The Best Teams in NBA 2K15 – The Spurs, Cavs and Bulls

Here’s some advice. Pick the one with LeBron.

NBA 2K15 bounced its way to store shelves and it seems everyone wants to play as the Cavaliers. No surprise, but there’s more to this game than LeBron James. In fact, a skilled player can smoke Bron Bron’s squad with some of these teams, providing he or she controls both ends of the court. That said, here are the most stacked teams in 2K15. 

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10. Miami Heat (Offense: 14th, Defense: 8th) 

Heat fans will soon realize there’s life after LeBron. They may not taste the NBA Finals again in the foreseeable future, but James leaving for Cleveland opens up more scoring opportunities for Chris Bosh (who will hopefully stop firing threes and resume guarding the paint) and the aged but still lethal Dwayne Wade. Meanwhile, new addition Luol Deng should provide an adequate punch.

9. Charlotte Hornets (Offense: 12th, Defense: 10th) 

We can’t believe the Hornets cracked the top 10. The developers at 2K Sports must really love Lance Stephenson and his antics. Clearly, the algorithm that computes chemistry can’t measure the number of rebounds Lance may take away from fellow teammate Al Jefferson and the resulting locker room implosion. In all seriousness, Lance is a quality player and Kemba Walker has an upside, but we’re not sure that’s enough to be the ninth best team. Choose at your own risk. 

8. Washington Wizards (Offense: 9th, Defense: 13th)

After years of offensive and defensive futility, it seems the Wizards will finally get some respect behind guards John Wall and Bradley Beal. Veteran superstar Paul Pierce should fill a leadership role, and Nene remains a force inside. The big question mark is Marcin Gortat. Guy’s a beast, but will he continue to play as hard after getting the big contract? We remain optimistic. 

7. Houston Rockets (Offense: 5th, Defense: 16th) 

Center Dwight Howard will always be the x-factor for whatever team he plays for. Is he overrated or underrated? Does he play to his full potential or clown around? We know he’s one of, if not the most dominant center in the league. Whether or not he and James Harden can take over the NBA remains to be seen. 

6. Portland Trail Blazers (Offense: 4th, Defense: 17th) 

Damian Lillard must have extreme levels of confidence after shooting the Rockets out of last year’s playoffs, including a buzzer-beating dagger that essentially killed Houston’s hopes. In addition, LaMarcus Aldridge is one heck of a player, but here’s the problem… did this team do enough in the offseason to bounce back from a humbling playoff loss to San Antonio? Not sure yet.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (Offense: 8th, Defense: 7th) 

Considering he’s on the cover of NBA 2K15, we expected Kevin Durant and his team to rank in the top three. Now we could see them dropping to 10 with Durant fracturing his foot. That means Russell Westbrook has the green light to put up 40 shots a game, though we expect Reggie Jackson to step up in Durant’s absence. At least on the positive side, KD should return in roughly a month. 

4. Chicago Bulls (Offense: 7th, Defense: 2nd)

The Bulls can only go as far as Derrick Rose takes them. Early reports say he’s 100 percent healthy and playing aggressively. We expect some rust at the start of the season, but he, defensive stopper Joakim Noah and the sweet-shooting Pau Gasol should make Chicago a force in the Eastern Conference. Of course, all of that will go out the window if Rose is hurt for a considerable period of time. That’s when the Bulls will go from title hopeful to that team no one wants to play in the first round. 

3. Los Angeles Clippers (Offense: 3rd, Defense: 5th) 

The LA Clippers are one of the most entertaining regular season teams, with Chris Paul throwing insane alley-oops to Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan. When it comes time to make some noise in the playoffs, however, this team reminds us of the Phoenix Suns from a few years ago. Deadly through 82 games and then cursed in May.  

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (Offense: 1st, Defense: 3rd) 

Had the Spurs lost against the Heat in the Finals, 2K Sports probably would’ve awarded Cleveland the top spot on this list, and for good reason. LeBron and Kevin Love on the same team is an explosive combination. The knock on Love is that he doesn’t play much defense, but any team with LeBron is a title contender. 

1. San Antonio Spurs (Offense: 2nd, Defense: 1st) 

Win the championship and you automatically get the number one position in NBA 2K, a well-deserved honor for the most complete team in the league. Old man Tim Duncan knows what it takes to deliver in the playoffs, while Tony Parker terrorizes rivals with his running floater and spot-on shooting. Danny Green is unconscious from behind the arc, while Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard should cement his place this season as one of the best players in the league, especially with Pop getting in his face.  You don’t pick San Antonio because you’re drunk with star power. You pick them because you appreciate great basketball.

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