The Best Weapons in Overwatch

Take down the competition with the best weapons in Overwatch.

There’s plenty of awesome firepower to go around in Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter, but when playing Overwatch, you need the right weapons for the job. Do you go with Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer or Reaper’s Disposable Shotguns? Zenyatta’s Orbs of Destruction or Pharah’s Rocket Launcher? We break everything down with our list of the best weapons in Overwatch!

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Zenyatta’s Orbs of Destruction

Zenyatta may look peaceful, but we assure you he’s anything but. His Orbs of Destruction are one of our favorite Overwatch weapons because of their effectiveness when it comes to hitting and sometimes even sticking to enemies. Zenyatta can send orbs via rapid fire from his necklace, or charge up his shots to fire five of them at one time, capable of hitting a large group of enemies. In addition, he can also use the Orb of Discord to attach to a foe, making them more susceptible to damage from enemy fire as long as they remain within a player’s sight. 

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer

Gamers who prefer short-range attacks in Overwatch to packing a pistol will love what Reinhardt has to offer. In addition to being one of the stronger defensive characters in Overwatch with his shield, he can also pull out his Rocket Hammer and bash an enemy to pieces. He can swing it around to perform a number of melee strikes with great precision and range. Although he’s still susceptible to close-range fire, his striking will make a difference when it comes to clearing out an area. He can also swing this hammer to execute a Fire Strike, hitting an enemy from a distance with a focused fire attack. Of course, nothing beats his Earthshatter attack, which can let loose with a shockwave that knocks down all enemies in its wake.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster


The Endothermic Blaster is little more than a kick-ass freeze gun that can stop an enemy in their tracks. However, this Overwatch weapon is still one of our favorites, with fantastic range and a lasting effect that can leave an enemy frozen for a matter of seconds, making them vulnerable to any attacks your teammates can unleash. In addition, Mei can use this weapon to fire off icicles, capable of hitting enemies with a great deal of damage, even if the rate of fire isn’t as fast as other weapons in the game. With Mei covering teammates, she can put plenty of opponents on ice and really make a difference. 

Pharah’s Rocket Launcher 

Some of our favorite characters in Overwatch have plenty of firepower on hand, but Pharah’s main weapon in Overwatch is a doozy, capable of firing six rockets in succession before the need to reload. That’s more than enough time to do some fiery damage, especially in an overcrowded arena. Lock and load, because Pharah won’t let you down.

Reaper’s Disposable Shotguns

Reaper’s shotguns are our favorite weapons in the game, mainly because they have a great deal of range, and fire in succession after quick reloading. That makes Reaper a powerful threat. He simply throws his guns away and pulls out a pair of new ones in unlimited supply. That alone makes these shotguns far superior to others featured in different games – and there’s two of them! Pair these Hellfire shotguns alongside Reaper’s other ghostly abilities, and he should have no trouble scoring a victory.

Hanzo’s Storm Bow

Finally, we’ve seen our fair share of archers in video games, but Hanzo easily surpasses them with his Overwatch weapon of choice. His Storm Bow fires devastating shots. However, he can arm it with secondary fire, including a Sonic Arrow that can read enemy movements for several seconds (for Hanzo and his teammates), along with a Scatter Arrow that can hit with a greater deal of accuracy. However, his Dragonstrike is easily the most powerful of all, shooting a pair of streaming dragons across the screen, causing damage to anyone in their path. Let’s see Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Outrider do that!

With these six Overwatch weapons, you should have no trouble securing a win for your team! Continue mastering the game with this general Overwatch Hero Guide and Tips, along with mastering the best Ultimate Abilities in Overwatch!

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