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Best Ways to Farm Mutagen Mass in Warframe (2023)

Amass the Mutagen Mass!

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Mutagen Mass

Warframe’s resources range from incredibly simple to surprisingly complex as far as methods of farming go. Something like Alloy Plates is insanely easy to farm while trying to farm minerals off of one of the free-roam planets can prove surprisingly difficult. One such resource is Mutagen Mass, which has several ways of being acquired. Here are the best ways to farm Mutagen Mass in Warframe.

The Best Farming Methods for Mutagen Mass in Warframe

Unfortunately, farming Mutagen Mass can be particularly challenging. See, Mutagen Mass doesn’t drop from particular missions or on specific planets from random enemies. Instead, there are three different methods of farming the resource:

  • The Bio Lab in the Dojo offers blueprints for Mutagen Mass. These take 12 hours to craft and cost 15k Credits per blueprint. The following resources are required to craft one:
    • 10x Mutagen Sample
    • 1x Control Module
    • 500x Salvage
    • 250x Plastids
  • Sometimes, Infested Invasion missions will reward Mutagen Mass for completing them. Check the Invasions tab in the Navigation menu for more details.
  • Some Orb Vallis (Venus free-roam) bounties will offer Mutagen Mass as a possible reward.

Because of the nature of these farming methods, it’s hard to specifically farm Mutagen Mass. The best way you can go about this is to start crafting a Mutagen Mass at your foundry (if your Clan’s dojo has the blueprint researched), then complete any Infested Invasion missions that reward Mutagen Mass. Once you’ve done that, and if a Mutagen Mass is still crafting, check if any Orb Vallis bounties have Mutagen Mass as a reward. If they do, farm them as much as you can.

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While it isn’t the easiest resource to farm, you should be able to get as much Mutagen Mass as you need easily. Just make sure you’re actively checking on the blueprint progress and the Invasions menu. Make sure to check our guide on how to farm Orokin Cells as well, should you need some.

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