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The Best Weapons in Ratchet & Clank

by Prima Games Staff

These are the best weapons in Ratchet & Clank for PS4. Stop by the virtual shop and pick them up when you get a chance, then pulverize the game’s enemies!

Ratchet and Clank is a fun little reboot in the ongoing action/platforming series, re-introducing the world to the brave Lombax and his robotic little friends as they take on enemies across the galaxy.

The game provides Ratchet with a wrench capable of damaging enemies with melee strikes, but he’ll need plenty of firepower in order to fend them off for good. Fortunately he gets it, starting with the Combuster blaster and Fusion Grenade, then moving on to even cooler toys.

The Bouncer 

This gun is probably one of the heftiest Ratchet will come across in the game, but it pays off big time when enemies surround you. With it, you can fire large bombs that produce smaller homing bombs once they explode, taking out anyone in a close proximity. For good measure, you can upgrade this weapon to shoot even bigger bombs, thus creating smaller bombs to target enemies when they go off. The only downside? It takes some time to fire, especially compared to smaller weapons like the Combuster.

Mr. Zurkon

You can’t go wrong with Mr. Zurkon. This Polaris-based weapon is a great secondary item that can be used in battle, with a mounted laser blaster to damage enemies. On top of that we have the insults. No, really. We included some of his greatest zingers in the video below.


Ready to take it back to the old school? Then the Pixelizer is the gun for you. With this weapon equipped, you’ll be able to turn enemies into pixels with a simple shotgun blast. As you might guess, its rate of fire isn’t quite as high as other weapons in the game. Nevertheless, the effect looks cool. It can be bought from the Gadgetron Vendor for 16,000 bolts.


Another outstanding weapon that run and gunners won’t get enough of, the Pyrocitor is a fancy name for flamethrower. You’ll be able to toast most enemies with a steady stream of fire. Even though its range is shorter than other weapons, it provides a long-lasting effect that can burn most enemies with ease. For good measure, ammo is cheap.

Proton Drum

This weapon shoots metallic balls that serve as conductors, unleashing pulsations (in pink) to damage enemies. They last quite a while and disorient most foes while Ratchet comes in and cleans house. It’s a great gun if you’re looking to dispose of a large group and you don’t have enough Fusion Grenades to go around.


Finally, fans will recognize this rocket launcher from the early days of Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. Despite its low rate of fire, it’s one of the most powerful weapons you can get your hands on in the game. For good measure, you can upgrade it to fire even more rockets!

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