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Best Ways to Farm Tellurium in Warframe (2023)

This obscure resource has a ton of uses.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Tellurium

There’s nothing you’ll have to do quite as common in Warframe as collect resources. No matter what part of the game you’re experiencing, collecting different resources makes up the majority of the experience. Some resources are much more painful to get than others, such as Orokin Cells or, in our case, a particular red mineral. Here are the best ways to farm Tellurium in Warframe.

Where to Find Tellurium in Warframe

Tellurium in Warframe can be farmed easily from either completing Archwing missions or killing enemies in the Grineer Sealab tileset. The tileset is best known for being the underwater maps filled with Grineer enemies. It is possible to see enemies in Railjack missions drop Tellurium, though it’s ill-advised when you’re specifically farming for them. The two maps you’ll want to focus your farming efforts on are either Ophelia on Uranus or Salacia on Neptune. I prefer running Ophelia on Uranus since I consider Archwing content to be more annoying, but it’s entirely up to you.

How to Make Tellurium Farming Easier in Warframe

If you’re going to farm Tellurium in Warframe, there are two different things you can do to make this easier. The first is to run a Smeeta Kavat with the Charm mod equipped since this can lead to a temporary Resource Booster during the mission. The other is to run a Resource Booster and make farming Tellurium that much easier. If you run both of these methods, it’s possible you could get as many as four Tellurium from a single drop.

What is Tellurium Used for in Warframe?

Tellurium has a lot of different uses in Warframe across many different items. Many of these are resource requirements for building a handful of prime frames such as Khora, Harrow, and Nidus. Many others include Archwing parts such as for the Amesha. Some weapons even will require you to use Tellurium to build. Excluding things you’ve already built, you’ll need a total of anywhere between 271 and 312 Tellurium to build everything in the game.

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Tellurium has a surprising amount of uses for how difficult it can be to get, so be ready to farm missions a lot for it. Thankfully, if you’re in a good squad with a Nekros who can use Desecrate, this can be made much easier. While we’re on the topic of resources you may need, check out our guide on how to get Silphsela in Warframe.

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