recipient the chance to test drive it on one of the latest and greatest driving games of the season? Of course, we’re talking Forza Horizon. A must for any gearhead, you can now add this title to your collection of indispensable racing games for as low as $30 from Walmart from November 24

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Gears 5

Another landmark title this year that we don’t think people can pass up is Gears 5. We’ve already covered the glowing reviews from critics across the board, but Gears 5 brought a truly unique (and exclusive) experience to the Xbox with its singleplayer and multiplayer content that both keep giving. Kait’s story is one of the best ever told in the franchise, so why wait to pick this one up? You’ll be able to nab this gift for $30 from Walmart once November 27 rolls around

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Sure, it’s all well and good to pick up some AAA blockbusters but if you’re really out there looking for good deals like a bloodhound, then how can you pass up GamePass? For those who’ve never cracked into it before, you’ll be able to get your first three months for the bloody low price of a single dollar from Xbox’s official website. Neat, Variety is the spice of life with GamePass, and we can guarantee it’s worth it for that price. 

Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals – Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital Edition

The future is digital, mate. If you don’t fancy the deals above with the other Xbox consoles that come bundled with games, then check this out for an upgrade if you’re running something a little older. Yes, this is all-digital which means that this particular Xbox One S won’t read any discs, but most of us have given up on physicals anyway. Another good thing about going digital is the fact that it’s, well, a good sight cheaper than the alternative. You can swoop this up from Walmart for $228.95

Now that you’ve got our list of the best Xbox One Black Friday deals, picking out which bargain to make the most of should be a little bit easier. Curious about some other good holiday sales? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:

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