Best Weapons in the New Doom

Old-school and powerful weapons await you in this Bethesda reboot.

Doom is a game that throws every kind of demonic force in your direction, and to combat these forces you’ll need an arsenal of reliable weaponry. To help, we put together a quick weapons guide breaking down the firepower you’ll have available to you in the game. Lock and load!

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The pistol is the weakest weapon in Doom, but it certainly beats trying to fight enemies with your fists. What makes the pistol even better is that it comes with unlimited ammunition, so you can reload and stay in the fight without the distraction of having to scavenge for ammo.

Heavy Assault Rifle 


This is one of the first weapons that will really get you started with in Doom. Although it won’t take down an enemy as easily as other weapons in the game, the heavy machine gun still can be very useful, especially when it comes to precision aiming with the sight. It also has a decent amount of range if you feel like taking out your foes from a safe distance.

Combat Shotgun


It may not be as awesome as the Super Shotgun, however the benefit to the regular shotgun is its faster firing rate, and the fact that you can stock up to 20 shells at a time. Essentially, you won’t run low on ammo as quickly as you would in other games, and can pump them out at a much faster pace if things get hectic. You can also modify it with a Charge Burst attachment to fire three shots in a row, just in case one doesn’t get the job done.

Super Shotgun

If you’re the type of person who prefers to shred a hellion or enemy soldier with a single shot, the Super Shotgun is the best tool for the job. In addition to its powerful firing capability, you can also modify this weapon to increase its spread capacity, making it possible to hit more than one enemy at a time if they get too close. The only downside is that it takes a little longer to reload – which is a small price to pay for a shotgun this awesome.

Plasma Rifle

With this classic weapon making its return to Doom, you’ll be able to spread brightly colored wildfire on anyone that gets in your way. It has a solid firing rate, decent range, and you can increase its capability by modding it with a grenade-style bolt that spreads out to create additional damage by bouncing further towards your enemies.

Rocket Launcher


The rocket launcher is one of the best weapons in Doom, but it’s also the hardest weapon to find ammo for, which means you’ll want to make each shot count. It fires rocket bursts that can take out most smaller enemies in one shot, and you can also set up a secondary firing mode that lets you detonate the rocket sooner. Boom!

Static Rifle

Remember running your feet up and down the carpet to create an electrical shock in your fingers as a kid? Well, the Static Rifle works the same way, allowing you to build up stronger firing power as you move along in Doom. Once you finally get the Static Rifle charged, it has some of the strongest power you’ll find in the game.

Vortex Rifle


This is the most precise weapon you’ll find in Doom. The Vortex Rifle is capable of firing charged shots capable of beheading a target if you can land a headshot, although it takes a while to reload it consistently delivers a dependable shot from a good distance away. For equal measure, you can use it to set up charge shots with a mod, increasing the power and making more of a mess if you prefer.

Lightning Gun

Straight out of the world of Quake, the lightning gun is the flashiest weapon you’ll use in Doom. It delivers electrical shockwaves that can fry your target with the right amount of juice – and possibly any allies that may be around them as well. It’s only good at short range, but despite this it’s a weapon that lights things up in style.

BFG 9000


Fans of the previous Doom games will obviously know what this weapon’s all about. It’s the most effective weapon when it comes to obliterating any opponents in front of it, and while your shots are extremely limited, there’s no question that you’ll leave a trail of carnage carrying this time around.


Want to fire as many bullets as you can in the quickest way possible? If the answer to that question is yes, than you’ll want to pick up Doom’s chaingun. This sucker fires a huge amount of gunfire in a short amount of time, and can shred most targets that get in its path. You can also use a mod to transform it into a three-barreled rotary gun, but don’t leave the finger on the fire button too long as it’ll overheat.



Yes, you can still cut enemies to pieces with short-range fury using the signature Chainsaw in Doom. However, this weapon comes with a small catch this time around. It has an ammo counter, which represents the fuel left in the tank needed to keep it running, so you don’t want to rev it up full time. Keep an eye open for fuel canisters to fill it back up, then proceed to chop down foes like trees.

Gauss Cannon

Finally, this superb Doom weapon is capable of firing a burst of energy that can wipe out smaller enemies with one good, clean hit. The only downside is that it has the smallest capacity of weapons available with only four shots. More than likely, it’s a safe bet for tactical players that know all about precision.

Multiplayer Weapons 

In addition to the weapons you’ll find in Doom’s single player campaign, there are several multiplayer-only weapons that are just as useful against your opponents. These include the following:

Vortex Rifle – A modified sniper rifle that is good at picking off enemies from afar.

Repeater – This rifle fires three-round bursts in one collective shot, making it easy to shred someone up close.

With these awesome Doom weapons in hand, there’s no way you won’t be able to conquer this hellish world. Now get to it!

Be sure to also check out our guide on what to expect from the new Doom; as well as a brief look at the history of the Doom series.

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