Best Starting Choices in Kingdom Hearts 3

We’ll help you decide which Desire and Power to start with in Kingdom Hearts 3.

When you first begin your adventure in Kingdom Hearts 3, you will be given several options that will affect the type of character traits you start with as Sora. There are three Desires (Wisdom, Vitality, Balance) as well as three Powers (Guardian, Warrior, Mystic) for players to choose from. We’ll go over each Desire and Power trait to help you determine which are the best starting choice for your playstyle in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Wisdom, Vitality, Balance

The first choice you’ll have to make when creating your character in Kingdom Hearts 3 is what you desire most. The three Desires are Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance. Each of these Desires alter Sora’s base attributes. Here’s how each Desire breaks down:

  • Wisdom: Increases base magic (MP) – 90 HP, 120 MP
  • Vitality: Increases base health (HP) – 120 HP, 100 MP
  • Balance: Nearly equal health & magic – 105 HP, 110 MP

Once you know what each Desire does, choosing between them shouldn’t be too difficult. If you want to wield more magic, then choose Wisdom to start with higher base MP. If you’d rather have more resilience at the start, then choose Vitality for increased base health. Balance, as the name suggests, offers a balance between both health and magic stats.

guardian warrior mystic kingdom hearts 3 

Kingdom Hearts 3: Guardian, Warrior, Mystic

The Power attributes in Kingdom Hearts 3 are a bit different from the Desires. Rather than affecting Sora’s base stats, your choice of Power will determine the types of abilities you’re able to gain. You’ll want to choose a Power that suits your playstyle during combat. Here’s the breakdown for each Power choice in Kingdom Hearts 3:

  • Guardian: Take reduced damage when HP is low (Defensive).
  • Warrior: Increases max number of ground combos by one (Offensive).
  • Mystic: Reduces overall MP usage (Magical).

Depending on the type of character you wish Sora to be, you may want to select a Power that complements your choice of Desire. For example, if you want Sora to be more resilient during combat, then you’d want to choose both Vitality and Guardian. For a more mage-like character, then you’d select both Wisdom and Mystic. 

Although the Desire and Power you choose will determine the types of attributes Sora will acquire, this decision ultimately won’t affect your character in the long run. The best starting choices in Kingdom Hearts 3 are the ones that suit your preferences, so pick whichever Desire and Power you think you’ll benefit from the most.

Now that you know what to expect from each Desire and Power, you should be able to select the starting choices that are right for you in Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out our other Kingdom Hearts guides for more gameplay tips and collectibles, including where to find all five Golden Herc figures in Kingdom Hearts 3

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