Best Way to Farm Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Look at how stupid he looks. I love him.

Screenshot of Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The meta is evolving, Paldea Pokedexes are filling, and one thing is becoming clear: Gholdengo might be the most sought-after Pokemon yet. Here’s the best way to farm Gimmighoul coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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What is Gholdengo?

Gholdengo is a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IX. It evolves from Gimmighoul if you level it up while owning 999 Gimmighoul coins. It was a Pokemon that launched thousands of memes and countless Twitter comments, absolutely roasting the golden glitz off of it.

Gholdengo is slowly becoming the competitive meta. With its Good as Gold ability that completely puts a stop to all status effects.

Best Way to Farm Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The best way to farm Gimmighoul coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is by finding Gimmighoul in its chest form. They’re found reliably at the top of most watchtowers and most ruins, and they’ll pay out a handsome sum if you can defeat or catch them.

Player character standing in front of a Gimmighoul Chest on top of a watchtower in Pokemon Scarlet.
Screenshot by Prima Games

You’ll also notice Gimmighouls wandering around outside of their chests like little gnomes all across the Paldea region. If you interact with one of these boys, they’ll fork over a coin or two, but their payout is mere pennies compared to what you’ll find in one of their chests.

Chest Form Gimmighoul Tokens

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet map of Paldea with pinpoints at all Gimmighoul Chest locations.
All known Gimmighoul Chest locations

The most efficient way to get the coins you need is to check the above map. In Paldea there are approximately 24 Gimmighoul Chests, which spawn in hard-to-reach places, watchtowers, and in ruins. They’re between level 5 and level 60, depending on what location you find them in. Defeat or capture them and you’ll obtain 10 – 777 Gimmighoul Coins, with 50 – 60 being the standard.

Here are the amounts of tokens you can find in a Gimmighoul chest and the odds of each receiving amount:

Approximate Coin PayoutRate

With so many chest locations, it’s possible that you can get a Gholdengo in one day of farming, as you only need about 20 of these chests. But not every location will have a guaranteed spawned Gimmighoul Chest. Changing the time on your Switch’s internal clock to move the in-game day forward can work if you’re attempting to farm one area, but Gimmighoul chest forms have a very low respawn rate, so trying to farm just one area isn’t really recommended.

A full in-game day (72 minutes real time) needs to pass before a Gimmighoul Chest will respawn, and there is still a chance (a very high 95% chance) that it will not respawn on the new day. For that reason, it’s best to do a quick circuit around Paldea to check each of the marked locations on the map, then supplement the missing chests with Ruins. If you do a full circuit and aren’t satisfied with the amount of chests you found, then consider moving your Switch’s clock forward two hours.


Some players have reported an easy technique to respawn Gimmighoul chests. You can save near a Gimmighoul chest, exit the game, move your Switch clock forward two hours on the same day, and then check the chest. Repeat this process until successful.

Roaming Gimmighoul Tokens

So, you may have noticed early on that there are Gimmighoul (roaming form) scattered across Paldea. There’s a fairly decent chance you’ll find one at a Pokecenter or on a signpost when entering a new area. By drawing close to one you’ll hear a chime that is distinct to this Pokemon. Interact with them, and they’ll net you between 1 – 200 Gimmighoul coins, with one or two coins being the standard. Each roaming Gimmighoul you find will have a specific value to offer the first time you interact with them. After that, they have a 50% chance to respawn the next in-game day and offer a randomized amount.

Screenshot of roaming Gimmighoul standing on some Ruins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Screenshot by Prima Games

You should have exceptional luck finding Gimmighoul (roaming form) in Ruins. There is at least one Ruin in each area, and within each Ruin there are usually between 2 – 4 Gimmighoul. They’re particularly generous here and it’s likely you’ll net between 10 – 12 Gimmighoul Coins the first time you interact with them.

If you don’t mind passively obtaining Coins, or only need a dozen or so to reach 999 coins, this is a good way to do it.

The Gimmighoul Coin Man

Screenshot of the Gimmighoul Coin Man in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Screenshot by Prima Games

The amount of Gimmighoul coins you can carry is capped out at 999, which is the exact amount you need to evolve a Gimmighoul. If you cap out and, God forbid, decide you want to keep collecting Gimmighoul coins to evolve multiple Gimmighouls, there’s a man in Medali who may be able to help you out. He’s a sleepy guy near the corner behind the large amphitheater next to the West Medali Pokecenter, and his entire reason to live is to hand you coins you picked up but didn’t have room for. So if you want to keep collecting coins past the 999 cap, be sure to visit this man at some point.

Why You Should Farm Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As mentioned before, Gimmighoul evolves into Gholdengo once you have 999 of their coins. At this point, you may be wondering why you should even bother putting in the effort for this silly-looking fella. Well, first off, if you want to complete the Pokedex 100% and don’t have a friend who’s willing to trade one of their most coveted critters, you’re going to need these coins. Second of all, turns out this silly-looking fella has more to offer than just his looks. He’s a beast in the metagame.

Screenshot of player character pointing to Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Like we mentioned earlier, what makes Gholdengo a must-have Pokemon in your competitive party is for his signature ability, Good as Gold. This ability makes Gholdengo immune to all status moves: this involves poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, and even the odd moves like Momento, Curse, and Strength Sap. On top of that, Gholdengo is a Steel/Ghost type pokemon which makes him resistant to eight types and immune to three. Suffice it to say, it’s hard to damage this golden child.

How to Evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo

To evolve Gimmighoul, all you have to do is stick a Gimmighoul in your party once you’ve collected 999 coins. Once the little guy levels up, he’ll evolve into Gholdengo. If you have 999 coins in your bag, make sure you have the right Gimmighoul you want to evolve in your party. After the evolution, all those coins you worked so hard to collect will disappear. The evolution happens passively and you can’t cancel out of it with the B button like you can with other Pokemon.


Once you choose to evolve a Gimmighoul, you can’t reverse this decision, ever. The evolution is permanent. However, you can always farm more Gimmighoul coins if you want another Gholdengo!

Good luck getting string cheese boy, trainer!

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